To your ambiguous insert anthology, Thai illustrator sundae Kids painting every sweet greasy hook of the ambiguous scene: meet you, I spent all the luck.

You're the one I ran out of luck begging for, you appear that moment, life was polished for a while, I knelt down to feel the heart of the rate of Shen, the heart empty a piece, only for you open, let you trample; you are the most beautiful dream I can't imagine, when I don't mean to call you but softly promise, To know what a soul quiver is: I have to keep it light, lest I break the snowflake-like miracle.

Sincerity probes, we like to breed small beast, with companionship and sweet greasy feed, with temptation and guess comfort, with intravenous drip of ambiguous, nourishing that call for love things. Although ambiguous hook people, but look at each other emotional and aloof, gradually stall to tangle together, always teach people reconciled Shen Yu, be hook black and blue also willing. (Recommended reading:"single Diary" We flirt we are ambiguous, but never love )

To your ambiguous inserts the anthology, the Thai illustrator Sundae Kids draws those to scratch the person's heart the ambiguous situation, lets you relive the love bud that moment, the most sweet greasy joy and melancholy.

I do not know your past, but your future can have me?

Photo source |Sundae Kids

I lost your childhood and youth, you experience the wind and frost, become a story of the people. Although I do not know your past, but can, let me become your present, participate in your future, let us grow up with each other the most obsessed with the story of the repeated aftertaste.

Despite the pain, but you are my clear secret

Photo source |Sundae Kids

I like to walk behind you, a step away from the distance to embrace your background, but can not hug for too long, afraid you turn around, see my cheeks flush, leaked the secret; the night is too quiet, I always noisy to find the topic fill the gap, afraid you hear my thunder of the heart, leaking the secret.

Love is a secret. You're a secret. Longing to have you is my secret.

The world is in a hurry, but I am willing to spare time for you

Photo source |Sundae Kids

The world's high-speed rotation, never for one person to stay for a second, I roll in such days, often feel tired. And you are the one that makes me want to deviate from the world orbit, carve out the space in the rush hour, leave the blank time and the soft belly to you, let you roll and waste.

Accidentally tripped over the life, you are the cure for me

Photo source |Sundae Kids

In order to live hard to run the time, inevitably accidentally fell into the pit, and you are always in my someone ever to cry when the first probe, give a good-natured palm, stroking my head: Again painful wound, hold a, life does not seem so bad, because I hold a very warm embrace.

A person strong is good, but you let me grow up to cheat and cry soft

Photo source |Sundae Kids

Met you before, I always feel that I am a person very good, no longer easily feel vulnerable to a person is very good, no longer for a love to fall on their own broken very well. After meeting you, I began to feel that for a person heart and heartbreak, can be full of trust to reveal their vulnerability to each other, can grow out of the soft crying, are very good things.

If the meeting of the hit is doomed, I want to hold you tight

Photo source |Sundae Kids

I think you let me give birth to courage, if the life of each encounter is a kind of inevitable, I want to pull the fate, do not let you slip away from life, become glimpse of light and shadow. I will repeatedly copy your texture, engraved your name into my life, if fate makes us meet, I have the courage to block separation. (Recommended reading:"single Diary" Finally the beginning of the end, I do not regret loving you wholeheartedly )

Wasting time with you is the best thing in life

Photo source |Sundae Kids

I think the happiest thing in the world is that you throw out crazy ideas and someone excitedly walks with you. Is you concentrate on a flash of the meteor wish, someone's eyes only see you as a miracle; is you cheat want to waste time, someone is willing to slow down their own life, with you floating in the dream and reality of fantasy, acquaintance and laugh.

Love may be difficult, but we will learn to grow in the process.

Photo source |Sundae Kids

Cross the ambiguous protective net, talk about a real love, there is always inevitable reality and bitterness, perhaps to keep ambiguous sweet greasy relatively simple, but if it is you, I would like to try to love the bitterness and trial, I would like to see how we work together to hold the love, finally will be what appearance.

I don't need to be perfect, I just need you

Photo source |Sundae Kids

We chase the perfect love in the Love Text fantasy in the eyes of the standard companion, classic romantic Bridge, but in the time to meet him to abandon all the imagination: I do not need perfect, I just want to "we", you and I, together to play a poor cute, mixed with the true love.

Write to your ambiguous painting, I like this imagination, ambiguous in the temptation and put out, is the two clumsy sketch love dance, we because of each other's words affect the mood, care about each move hiding affection and motives, it is love to our eyes wink temptation posture. Regardless of men and women, we have the ability to enjoy the ambiguous, feel each of the ambiguous hook mood, you can choose to fall, or continue to dance, each other tease.

If ambiguous is cited, whether burning gunpowder, gambling a willing to be scalded, unforgettable love, end depends on your decision.