The first anniversary of Lin's death, the fight against violence is not over yet, and survivors ' recovery is a long way off. We choose this day to share with you the next step in "confronting sexual assault" services.

April 27, "Fang Siqi's first love Paradise" author Lin The first anniversary of his death.

I remember very well that when she was interviewed by a woman, she said, "When you read" Fang Siqi's first love Paradise ", I hope you don't think" fortunately it's just a novel "and put it down, I hope you and Scarlett feel sympathy and empathy. 」

"Why should I write about it, even to a little disgusting, erotic pervert. I want to use very fine meticulous, to portray their very disgusting pornography is very bad. We all see statistics, so I do not want to talk about the structure, we all forget that it is a person. 」

"Fang Siqi's first Love Paradise" published, bring unprecedented impact on society, gender violence is difficult to reconcile, the power of the invasion of trust broken, rape is not only a gender phenomenon, but living verbs, hear will faint, will want to vomit, will be deafening. (Extended reading: after "Fang Siqi's first love Paradise", face up to sexual assault, you need to know 10 things )

Fang Siqi in the Asian literary world scrolling unprecedented kinetic energy, everyone hand to a book, open a letter, see a line of words: "Adapted from a real story", feel the sexual violence good pain, more difficult than we think. To be sure, there are more Fang Siqi in the world, and even now.

So, also on this day, we hope that society will not forget, do not put down easily, we hope that the topic will be discussed more loudly, the pain is more tender, we hope that all changes not only happened after the tragedy.

So on this day, we look at the accumulation of sexual assault services, and we want to share with you the next step in our attention to the issue of gender-based violence.

Confronting sexual assault: building a safe and telling environment, empowering survivors

Confronting sexual assault services began three years ago.

At that time, we noted that there are many black numbers of gender violence, these black numbers are real experience, but there is no talk, do not dare to inform, worry about two degrees of injury. The child wants to speak out, afraid of adults do not believe, she wanted to say, afraid of people blame is she did not refuse to behave, he wanted to speak out, afraid of being teased clearly is what you earn. (Extended reading: face sexual assault, must first see these 30 hidden truths )

Face the sexual assault, so the anonymous message board service, encouraged to tell, we want to empower the survivors of gender-based violence, to write as the medium of trauma therapy to recognize the existence of wounds, and the message is also like social revelation, yes, gender violence is true, it is never just statistics.

What we want to do is to build a safe environment to tell.

We see that many gender-based violence begins at an early age, and before the understanding of sex and violence is made, events have occurred and shadows are laid in the days to come;
We see that gender violence and power of the intertwined, we should take care of your elders, brothers, relatives, bullying you, but let you do not say.

From three years ago, the face of sexual assault is to let us particularly worried about the service, to 2017, the page accumulated more than 200 messages. Looking at the increase in numbers, we know that it is not enough to speak safely, perhaps we can do more.

So since 2017, we have introduced the consulting resources of the modern women's fund, hoping to give the real and professional companionship to help more survivors to understand their own path to recovery, and this recovery and reconciliation begins with their relationship. (same field Gayon:"direct Strike" the road of sexual invasion and rehabilitation press conference: Gentle to take the pain, accompany you to go sexual assault recovery First step )

The modern women's Fund has been focusing on the issue of gender violence for 30 years, helping victims to recover through casework services. The Foundation's advisory assistance is mainly two-oriented, and the "Sexual Violence Prevention Group" is responsible for the service of the survivors of the recent events and hopes to take the judicial process; "Heart Recovery Center" services do not have the judicial needs, severe psychological trauma and broken survivors.

The introduction of the foundation services to 2018, a total of 302 cases of assistance. We see the following phenomena,

For the past three years, we have been facing the trauma and companionship of the incident, and at the beginning of this year, we hope to provide more immediate support after the incident, giving survivors a more friendly, supportive record and less experience alone.

Safety Record System Callisto culture

How do you do it? We hope to introduce the foreign record system to do the translation of Chinese culture. The service, set up by Jessica Ladd, known as Callisto, has been adopted by technology to empower survivors and has been used by 13 universities to make a school-wide sexual assault notification system, including Stanford University. (Recommended reading: face the campus sexual assault!) TED: We're not supposed to live in a world where 99% rapists go unpunished.

Picture |callisto

"It's too hard for me to openly admit that I'm a survivor," he said. But through the Callisto program service, I feel secure, which is an important first step for me. --Anonymous male survivor at Stanford University

According to the school data provided by Callisto,

  1. 24% of transgender ethnic groups, 20% of the physical women, and 7% of the physical males, had been sexually abused at school.
  2. But less than 10% of people are willing to notify schools or the police because they feel insecure.
  3. 90% of the perpetrators are habitual offenders.

As a result, Callisto has three features in its record design, dedicated to providing survivors with a reassuring experience,

Picture |callisto

  1. Electronic procedures record: safe and personal, message content is coded, you don't need to start a conversation with someone who may not trust you. Before you decide to take a legal approach, you can make a full record and leave real time evidence.

  2. Find a habitual offender and provide support: when the same perpetrator is mentioned several times, the website will record and return it. When you know you're not the only survivor, you can reduce your sense of guilt and you can choose to support survivors with common experience and build support networks.

  3. The decision is yours: if you want to notify, you will decide.

At present, the Callisto system is open to the original code, for people in different countries to translate, through technology, to solve the problem of gender-based violence on campus, to give survivors peace of mind accompanied.

Women fans are expected to host a workshop, gathered in the power to build a system of Chinese culture. We hope that through the early system of friendly design, so that survivors feel at ease and autonomy, and in the face of the overall service of sexual assault, embodies the three "safety record", the rest assured that "professional consultation" process experience.

Gender violence is a very complex issue, and we hope to be interested in the issue of the system, and we would like to work together on the next step of your action.

Latest Update 2018.08.21

Thanks to you for your interest in the Callisto project, after the release of the message this year, there has been a close discussion with the Gender Unit and experts, thus making more discoveries about the project's implementation in Taiwan. For example, Taiwan's laws and regulations are limited, the campus environment for gender service participation will, so the project will accumulate enough environmental knowledge this year, in the next year to promote the appropriate way.

At the same time, projects have been undertaken to address the optimization and refurbishment of sexual assault Services, to provide rehabilitation services to survivors of gender-based violence, to link survivors to the companionship approach, and also to appeal to the public to pay attention to the importance of gender violence, and you are welcome to join us in your concern.