Single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. We are injured in love, home is the way to the heart, the mother's arms can always make you feel at ease to lick the wound, burst into tears.

C is a person in Taichung. She told me more than once that the high-speed train from Taipei back to Taichung, like a lamp to reduce the light, she returned to the process, always slowly turn back to a child, can accept life must also have powerless, can also for these helpless cry.

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She knew that crying was OK, she forgot the rules of adults-crying is a waste of time, sitting on the magic moment of high-speed rail, crying is allowed.

There are many helpless things in life, which is probably what we become more and more aware of when we grow up. There are many things, efforts are not used, had to become a kind of free and easy in the aftermath of the commemoration. Let's say break up, for example, a break-through relationship, for example, permanence becomes the season's limit.

The more injured people, the more they seem to care, in fact, to protect their own sake. C, while crying, imagine the tears of her into a pupa, eager to hibernate.

C's mother to pick her up, C in the car, riding on the misty night, said their breakup, as far as possible to speak lightly, after all, after all, she has always been the mother in the mind of a strong child. She said her mother listened to listen very quiet, orbital incredibly slips red. She asked her mother what had happened, and her mother said, "I was worried about you." "Worried about what?" "I am afraid you eat alone, a person for the holidays, a person vexed, a person no one can say." (Recommended reading:"single diary" After You've gone, I'm going through the day )

C almost cried out on the spot. is not for themselves, but is thinking, this is not the mother's life.

Separated from the husband of the mother, the mother of the false single parents, the child grew up mother, cheerful and free mother, a lone mother, will also be a person worry, a person no one can say. Perhaps the mother is very lonely. Single in marriage, love for years of absence, the wife's shell, to their own gentleness, live a personal life. Until I heard that the husband has other people, in a different group of new family units, C is a keen child, she was young to think this is a particularly cruel thing, such a marriage is a double share of loneliness.

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And such mothers worry more about their children than they do about themselves.

C looked down and thought, "Maybe it's necessary for a person to go through all this." Probably will be afraid, probably will be helpless, probably will have no direction feeling, probably will be good for a while. "Like hurt, always want to gyrus," but, I also want to know, I get along with the ability is where. Perhaps in the end, I can not because of loneliness, only choose to be with another person. 」

The mother nodded and whispered, "Well, don't choose who you're going to be with because of the lonely relationship." "It's like confirming yourself.

On the way home, C first thought her mother was like her classmate. This problem, 25 years old, there are 35 years old, when 50 years old also have. When the solution is bad, can not help but hate themselves, but there is no relationship, who did not count the wrong time. (Recommended reading:"daughter letter" mother, I grow up, change me to do your way home)

She also wanted to tell her mother that tears can be, the existence of tears, is to prove that sadness is not an illusion, the existence of tears is to tell yourself, in addition to him, but also you are willing to live with yourself. Tears tell you that I'm still here.

They can also practice, like a pupa, the world's first waking up, waiting for their new life, open their eyes, and found that the world is still very lovely.

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C in a cool summer, to lend me this experience to write, I think this is the favorite story I have heard this year.