April woman story, read Emmahuasen How to jump off the crowd to her fantasy imagination, with their own attitude to live out of themselves, about life she said: It is the life of the big and small fighting and struggle, composed of me.

"I invite you to stand up and let your thoughts be heard, and ask yourself, if not me, who is that?" If not now, when is that? 」

A wash, wearing a light gray suit, tie up the capable low ponytail. The girl in front of her voice, trembling with excitement is not challenging the firm, this is Emmahuasen in 2014 as the United Nations global Goodwill ambassadors, to promote gender equality launched the HeForShe movement, the deep rooted words. (Recommended reading: Emmahuasen's Shocking United Nations speech: "Not only for women's rights, but both sexes can be free!") ")

I was watching the broadcast, with a fluffy brown curl, a standard English accent, and a "Harry" Girl's face, flashing in front of me and Emmahuasen to the tone of the speech. It almost occupied my childhood memories, the Harry Potter series of Clever wonderful Granger, after the new name.

Emmahuasen, who starred in the Harry Potter film, said in a visit: "I am trying to grow into the woman I desire to be, and this is one of the things that I have been striving for, because of the three of us (Dan El Radeclive, Rupert Grint, and Me)--when we were cast in this fairy series, What happens to us is a fantasy story in itself. 」

Red all over the world of the Harry Potter film photographed her youth, to her magical life, the film may forever her tender face, but can not withstand a girl movement and eager to bloom life-she is Emmahuasen, she to outspoken, tenacious confrontation posture, become herself.

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Fear keeps us silent, and makes us afraid to explore

Emmahuasen, as we know it, is always compared to the "Hermione" of his youth-though she still seems to live a life of fantasy movies in real life, as brave and fearless, as good and wise, as afraid of failure, still on her own strength, challenging the framework.

For Emmahuasen, however, her eagerness to get rid of her was to deter her from becoming the framework of whatever she longed to be--the wonderful Granger, one of the names that the world knew of her, but she tried to cut.

"My life story has always been a public concern, and that's why I've always been passionate about having a private life and building a different identity." When I step into a role, people have to suspend their suspicions, they have to separate me from that girl. "Unwilling to stereotypes from this, Emmahuasen through the input of various roles, to prove their true and three-dimensional, she still has a lot of face to be excavated, can be excavated, you want to, you have to really see the whole picture of her."

"In general, I have been fortunate that the artists I work with have given me a great deal of freedom-they can imagine me in other ways." As a public figure, like living under different microscope, there will be a certain degree of examination, comparison, sometimes I will be disturbed by the public view, but I know that if I live in fear, then as an artist, as a person's life is over. 」

Fear keeps me silent, it keeps the potential of my body silent-I haven't even had a chance to explore and discover it.


In the face of fear of public expectation, Emmahuasen did not succumb, after playing Harry Potter, she is a child, leaving all the seemingly difficult opportunities and fame, back to school, "for many people, I seem to have lost many opportunities, I also received a lot of angry phone, but I need space to explore who I am, Instead of living under a microscope. I like to be able to make mistakes, also cherish the opportunity to make mistakes, the decision to leave the school to go back to the decision, is very critical. 」

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She dropped out of her acting career in 2009 and went to Brown University, and few knew that she wanted to give up acting and leave Hollywood. She recalls: "I find that the story of Fame is on the path of no return." "She likes to perform and tell stories, but she has to consider the consequences of winning the lottery." "When I was an adult, I found that what marked your life was what you did." 」

Most people who complain about celebrity are asked: If you hate fame and this kind of life, why continue? Emmahuasen also constantly asked himself, "since I was 10 or 11 years old, I have been making films, and I often think that I am not suitable for this job, I see everything too serious." I feel bad, I am not fit for showbiz. "She changed a turn," but as I grew older, I realized, no! It's the battles and struggles that make up the big and small in these lives. "She is constantly asking and dismantling the process of thinking, to find her adherence to love, the meaning of life to her, Emmahuasen fearless, from her desire to explore their own possibilities, and do not hesitate to defend the right to explore, to pay efforts."

When people follow my example, I think I'm doomed to failure.

Growing like a field constantly spinning cocoon, outlining the ego, and then struggling to break the cocoon and out of the process.

This process often involves the squeeze of self expectation and social framework, for Emmahuasen, to become her own process, she gradually approached as a woman, under the gender framework of the dilemma, "I think I still have a lot to overcome, for example, the performance of" Beauty and the Beast "I was the first time to sing, a reporter asked me, will not be afraid to lower the box office There is an incredible sense in the head here that I cannot face and try to improve it. It's like the speech I made at the United Nations. 」

She launched the HeForShe campaign in 2014-inviting men to understand feminism and to join actions to improve gender discrimination. Emmahuasen the speech after the interview , "in the past, when people called me an example, it incorporated the awe of God into my heart, and I felt doomed to fail," but after accepting the position of a UN goodwill Ambassador, she felt that a part of herself had been relaxed and belonged, "I was afraid like" The words "feminism", "Patriarchal system", "imperialism". But I'm not afraid anymore, and a part of me relaxes after I accept the position, which gives me a sense of belonging and a sense of purpose. Everything is coming in a way never before. I understand what I am doing here and know where to guide these already coming energies. Since I have done this, I have been different. 」

It is a sense of belonging and peace to find a mission, Emmahuasen, through his own pursuit, to remain sober in thought and to stand up for the value that it believes-outspoken, for the freedom it wants to exploit.

In addition to being a United Nations goodwill ambassador, she has spontaneously launched her feminist book Club Goodreads, placing books around the world in irregular, irregular ways, so that the ideas of the book are read and disseminated by more people. Talking about the sport, Emmahuasen said, "I am glad to spread a little love through this way," to her, reading is "sacred", the book was a close link between him and his father, "The book gives me a way to connect with my father, that is my most precious moment." "Emmahuasen's parents divorced when she was young, and the book was a way for her to be with her father," I only remember what he read to me before he went to sleep, and how he used to make different noises when he was telling stories. The book is also a connection with the outside world, when reading I can have time to escape from reality, or to find the idea of empowering myself, the book is a friend I can rely on. 」

In the past someone had sent her a letter criticizing her as a "white feminist." She explained what she had heard, "I didn't understand when I heard I was called a white feminist." Why should I be separated from other feminists by race? What does that mean? Is the feminist movement more fragmented than I understand? I began to feel ... panic. 」

In the face of such a doubt, Emmahuasen not in a hurry to refute, she let herself spend more time to understand why there is such a problem arises? How does she benefit from being white? "I began to think, in what ways did I support and maintain a structurally racist system?" How does my race, class, and gender affect my point of view? What kind of feminists do I want to be? "This is the power of knowledge to her, in the face of doubt, we can see their own situation from the knowledge, and then disassemble the scrutiny, think and decide what they want to grow up to look like."

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No matter love or life, I want to be true to myself

For Emmahuasen, whether it is love or life, she tried to support the free development of space, care. Life is a game, we have to put aside the eyes of others, to live loyal to ourselves.

There was an interview about Emmahuasen's emotional view, "even before my relationship ended, I never commented too much, because I just wanted to figure out how to love someone and get along with myself." The reporter asks again, when the date feels her thought and act is respectable, will it make it difficult for her to develop intimate relationship? Emmahuasen said at the time, "I have a boyfriend or a partner that usually makes me feel very cherished." They make my life lively, so that I rekindle the curiosity and excitement of things. But I'm still looking for who I am, what I can do with it, my personality, sometimes it takes a couple of hours to adapt. 」

Belongs to Emmahuasen's love view, she does not want to let own intimate relations become the populace longs for the peep to see the performance, does not have the social vision, she wants to love, that is also a section belongs to her extremely individual, explores ego's journey. (Recommended reading:"Beauty and the Beast" Emmahuasen declaration: No prince, also can be a Princess )

"You can be a spokesperson, an example for a whole generation of girls, and strive to be yourself." --Emmahuasen

Emmahuasen loyalty to his beliefs, from love through to their face life, choosing the values of work in the past, she avoided films with large budgets, focused on small capital movies with good scripts, and, by working with admirable directors, practiced the belief in being an actor through practical choices and actions, "in my career , when a broker or a movie producer says, "You made a big mistake," I still feel sad, but if you feel like you've lost your mind, what's the point of having a great success? 」

As Belhucks, a feminist, described her in an interview, "In many ways, she is not like the movie star we think she is, she is a very different breed, she is interested in the whole life, not just wealth and fame." 」

Six years after the release of the upper Harry Potter film, Emmahuasen insists on using action to practice the values she believes in-whether it's in feminism, liberating the freedom of the sexes, or even struggling to live up to her fantasies, she's determined to tell the world, with unrestrained enthusiasm and talent, You can influence others fearlessly as you try to be yourself.