"Relationship Diary" There is no ideal love, only belong to their own intimate relationship. "Later we" in the Lin Yuqing and Fang, love if there is no return one-way ticket, at least we do not bear ourselves.

When young, the word happiness is too far away, want to be in the future, a long time later things. The days after the elder, happiness is even too unreal, we this unit, only in the past in the story of the occurrence.

Life is constantly missing, and then we, where? Is not the sentence, happiness is not a story, misfortune is. Of course, we all thought that it wouldn't be us, it shouldn't be us.

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"Later we" in the Lin Yuqing and Fang, very ordinary name, very ordinary life, very ordinary love, they are a ticket to know, did not think of the later days, is also love ten years of migration.

Long-distance train, the beginning of the meeting, the girl missed the ticket, looking back on a plain face, see silly leng Big Boy. The big Boy wore a hat T, a box of eyes, and stretched out a hand to introduce himself.

Two children are so young that they are filled with ambition, wishing for the day, and will succeed. The only way to succeed is to get out of the house, they have a low building, tattered room, eat a bowl of boiled noodles, full of poor days, eyes but see infinite bright future, shaking down the window to shout, "Beijing, you hear, we come, will soon hair." 」

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The most impoverished days, suitable for about good sharing and sharing, although the days twist you no left, but you feel full, side with a pair of good firm hands, holding peers, then do not know fear. Is it too young, or is it because of being too happy?

The road to Beijing, must be a one-way ticket, the success or failure of the victory, close to good near, you know this road hard, but did not think, the original love is a one-way trip, there is no return. The process of growing up, people are sure to change, but really did not think that we have changed, we can not go together. Only know that my hard days, you did not see, a lot of important moments, you are not. (Recommended reading:"relationship diary" Hawking and Jessie: If there is no one I love, it is just an empty universe )

Love is not difficult, to get along with the poor life is not difficult, the good life is. Love is a lock of the line, who loose bones, who put the hand, love also followed scattered.

We can talk about the big day, one day silent, the original can breath in the same frequency to speak, suddenly dispersed the information; originally we have agreed, which day you do not want; all the breakup is suddenly dawned, we have not in the same world, said the same word.

After saying good-bye, we had to be the whole people. No associates, we are their own responsibility, and to face the days of entanglement, Gensen panic, the breakup of this matter, there is no creativity to say-later we have nothing, but no longer have us, love for a long time, finally become friends.

You think of a distant family, sent a letter, that letter every time you see also cry,

"Parents, who you are with, have no achievements, make how much money, it is not important, we just hope you can live the day you want, have a practical, happy, healthy." These must wait for you old, can realize. Eat well, no matter when, come back is the new year. 」

You see the letter want to cry, probably because, you know that you once have the answer--I think what day, I want to be with who, once very sure.

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And maybe, until one day can, not sensational think of us, light of the past, until then, then ask yourself, if you choose again, I choose not to choose this road, I choose not to leave you, I have no regrets, I later know what Love is?

So, I am negative you, but I will not bear myself after all.