The woman fan accepts the Catino "Madman Ico" Sociology special invitation, attempts in the question and answer form, studies the sow topic which causes the controversy on the network. Is there any possibility of understanding and dialogue outside the anger of both sides?

Women fans accept the Catino "Madman Ico" sociology special invitation to explore the previous network of controversy on the sow issue, we try to work through the topic to reflect on both sides in the anger, whether there is understanding and dialogue possible? Here are three key questions for "Madman Ico" and a complete answer to a woman fan.

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Question one: Why do netizens want to abuse women as sows? What psychological factors or causes may be?

Don't rush to find out the origin of the Sow's story by "pulling the mastermind". This time I would like to invite you to think from the social structure level. The relatively radical approach is to understand how the current social structure creates a "verbal abuse of women as sows".

Feminists believe that the social roots of gender issues must see the influence of the "patriarchal system" (patriarchy), which is intertwined in every aspect of daily life. The misogyny is the cultural and psychological mechanism that the patriarchal society generally runs. In such a society, the value of the feminine body and even the feminine temperament is universally belittled.

There are many ways for women to deal with their own dislike of women, the most common one is to identify the value of male society and masculinity, so that men think she also has the advantages of men, is a special case, does not belong to other inferior women. In fact, the recent popular word "female man" also reflects the anxiety of some women such recognition. (Recommended reading:"Gender Watch" who is a sow?) When Shang became a popular )

The female society is the "base" of the Birth of "sow", but there are two reasons for the "promotion" of the claim, and these two reasons also affect each other:

1. Environmental economic Depression
2. Awareness-raising of gender equality

Over the past few years, Taiwan's younger generation has become more involved in social issues, acknowledging and actively practising the values of democracy, openness, fairness and justice, including the pursuit of gender equality. Some men in the process of promoting other gender rights and interests, feel their situation has not really been alleviated.

For example, a patriarchal society measures the success of a man, often based on his ability to be a breadwinner (breadwinner). But at the same time, the problem of youth poverty in Taiwan is becoming more and more serious, the wealth between generations is badly distributed, and the young people are experiencing strong economic pressure.

Economic stress can easily translate into anxiety about self-achievement identity for men in a patriarchal society, they need an outlet to resist the patriarchal values of the "good man = the ability to support the family", but do not know how to do it, and then directly point the finger at the person who may cause such stressors, such as his family, friends, partners, objects of interest or other people who may imply that "good man = ability to support the family".

Those who hint at these men are not just women, but also their male peers, their parents. But when this group of people desperately need to find reasons for their plight, not from the social and economic structure perspective of the ability, but need a very direct, intuitive, the lowest cost of emotional exports, which group will be the lowest cost of venting it? Across geographical, transnational, cross-cultural, that one group, is often female.

The enemy of feminism is not the male who scolds women as sows, nor the men and women who expect men to bear the burden of supporting their families, but rather the social structures that constantly produce these mindsets. I hope members will understand this a little more.

In addition, if you look carefully at the reasons for the female sow abuse, it is difficult to converge in a fixed type. They say that they are not a "sect" and indeed not, because there is no consensus between them, that is, there is no "who is the sow's definitive judgment." But as long as you are a woman, it is possible to be scolded as a sow, which is the only common denominator of the so-called sow-teaching.

Question two: How did the female ethnic groups evolve? Is there a possibility to eliminate it? If there is (or is not) the reason why?

Shang or dislike of women (misogyny), in fact, is not a "group", as mentioned above, it is the patriarchal society generally run the "cultural and psychological mechanism."

In other words, in a patriarchal society, each of us has built a mental machine that is tired of women.

An internationally renowned feminist, the thousand cranes are honestly mentioned in her book, "The Weary woman". Feminists themselves have been serious patients with the disease, but later they develop self-reflection and criticism of the ability to observe how the patriarchal society cloth dragnet, and then think of the way to escape, from dislike themselves, to reconcile with their own , to recognize and embrace their integrity.

If you ask me, is it possible for us to gradually get rid of our own feminism, and it is certainly possible that feminism will give you a lot of insights and perspectives, and show you how the patriarchal society is moving, how you are affected by it, and how you may be free. You can choose to conduct feminist practice/experiment, may fail, may have a small success, it will make people feel calm.

It may not be easy to completely eliminate the tension within yourself, but it is worth the effort. Women fans often say that to eliminate their "dislike of women" more positive approach, in fact, is to love themselves, embraced by the patriarchal society to belittle the characteristics. Women fans also want to provide support and companionship for all who walk this road.

If you ask me, are there any differences between the so-called sow-teaching and the female, and the possibility of bridged flat? Let's just say, for example, Lin Yingmeng, a spokesman for the former "Times Force", a woman fan, hopes to enhance mutual understanding.

"The Sow's claim is that many men accuse these women of treating men as tools." Lin Yingmeng, in fact, the history of women can be seen as a tool of the history of people.

Women have long been seen as tool-holders, giving birth to men and caring for the family in support of male career development. Modern Taiwanese women may still be worse off, the society is required to have children, the government and enterprises do not give enough maternity leave, after the birth of children to quickly resume work, family care responsibility still fall on women, on the day of the company class, the evening return to the second class, take care of the husband, care for children.

According to the latest statistics from the Executive Yuan, women spend more than three hours a day on household chores, which is just the average. Taiwanese women have been nearing overwork for a long time without a break.

So can we understand that when the whole country, society, to the company system to women assigned to excessive labor tasks, production son can not be done by men, care for children and caring for the husband is generally the society of women's expectations and regard it as a female responsibility, some women's Jie Fang, will be the hope that the man to bear more economic pressure To relieve her anxiety and overwork might.

What is the feminist effort? The feminist effort is to make it possible for women to become more equal from the tools of the state and the patriarchal society from national laws, political decisions and corporate systems. Let the gender division of the gender framework gradually loosen, for example, boys can take their children at home, not under the pressure of social vision, women can work full-time in the workplace without being blamed. We can even explore how to make people more comfortable to take care of themselves and to take care of family life, and not just as a tool for the capitalist market, through national policies, regulations and systems.

The feminist effort is to allow women to become people on an equal footing from tool-holders. Now some boys feel that they are used as tools, frustrated and angry, do not know where the emotion should go, so the target to the female, point to feminism, in fact, completely mistaken, because feminism is talking about: No one should be treated as a tool.

What feminism wants to break is to treat people as the "dominating relationship" of the tool-holders. (Extended reading: from the maid to the power of the Times spokesperson!) Lin Yingmeng: Sows, who can become feminists)

Question three: In real life, do women's ethnic groups have a way of looking at women in a rational way and building up good health relationships?

I may not use the term "rationality", which has long been misunderstood as a way of thinking about "pulling away the emotion", but in fact, the real reason should be "the ability to have empathy".

Health and good relationship, can not rely on the emotional communication to achieve, on the contrary, must be laid down in the "put in" thinking.

When you can't understand each other, you can start by asking questions, understanding the other person's thinking, understanding the pressure behind this line of thought, and thinking, "If I am in this gender position, what are the pressures and dilemmas I may suffer?" When we gradually understand the gender situation of the other side, you will find that there is no need to tie a sow scarecrow to fight. Continue to scold female sows, in fact, no one will stop you, but it will not solve your life any difficulties or problems.

By the same token, you will find that you are not the only one in the trap (laughter), and you think that the enemy, in fact, and you also have similarities, which will give you more understanding of the world, so that you become more sympathetic to the ability, more lovable person, even you will find that they actually have the power to help others, Can do more for this society.

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Feminists believe that the problem of gender inequality is rooted in the "patriarchal system", which is intertwined in every aspect of daily life. The patriarchal system originally meant the father's ruling power (rule of fathers), as Juliet Mitchell pointed out: Older male parents have control over their women or other dependent populations. Sociologists Connell that the patriarchal system is a male-controlled and institutionalized gender relationship. Such a society produces oppression such as sexual assault, family violence, unequal pay for equal pay and so on. Patriarchal as a structural system of oppression, men are also difficult to escape oppression, such as the patriarchal system of respect for masculinity, masculinity construction, so that men are not good at revealing emotions, and not the masculine temperament of men, will also be subjected to great social pressure or violence.

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