I love I have the courage! How do you find the courage to practice your dreams through practice? Interview Brendon X Liu Xuan, in fact, the dream is to constantly tear down the frame, through the process from scratch.

The usual day, a briefing in the boardroom is brushed in front of you, you would think, this is the version of Life C, the life of the bill in the young when a and B, where?

When you feel that your dreams and life are moving away from you and you can't find the motivation to continue on the road, do you have the courage to face your heart and practise talking to yourself? Find the expression of courage that belongs to your life? Perhaps when you are willing to mention the courage to explore, you will find the dream of the young, still in your heart dormant, never left.

Every April is the busiest day for a woman's partner, through a or two months of time, we plan every May "I love my Day", from the beginning of 2013, women fans first proposed "525 I love my festival concept, advocating women have independent space, self-awareness and independent ability, brave love their unique. (Recommended reading:"straight hit" I Love my fan day: Your eyes and applause, give us strength )

So far, I love the spirit of my launch nearly five years, 2018 women fans continue I love my spirit, we know that love ourselves is not easy, so through each year to throw a topic with the reader to think together, through different ways, practice love ourselves.

This year, women are obsessed with "I love I have the courage of the day" as the main axis, I hope that through the substantive lectures, offline activities and real face-to-face with women fans of the reader contact, practice to find courage, define courage, and then create the courage to practice the concept of love, find your courage expression, live in the life of the white living.

With this event, I love that I have the Courage Festival specially invited the Escape Artist founder Brendon and active psychologist Liu Xuan to talk to us about "dream practice".

The Escape Artist founder Brendon How to bring the concept of enjoyment into the public life through art and encourage everyone to release the frame when creating. Through creation extends to the practice of dreams. Listen to him. Through the "Dream Etudes" project, through the theme of the month, the completion of the 6 painting process with the students through the "Nothing", "from the idea to practice" process, practice to control their dreams.

Liu Xuan, an active psychologist, shares with us how psychology plays a role in his life, lets him take action actively in the process of practicing his dream, and finds the true ground to himself and the world, to find your inner voice, to practice the ideal step by step.

An interview with EA founder Brendon and Liu Xuan, if the dream is to create a painting, how can we overcome the anxiety from nothing? How to sketch out the outline of your dream on a blank canvas, and how to achieve a new self in the process of practicing your dream?

1. "Dream of the Etudes" through the painting simulation we find a dream, from scratch process, would like to ask, how had the initiation of the idea of this event?

It's a process of practicing your dreams to go through the process of being from scratch and constantly making your ideas come true.

EA founder Brendon.

EA founder Brendon: The main concept of Dream Etudes is that I begin to think that if everyone starts to draw a picture every month, to keep in touch with and experience the process of nothing, so that the idea in the head can be physical, this thing should be like a simulation plane, practice for a long time, You can really fly. So why call the realization of the dream of the simulation flight.

And the real trigger dream of the birth, is the past to help supervisors do life growth planning process, found that the real life-related things are very basic, very simple, to the public need. So this year's dream etudes through the Liu Xuan positive psychology, want to pass a practice dream process.

Liu Xuan: To participate in this program, the main hope is to help more people learn to take action through positive psychology. Because a great part of positive psychology is the emphasis on "you have to take the initiative to face yourself and the outside world", this is something that I've always wanted to promote, and the idea and behavior that you have to practice with: you have to practice it all the time and it's important to start taking action no matter what the situation.

Just like painting, you start to worry about mistakes, but life is going to have some mistakes in place, many times the unique creation from here around, into a unique painting. No matter what you do or what you draw, we have to recognize that the most important thing is to lift a pen.

Bring up your pen and talk to yourself before you start your own changes. Each of us has a voice waiting to be called out, this is the most psychological help me, hope can also pass this action, let everyone start to change.

2. Why is the "dream" to develop the overall planning of the main axis? For two, what kind of role and proportion do you think "dream" plays in life? Can you share with me one of your dreams, and what has been achieved now?

If not silly not naïve, we will not go to imagine a dream, and let it happen.

Liu Xuan

EA founder Brendon: When participating in the life growth plan of the leading class, they often put forward their own loss of motivation. Dream to me, it is not a choice, it is a way you have to go on, if you do not follow their enthusiasm, interest, sooner or later you will find that you can no longer take the next step, do not know what your goal is.

And just because the dream is a motivator, I want to talk to the participants with this etudes and go back to remind the participants what their dreams are and what is most important in his life, and let him find out for himself.

In addition, you mention the dream whether I realized my dream, I want to start from fear first.

I have little insomnia in my life, but the day that I will set up EA, that is, when the money comes in, I have a lot of unease and fear in my mind, constantly thinking about the consequences of failure. But I suddenly have a voice in my head, tell me: This is you want to complete the dream of many years, tomorrow will come true, you are so not confident?

With this idea, I immediately sank to sleep. I only slept two hours, the next day I woke up feeling energetic, the first time I understand what is "dream call me Up" the truth.

Liu Xuan: There, we have a dream, we have a lot of dreams, there are those unrestrained, dinosaur running on the road dream, also have the dream of selfish desires, or the community to your dream. The dream is very complex, but now my dream is completely different from that time, let me now think back to tell the past myself, the future life will be like this, is also I totally can't imagine.

I want to start from my family this matter to talk about, for me to have a home for me is to practice my dream, I have the home of their desire to look like state.

I put my home in accordance with the blueprint of the dream, decorate a piece of white, furniture, walls, colors are mainly white. Until my wife and I had children, the dream of the White House became unrecognizable, five Yan six color. But it's like a canvas of life. You never know what your dream will be like. My original dream is a white canvas, I now look back, I will say that the dream is so naïve, but then we are so silly so naïve, if not silly, we will not imagine having a white canvas, and let the follow-up dream happen.

3. Two The process of practicing the dream how to support yourself when you encounter fear?

Be brave enough to tear down the walls of your heart and you will see many possibilities in life.

Liu Xuan

Liu Xuan: This piece, I want to share from a psychological point of view, when we realize our dreams from childhood, we will find that outside the world there are many restrictions or intimidation, family, society through speech to create more anxiety and fear to explore the dream, the original dream may not be a white canvas, but a black block circle of the frame, And we try to plant our dreams in these frameworks, and then, one day, through the courage to do something, down a wall, only to find that there are many possibilities of life, these may continue to stack, let you begin to imagine and depict your dreams.

The process of realizing a dream can be a wall of fear. But fear is a signal, it will tell you to be careful, but you can try to push it, try to use your own efforts to shake the wall between yourself and the dream, you may find those fears, just some imaginary enemies.

Also through this exercise, through the way of painting, we began to practice facing imaginary enemies.

EA founder Brendon: For me, different stages will have different fear, because want to create, want to achieve the ideal and have fear, but it is because of fear, it helps me find myself insufficient, and in the effort to cross the lack of time, discover new self.

When you are led by a dream, your motivation will be endless, despite the fear, you will still try to leap. To me, the so-called dream and desire have a very fundamental difference, desire is what you want, dream is what you create.

The result is that you will have it, but when you create your dream, you will begin to share it, so practicing your dreams and facing your fears is a constant cycle of journey, each of which is the beginning of fulfillment and the next stop.

4. Can you share with me the most memorable stories of the Dream Etudes Initiative, which started in the first game in 2017? And in the process of leading the students to grow, what feelings and learning?

Creation is a form of expression, in the process of painting you will constantly talk to yourself, and then find the unknown yourself.

EA founder Brendon.

EA founder Brendon: I have to say, because all the students in the 2017 Dream Etudes were interviewed by me personally, so I got a lot in the interview process. The eight participants, in the interview, cried, through the creation, it is a way of expression, when you start the first expression, the second will respond to the previous expression, you will be in the process of painting, and constantly dialogue with themselves.

I was impressed that when I interviewed the last question, I asked them if they had anything to say to themselves 6 months ago, one student said, "Thank you very much, thank you for being willing to make a decision, it is an unknown journey, I think the moment of choice is the beginning of change, I do not think these six months is the Etudes , it is a reality in the realization of the dream of a process. 」

If you want to change in a rut, if you start to feel like you can't find the power, if you're going to believe that you can create a life you want, if you desire to change, if you have a dream to accomplish in your heart, you don't know how to act. (Recommended reading:525 I love my free section straight hit: Love their own five keywords, you will always be your own full version )

Give yourself a chance to practice courage, take part in my love I have the Courage Festival, through lectures and physical activities of the participation, we practice together, like the real ourselves, through practice to get the courage, if you want to have different colors of life, you must first from the trust you "can" start, make changes!