When you encounter and fall in love with the other half of the value and you are in love, you often change your diet and exercise habits for each other, but that's not necessarily a good thing.

According to the study of the obesity center, in five years, the average number of women in love increased by six kilos, and the average number of women who lived in cohabitation increased by an average of eight kilograms, while the newly married women had an average of 11 kilos, which was horrible!Although there is a tendency for such gradual obesity in the male study report, the increase is not as large as that of women.At the same time, according to the “ of obesity in the English Journal of the United Kingdom, the probability that you would be fat would increase by 37 % if the other half of the population is fat.

What should I do?How can we stop the fat meat of growing up with love?

Let's listen to the tricks of health experts and skinny experts, seven small steps that make you and the "bliss" break-off.

Maintain existing movement practices

If you have a fixed sports habit before you interact, you should not neglect this sport habit after you have been in contact with it.

Don't fall in love by pretending to forget about the morning walk of each Sunday morning or the company's mountain climbing team.It may not be enough to stop the exercise, but once the fixed sport is disrupted, it will be harder to start moving again, and this may be the beginning of obesity.

Use a movement as an appointment

Don't know where to go?So let's move together.

Use the exercise as a date, and every week to move it together.You can run together, ride a bicycle together, or you can meet at the gym after work.Don't think too complicated. Together, it doesn't mean that you have to do weight training every day. Think of sports as a date. One side of the exercise is more energetic and sexy.Try and see the new movement for you, and maybe the unintended effects of this will be unintended.

Make yourself comfortable

Are you often quarreling nerves?

The latest study says that when the pressure index increases, it affects metabolism and increases our appetite for sweets as well.No wonder that every time a fight is done, there will be a share of the urge to eat sweets.Try to make yourself comfortable, communicate with your other half-squabby, and you might find that you're getting thinner, and you might find yourself thinner and thinner.

with your other half

What do you do if you get fat?

If we woke up one day, I found that my waist was a little bit thick, and I was a little more weight, and I was told to be honest with my boyfriend.I know it sounds hard, but honestly sharing it, it makes things simpler.Let's just say, " I found out that I had too much food and had recently gained weight, so I had to save some money in this month, so I could eat a little bit more.Perhaps the other half of the "may be grateful" for the thoughtful application of the system.

outdoor appointments

Do you guys always go out in the room?

Hey, take a walk outdoors, don't always go out on the couch or go to the movie theater.If you invite him to climb up the mountain, or plan a trip to the next two days, two days and a small trip, let him surprise you.Out outdoors, breathing fresh air, and taking advantage of the summer vacation, the emotions heat up straight, and the weight plumage.

Don't eat the same amount of food with him

Will it always be boring, and you eat all the same, and every day you look at the weight of your body, and your men don't get fat?

Women and men need different heat from day to day, and men need about 2,800 large cards a day, more than 800 times a day longer than women, and now know what it is.When a man in the world is frantically gnawing at the dim sum, or eating hot hamburgers, taking out the yoghead or fruit salad at the end of the night!You can enjoy the sweet meal together, and you can reduce the chance of fat.

Refuse to be an alien, cook at home

When two people are together, are they going to become three-meal-eating patterns that are always on the outside?

In fact, foreign food is the most dreadful source of obesity, not only much, but also of higher heat.So why don't you try to get the chef to change it?You can together decide what to eat tonight, go to the supermarket to pick up the ingredients, and join together in the kitchen to get in and out, how cute.The chef can not only control the weight of the diet, but also select the ingredients and make a healthy new life together.Let him be surprised at the culinary art of the Chinese people!

Let's say good-bye to happiness, as long as happiness is not fat!

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