Through the night in love with the city! Recommend you five late Night café, to like to waste the night, want to be free to be a night cat clan you.

"Let me go, let me go at my own pace." Let me feel the life in my Tongmin.
Give me a Han. Give me unexpected arcs around the corner.
Give me the Restless church and the beautiful stone steps, as well as the park, so that I can lie down peacefully.
The city wakes you up and urges you to act, to change, to think, to desire and to join. The city is life itself. 」

---Lauren Elgin

Writer Lauren. Elgin writes "The Roaming Woman", flâneuse, roams the woman, the French noun, the feminine, originates from the masculine noun flâneur.

When society sets norms by gender, tell women that the world outside is sinister, and that you cannot roam the world like men. Let women grow out of their roaming posture: Gray Dawn in the skylight, a face is plain, with sportswear, walk around the mottled wall, you love to see a city to wake up like appearance; to the evening streets, with shoes to knock out the high-spirited life, starlight for the lining, dark night for the bottom, wandering the hidden store, at the moment, no one can occupy you the Freedom of solitude.

Five late-night cafes for roaming women, on the way to night young to visit the city, feel free to regain their freedom and reconstruct the city's roaming posture that belongs to women.

Send away the city's unhappiness: Remember Me coffee Remember me Café

Pictures | source

Pictures | source

Whether life or supermarket goods placed in the position, will be again shuffle, will be replaced. It's good to find what you want, and you can pay for it.

We are a café with late-night coffee, we will open the door 12 o'clock Noon to receive all you need here, I like you, hope to accompany in your daily, to be your little safe haven.

--Remember my coffee Remember me Café

A lot of planting and wood tone space, you can "remember my coffee Remember me café" back to the city green. "

Located near the small giant Egg MRT station, "Remember my coffee" exists like a hidden city jungle, in addition to the Late Night Café, here also often has the theme of music, speeches and other performances, you can come here to order a cup of coffee, with music, dialogue and night, send away the city's unhappy. "

If you want, visit | Remember my coffee Remember me Café

  • Fan page: Remember my coffee Remember me Café
  • Add: No. 4 Lane 16th, 133 Lane, Nanjing East Road, Songshan District, Taipei
  • Tel: 02-2547-1517
  • Opening hours: (Tuesday ~ Saturday) 12:00~02:00, (Sunday ~ Monday) 12:00~22:30

Addicted to the mood of the night: Sugar man

Pictures | source

Pictures | source

When it comes to late-night cafes, Sugar man, who opens from two o'clock in the afternoon to four o'clock in the morning, must not mention it!

The Sugar man in the stealthy winding lane, the simple wooden door cannot hide the deep retro flavor, pull open the door, large wooden table with retro green lamp, dim light came into another time and space, after work, swing into this late night café, let go of the feeling of the night to feel it, different world, let you peace of mind to hold the night, To be yourself again. (Recommended reading: A list of women's pockets of mystery!) Nine no private café )

Unlike the classic Café food color, Sugar man's signature meal is sprinkled with seaweed and mayonnaise on the Japanese-style fried noodles, and glutton must point pork dumplings! Take a trip to Sugar man! This is a good place to take care of your heart and soothe your stomach late at night.

If you want, visit |sugar man.

  • Fan page:Sugar Mans
  • Address: No. 87-1, Daan District heping East Road, Taipei, 106 Taiwan
  • Tel: 02 2396 9980
  • Opening Hours: 14:00–4:00

Here we think about life: truffles living comfortable life

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Pictures | source

Life is like a cup of tea, a cup of coffee, a cup of pure wine, we sip and enjoy every day. Here the sun is abundant, lively, the night is stable, quiet and romantic, waiting for you to explore. --truffles Living comfortable Life

Truffles Living comfortable life overall style to relax the European wind mainly, the past location is the old school, the shopkeeper will many retro furniture into space, let the space to load the food and the crowd, to bursting everyone ideal "comfortable life" of the pattern.

Hidden in lane, full of old pieces of café bar, coffee, wine, food, to truffles living sit, feel the sun sprinkled in the shop full of flowers and plants, the temperature of the old object, thinking what is your ideal life!

If you want, visit |truffles Living comfortable life

Life is to keep the balance: turn on the light coffee Dawn Surf & Co. Cafe

Pictures | source

Pictures | source

"Turn on the Light", is the term surfing, refers to the dawn surfing to the sun rise. Love the seaside life, surfing, coffee. Take this leisure into the city. --Turn on the light coffee Dawn Surf & Co. Cafe

Put your favorite beliefs into practice in life! Turn on the light coffee to enjoy life, to find the city's leisure for the purpose, let every guest to turn on the light coffee in the life of surfing, find a safe place to drink a cup of coffee or drowning alcohol, through the night of healing and self dialogue, rediscover the balance and rhythm of life, dormant waiting for the next wave, rushed to enjoy the fun.

Turn on the light coffee in addition to the café, but also to allow 35 of friends to drink at work in the pub, here to find a sober or slightly drunk, all with you.

If you want, visit | turn on the light coffee Dawn Surf & Co. Cafe

  • Fan page: Turn on the Light coffee Dawn Surf & Co. Cafe
  • Add: 1/F, No. 76th, 419 Lane, Xinyi District Road, Taipei, China
  • Tel: 02 8780 2396
  • Opening hours: 13:00-23:00 (5,613-00-3-00)

Blowing the sea breeze in a daze, that is: Angel love life

Pictures | source

Pictures | source

Busy, let us forget what is life. Or, we always live in such a busy, like the sunset, is the beginning of the day.
In such a city, looking for a place to come to a cup of coffee, want to prolong the night and then, all tired buried. --The Life that Angels Love

Located on the waterfront of the Freshwater river, the angel's love of Life is a two-story café, the meal option is simple, several kinds of toast coffee lets you choose, the first floor bar is busy makes the single, the second floor a whole row of the open air seat, lets you blow the wind, sees the scenery from the Sky Xia Red turns into the flashing light point, here's cozy can not help but let you sigh: It is the place where angels love to live. (Recommended reading: time alone!) Three special cafes: Pillow Café, wooden white dessert, hippie 々café)

Find a weekend or tired after work, you and yourself, pacing to the Freshwater river shore of the second floor café, blowing wind, back to love life moved it.

If you want, visit | The life that Angel loves

  • Fan page: Angel's love of Life
  • Add: No. 233-1, Bei Road, fresh water District, new
  • Tel: 02 8631 2928
  • Opening hours: One to five 14:00-02:00 (6th 13:00-02:00)

Recommend your five special late night cafes, visit late at night, and build the way you visit a city, that will allow you to begin to think about life, take back the days of the master, how you travel in the city: to love a city madly, bitterly hate a city, or just let that city skip your life, these and the city interaction, layers of overlap, Outlines the beautiful patterns of your life.