Woman fan editor and the author for you pick a piece, write a film review also write life story, see the miniature life under the lens. "Weary Mummy diary", when you are busy to lose yourself, life is love hollowed out, please do not forget to take care of their hearts.

Loud cries cut through the night, and your day begins with a few recurring images.

Wee alarm Clock, baby cry, excretion with diaper, pacifier with soothing.

Wake up again by the alarm, sleep only three hours of you, have to start preparing breakfast, dress for children, yelling at the end of the child to send out, you like a lost angry flowers, slumped in the chair, then leisurely walked by the companion, in your forehead kissed a kiss, swing the car keys to work.

The door closes, the house is quiet, you feel like this piece of solitude, fragile, silent, lifeless.

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Oscar-winning actress Sally Cylon's latest work, "The Weary Mummy Diary," The story of three children's mother, Charlize Theron, became a mother, facing the pressure of family, work and parenting, was overwhelmed by housework, and was hired under the advice of his younger brother. Night Nanny "Tally (Mackenzie Davis), a step-by-step to find the pace of life.

The diary of the Weary mummy seems to be the inspirational mother's child-rearing movie, but when you see the end, it's a revelation for all the girls: one day you'll be a mother, and when life is like being crushed by a five o'clock in the morning garbage truck, don't forget to ask yourself what a firm and recurring life is.

When you feel empty, please remember to take care of your heart

At the beginning of the movie, the morning light spilled into the room, and Mary, with a big belly, walked into the second son's room with a mane brush, and began their morning routine with a brush that brushed the skin of his son. Quickly turn the film, jump to the second son of the President of the meeting, the headmaster pointed to the children of the child is too "unique" need special care, to her own expense, please tutor, round-the-clock care. (Recommended reading:"Pick a piece for You" "Lady Bird" If this is the best of me, do you want to? )

The picture jumps again, when Marge has already produced the third child, the portable baby once again meets with the headmaster, the headmaster comes straight to the point: we cannot accept too "unique" the child.

Unique and unique, for the second son of the emotional control of the problem is a long and exhausting, but why should everyone use "unique" to describe their children? Does every child who is different should be unique?

In the face of the newborn and the second son of the upbringing problem, can't hold on to the tally finally to the outside for help, call the night to protect mother, look forward to her appearance, save their disorder of life.

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After tally appeared, all the disordered affairs suddenly had the rhythm, the Mary finally can jump from the insomnia and the diaper whirlpool, in the evening 10 o'clock early lie in the bed, at first incredibly also was not accustomed to.

The extra night time, so that she finally had the opportunity to stop, to examine their own like a gyroscope, constantly for others and the rotation of life. Once a nurse, tally and Martha accosted, she asked: "When you were young, have you ever dreamed?" "Mary's eyes are like a distant dream:

"If I had a dream when I was young, I could still be mad at the world, but now I can only be angry with myself ... I think I'm empty." 」

Maybe every mother had a feeling that her life was "empty", when you put the weight of life on the family, children, busy to forget themselves, suddenly in the tedious daily look back, you can not see their figure, you give tired, the heart has a piece, like being hollowed out. Day and day for others to live your life, please do not forget to take care of your heart, leaving a piece of time with their own dialogue, so gradually submerged in their own life, there is a gap can reach for help, there is a space can still be wayward bunkers have their own.

The role of a parent is not a kind of expectation but a choice.

The advent of the tally made the world of Rama's disintegration a patchwork, they gather in the middle of the night, in the process of breastfeeding and lactation exchange of thoughts, Tally's young fearless summoned the courage of Mary, let her willing to face the fear and uneasiness of their own heart: how can I become a social expectations of "good mother"? Can a "good mother" still qualify for a youthful dream?

Late one night, tally encouraged her to drive a long-distance train with her, to a drink in Brooklyn, where she lived when she was a young man. Umaro, this is a journey of a sense of freedom, is to leave the framework of the escape, is to cherish the memory of youth looking back.

You feel free when you are 20 years old, but when you reach the age of 30, it's like a garbage truck from the corner at five o'clock in the morning, which is annoying.

Diary of the Weary Mummy

As they did so, leaving the baby to care for the sleeping father, two high school students stole out of the house and went crazy once for freedom.

In Brooklyn, Tally suddenly announced to her that she would no longer be responsible for the care of her mother at night, which was a transitional period, and she was at the right time to go. Martha, unable to adapt to the sudden message, roared: "What shall I do without you?" Tally a face firmly, also roar back:

"You've always thought you had done nothing, but you forgot to pay for the people you love so much, day after day, like you do, and you've realized what you want most?" 」

What should I do without you? This may be every mother in the bottom of the heart often shout.

When a woman is asked to pay for the housework unconditionally, it is regarded as a natural labor of love, when women are put on the "good Mother", " The rigid expectations of a good wife, feel that they are about to live to see their own time; at the beginning of motherhood, the community expects every mother to build a motherly love, can have a continuous supply of children with care, but forgot that the mother also need to rest, have felt, was love hollowed out. (Extended reading:"Gender Watch" written on the eve of Mother's Day, I can not be super Mother )

What's the best way to get stuck in a life like this?

"Weary Mummy diary" points out that every mother's daily pay and love, should not be taken for granted, it is their choice to lay down their own, exhausted to prop up a home proof.

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When there's nowhere to run, don't forget your partner.

At the end of the movie, a drunken car crash shattered the beautiful life that Maggie had built, and tally was only the spiritual illusion of her overwork and eagerness to escape from her tired routine.

And Mary's husband, in the hospital learned that his wife's mental situation, she has been in the family share and care responsibilities of the absence, heart guilt.

This outcome is unexpected, but also realistic point out that many women in the role of the plight and difficulties encountered in motherhood, the film is also a lot of satirical bridge to stimulate the viewer to think about the importance of family responsibility sharing. After a busy night at the beginning of his wife, partner a good night's sleep, only with a kiss on the forehead, a hint to understand his wife's hard work; go home, see the full table of frozen food and frozen vegetables, only to complain, wife Eyes lax, tired of the look of the table food is not in the eye.

After the accident, the guilty husband came to Martha's bed, told her that she had been negligent, "I thought you had been doing well, and I didn't know it would turn out like this." ⋯⋯"said," I think I'm doing well, do you think I'm not doing enough? " 」

Short dialogue, but let everyone deep sense of the social expectations of the mother in each woman's cause of how much pressure, let the viewer through the small but realistic details accumulation, thinking about the importance of family responsibility sharing, but also the female to the maternal anxiety deeply portrayed.

"Weary Mummy Diary" with small details stack out of the traditional family Division of labor rarely appear in the father figure, reflect the importance of partners to practice the division of household chores, more through the adolescent teenage madness to become a mother willing to insipid firmness, point out the society most often neglected the mother labor problem, to gently tell society, each mother day after day accumulation , are from the persistence of love, when young did a good silly naïve dream, also because of a home, willing to become a repeat company and daily.

Perhaps when a mother no longer chasing the dream, no longer restless, longing for stability, is because of the life of a more precious than the dream to stop guarding.