"Relationship Diary" There is no ideal love, only belong to their own intimate relationship. Leslie and Tanghed, love a person, need not conceal also fearless.

April 1, 2003, Leslie Cheung in central Central Oriental fell dead, April 1 has become the eternal irony of April Fools ' Day, how many people often hope that this can only be an April Fool joke, the next waking, brother still in.

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The funeral that day, Leslie Cheung's lover Tanghed, spine bent, holding the tears, "Achai, everlasting Sometimes, this love endless period." "This love, lasted more than 10 years, after Leslie, Hong Kong Entertainment Circle Shen Silence for a long time, Tanghed also silent for a long time."

Fame after the brother, elegance everyone, famous before, brother has been down. No applause days, he in the bathroom stuffy tears, gently refused to concede. No money years, is the first Tanghed, lending accumulated long savings, to support him to come over.

After a long time, Leslie knew that at that time Tanghed also didn't have a few money, in order to lend him, he only eats the most simple and cheap bento box daily.

They love the 80 years, Leslie Cheung 26, Tanghed 23 years old, or two children's age, but has weathered. In those 80 years, Hong Kong society was very unfriendly to homosexuals and homosexual sex was still a criminal offence, homosexual love, heresy, disease and scourge. Same-sex in the media text reproduction, are laughing and demonizing.

In the closed fear of Hong Kong environment, Leslie and Tanghed love, like sex tease. There is a classic picture is like this, two people go out at night to be photographed, detect dog eyes, Leslie generous drag up Tanghed hand, Tanghed look back, reporter Leng, see them at ease into the night, figure firm, do not hide, fearless. (Recommended reading:"relationship diary" Hawking and Jessie: If there is no one I love, it is just an empty universe )

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Love you I have nothing to fear. Leslie Cheung is the first Hong Kong artist to confess to bisexual tendencies. In the 90 's, he chose to stand up for himself, successively starred in "Farewell My Concubine," the sphenoidal clothes, and "Spring off" Leslie, open the queer imagination, try to present that gay love without demons, why joke, but is extremely common ordinary.

Time is very slow, Leslie walked in front, full of patience, this only 90 years, gay movement surging Hong Kong, to the United States taboo, Leslie Cheung did how elegant and artistic.

The most memorable, or the 1997 Leslie comeback concert. 80,000 people in the scene, Leslie Cheung first pedal red high heel, mouth wipe red lip, enchanting singing "Red", then put on a prudent suit, choose to sing "The Moon Represents My heart", sent to the mother also to the lover, "in my most frustrated when the economy is the worst, he borrowed me for several months salary, let me tide over the difficulties." He is a good friend of mine, Mr. Tang. 」

In the age of only good friends, Leslie gave a euphemism for a long love confession. On the show, Leslie's ex-girlfriend Mao Shunyun asked about his love, Leslie said lightly, "I like him, just because he is good." "Leslie's car number, is a special election, DC339, Cantonese," Tang Zhang Long Long.

He believed he was with him, and that the relationship would last. When my brother left, Tanghed's days were full of memories. The time flies more than 10 years, he passed a very long later, only then wants to fall in love again. Every festival, he does not forget to wish his brother Happy, he remembered his birthday, miss his favorite Christmas, see flowers Open, he wrote, "Spring should be good, if you are still present." 」

Lovers are not present, but Leslie is not in the memory of the absence, the world always remember that firm hand. In that completely taboo year, still closed Hong Kong, there are such a pair of lovers, convinced that the hand of the son, and the son of the old, that hand led, never let go, ends, until the end of the world.

"Tony, why don't we start over?" 」

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