Gender novelty, weekly show you a fresh gender tool, this week introduced: the feminist letters feminist font!

Have you ever thought about the implications of gender equality for every letter you play? If you have something to say about gender equality, you will definitely like this font!

The feminist letters each word has its own meaning, including women's rights, the unique experience of women, and the plight that women continue to face today. For example, A represents ass kicking career women (female professional), B stands for birth (production), C represents campus assault and safety laws (school sexual violence and safety regulations), all the way to X chromosome s (X chromosome).

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When you point to a font, you have the status of the word topic and the data analysis. Taking the ass kicking career women of a as an example, it notes that 54% of women in the United States are still experiencing workplace sexual harassment, a violation of Title VII. The birth, represented by B, noted that "among all developed countries, the United States has the highest maternal mortality rate, which is a national disgrace." 」

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It's not just font use, it's also call to Action

If you want to act on the plight of these fonts, the feminist letters official website also has the call to action design.

If you are a feminist living or living in the United States, click on the topic you care about, fill in your place of residence and press send out, this page will help you to the people in your residence to send an online request for Action statement.

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If it's not in the US, you can still download the font for free. Every word can be filled with power.

For example, if you have something to say about equal pay, you can say:

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If you care about physical autonomy, you might say:

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The font, originally published in January 2017 by Women ' s March, was followed by gender equality campaigns in major cities in the United States.

The feminist letters is a product of collaboration between the New York Young Asia Advertising Corporation (Y&r ad Agency) and women and gender technology ( Women of Sex Tech) and is supported by many female-led companies, Including the base in New York's publishing house bustle. Women of Sex Techs is also a cornerstone of New York, composed of a group of entrepreneurs who are committed to creating gender-scientific pluralism.

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There are also feminist letters in Asia.

In fact, in addition to the feminist letters feminist font, Asia also has designers began to create feminist alphabet group.

Kruttika Susarla , a graphic designer in Delhi, India, last year launched the 36 days plan to use letters to introduce the concept of gender and to focus on the female experience in the Indian context, as well as the Indian feminist movement.

Susarla said she was trying to get the life experience of Indian women and sex minorities through the program.

Each of the letters I have depicted carries a feminist concept, or a little-known feminist organization and movement. The plan aims to shift the mainstream, middle-class, Western, White, single feminist narrative into the Indian context, with a pluralistic feminist narrative (intersectional Feminsim).
--kruttila Susarla

The letter a introduces androgyny(neutral temperament), and her introduction mentions that in the near term, neutral temperament is becoming more and more common in fashion and popular culture, but it is still unfamiliar to India. In India, it is still very unusual for boys to wear jewelry or a nine-yard sari that women wear as men's waist.

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Letter C describes continuous consent (continuity of consent), she said, "consent" is about physical, emotional, and is in a safe (without violence or coercion) of two-way consent in the state of mind. Consent has nothing to do with the state of the relationship, and even if you have said yes, you can still express your change of heart on the way. You have agreed, does not mean that you need to always agree. Because until 2017, marital rape was not considered a crime by Indian law.

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If you want to make a feminist/gender equality creation expression ...

Women have been fascinated by the "fascinating manuscripts", in the vast sea, to find many of the gender issues, feminism has profound and unique observation of authors, such as Hong Jinxian ,George, Lincali , Avross Hsiao,Christine Lee and so on.

If the text is not your best tool, it is also welcome to express your reflections and views on gender issues in images, photography, audio-visual or other creative ways. If you have a related creative plan, and are in the process of implementation, welcome to the letter, the use of attractive contributions to the code, submitted to (same field Gayon: fascinating manuscripts "invite you to the knowledge as the fulcrum, prop up the world )

On the way to promoting gender awareness, women are fascinated to walk with you.

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Feminist font downloads from this: thefeminist letters official website