Are you often agoneling to wear it?Or do you often buy a dress that's unique and individuality? will the womany only: Victim POP UP BOUTIQUE and twenty-two of the world's new design brands in the Pop-up (flash stores) in Taipei tomorrow.The flash is a lifestyle, and womany is going to make this summer full of different possibilities.

Sales Brands First Call Expressen:

01. Precious!Antiques and modern perfection

Have you ever thought that antique cloth can be a modern fashion?

Victim by Liu Meihui

artist Guo Hui, dressed in a style-rich flag, full of fashion sense

Victim's greatest feature is that lots of antique lace and different fabrics are used to stitching together, creating a very romantic style of romance and commotique.This time, the appearance of an antique national dress, a classical lace and a pong-pong skirt, is a beautiful and lively object, and it will become the focus of the eye-absorbing objects.

International silk stocking brand Patterns first and Taiwan designer cross-boundary cooperation, the Victim unique lace design, is embroidered with unique fashion patterns on both legs.

Junky Styling

was described by Vogue as "high-street fashion", using the 30-and 40s of antique men's clothing and other fabrics to create a highly elegant and elegant female costume. New Yorkers have described them as "mutagee Peugeot", which is full of women and beauty. It is hard to imagine that they come from a combination of male shirts and suits.

02. First platform!Multiple Design Branding

Global fashion design zero distances, unique, who robbed them?

Another major event of this gala, the long-awaited famous brand will appear in this feast, and we have invited many famous brands already in the UK, Japan, including ReemAlasadi, the men's brand BLAAK, and the young and tasty ornaments, Tetty Devine, for the first time in Taiwan to meet with everyone.

ReemAlasadi, which manufactures cyclones in Japan, is exquisitely crafted with exquisite artisanal combination.

Tatty Devine is designed for the first time this summer in many countries.

03. Large stars also love!Unique,

The Nataa Marro, which is popular with big stars, will also meet with everyone this time.

Is high-heeled shoes giving you love and hate?For many women, high-heeled shoes may be a beautiful ordeal.

Natacha Marro, however, is different. After a purely handmade, comfortable touch, a comfortable bottom, no matter how long it is, regardless of how long it will not feel pain, and with its unique thick bottom, it will be able to absorb your eyes immediately and beautify all day!   

Kate Moss (left) and Lady Gaga (right) are both amateur enthusiasts of Natcha Marro!

The star is also crazy about the design and comfort of Natcha Marro!Like Kate Moss, Lady Gaga, Gillian Anderson, Gillian Anderson, Icelandic national artist Bj ö rk, and so on, often seen in public the beauty of Natasha Marro.

If you say you want to have the same high-heeled shoes as the stars, or have your own high-heeled shoes, it's not hard at all! In this flash store, there is also a cloth that can be selected to make it ideal for its own heights, and to make it a fashion that is self-fashionable.

In addition to the brand names mentioned above, there are still many featured brands from London, Japan, and so on, and so on and so on!

womany fan limits!Special offers!

I: womany is a baby, our fans, if they say "women, you can be different", or even on the Smartphone, " Woman, you can do it differently , you can get a mystical little gift from a womany!

Offer Two: Shop a womany purchase of $1,000 and get a 95 % off for the physical store VIP purchases

offers 3: Purchase more than 20,000 merchandise, except offer 2, add a pair of Victim limited silk stockings.

Offer Four: The two UK Watch Diary > correspondent girls will be the shop owner at 7/23 (1) 17:00 ~ 20:00 , and the will be presented to everyone on the scene. There are also mysteries to be given to you! And as long as you < UK Watch Diary > New book reader, as long UK Watch Diary > A book is available during the sale period, you can get a 10 % discount for shopping in the store!

(many of the British design brands introduced here in the book)

The corner in the 7/18 north alleylane is about to have a different spark, and anything new is possible!womany invites you to Pop-Up!

[Victim X Womany POP UP BOUTIQUE]

Address: 40-7 at Linyi Street, Taipei City

Business Hours: 7/18-8/31, 11:30-20:30