This week's sex alert takes you from New York Attorney general Eric Schneiderman sexual abuse scandal to delve into intimate sexual abuse and violence.

The highest honorary Pulitzer Prize in the US press was presented at Columbia University in New York last month, where the New York Times and New Yorker won the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for exposing Hollywood producer Henvingstein sexual misconduct.

Through reports from the New York Times and journalists, the victims were encouraged to accuse men in the political, media and other fields of sexual harassment or sexual assault, to promote the "I also" (#MeToo) movement, but also to the international community began to face the issue of sexual assault.

May 7, 2018, New York guest reporter again uncovered New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman sex abuse scandal, four women in the report, accusing Eric Schneiderman violence against them, two of them ex-girlfriends.

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New York attorney General is a scandal of sexual abuse: He called me a black slave and said I was his property.

In the past, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has been a supporter of the #MeToo movement and a women's advocate, according to the New York Times , who spoke at a dinner on the National Reproductive Health Study, addressing women's own childbearing, he said. If a woman cannot control her own body, she is not really equal "; After the outbreak of Havivinstein's sexual harassment, he criticized Weinstein as" despicable ", and he said in a civil suit declaring the case," our investigation found that sexual harassment, intimidation, discrimination and abuse are prevalent in Havivinstein companies. " Many women were forced to accept his misconduct. Sometimes they are the targets themselves, and if they refuse, they are threatened with humiliation, a career crisis, and the risk of physical intimidation and violence. (Extended reading:"Gender Watch"--sexual harassment by Hollywood movie tycoon for 30 years?) This is not a private morality issue, but a public issue.

Finally, Eric Schneiderman points out, "the board and management know all about it." They knew how pervasive it was, and instead of blocking it, they covered it up. 」

However, an explosive report released by the New York Times on Monday (7th), when four women came forward to accuse Eric Schneiderman of abusing them in substance, and for hours after the report was released, Eric Schneiderman immediately issued a statement firmly opposing the charges and announcing his resignation:

"As the Attorney-General of the New York State people is my pleasure, the serious accusations I have strongly opposed in the past few hours have had an adverse effect on me, although these allegations have nothing to do with my professional conduct or the operation of the office, but they will effectively prevent me from leading the office at this critical juncture. Therefore, I resigned on May 8, 2018. 」

The four women alleged to have been subjected to unnatural physical violence, who in the past had been reluctant to speak because of fear of reprisals, but two of them, Michelle Manning Barish and Tanya Selvaratnam, spoke to a New Yorker journalist and decided to step forward, To protect other women by speaking of the fact that they are experiencing sexual violence.

The following is a report by four women in The New Yorker about Eric Schneiderman's allegations:

Manning Barish: After four weeks with Eric Schneiderman, one day we were ready to go to bed, but he was still dressed, and suddenly he punched me in the face and pushed me down. I told him, "the sexual abuse game often goes wrong, and I don't agree with personal attacks." And he retorted: "You know, it's a felony to hit a legal officer." "
Tanya selvaratnam:eric Schneiderman stalking me too, and said that if I broke up with him, he would kill me." He called me "brown Slave", "Black Slave", and sometimes he would let me call him master, and he would keep hitting me until I did.
Third Intimate partner: He has repeatedly treated me with an unauthorized physical violence.
Fourth lady: Eric Schneiderman slapped me hard in the face after I turned down his suggestion.

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According to the New Yorker , Eric Schneiderman often went to bed after drinking and repeatedly beaten them without the consent of the woman, Tanya Selvaratnam recalls, "he pushed me down." Holding me with his weight, choking me with great strength, I began to feel unable to breathe, choking, and it was really bad. I began to struggle, feeling that every cell in my body was whipped by a man. 」

The longer you spend with Eric Schneiderman, the worse the physical abuse Tanya Selvaratnam, "If he doesn't hit me, we rarely have sex," she says, with verbal and emotional abuse. He began to call me his "black slave" and asked me to reiterate that I was "his property". 」

In response to these detailed allegations of sexual abuse, Eric Schneiderman, through an external spokesman, said: "In intimate intimacy, I was involved in role-playing and other voluntary acts, I did not beat anyone, I was never involved in involuntary behavior, this is a line I will not cross." 」

Michelle Manning Barish's defense lawyer said, "It was Eric Schneiderman, a man who had no consensus, to rationalize his actions." "He used to build up an image of sexual violence and sexual harassment on his political career, but apparently he intended to let those brave women who stood up to the old sex discrimination once again be victimized," she said. 」

Manning Barish, who published an article on Twitter, said she was "unable to remain silent and encouraged other women to stand up as bravely as she did." 」

According to the CBS report, Tanya Selvaratnam also issued a statement late in Monday, saying, "After I found out that other women were abused by Eric Schneiderman years ago in a similar way, I was afraid of having the next victim, I know I have to stand up and do something. So I chose to protect the future of the women who may have a relationship with him, but also look forward to raising public awareness of the problem of intimate partner violence. 」

What is intimate sexual violence?

In the case of the New York attorney general's abuse scandal, we must start asking: what is intimate sexual violence?

Continuation of the previous gender observation on the issue of marital rape , intimate relationships, also often occurs in the patriarchal context, the partner is expected to perform the obligations of sexual behavior, resulting in intimate relations, often sexual violence problems arise. In the face of public opinion, the victim may feel pressured to refuse a partner's sexual solicitation, even though he knows he has the right to refuse to have sex. (Extended reading: Sex in exchange for food and clothing and safety!) Intimate sexual violence: only by agreeing to have sex can we survive.

Sexual violence in intimate relationships encompasses a wide range of behaviors, from the most explicit acts of violence, from forced sexual intercourse over the partner's will, to the slut humiliation (slut shaming) of the partner, to the control of women's use of the body, and so on.

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Slut Shame


Slut Shame is a concept that describes the behavior that makes a person, especially a woman, ashamed or inferior for one of their own sexuality or sexuality. This sexual or sexual desire is considered to deviate from traditional gender expectations, or to be considered unnatural, unconstitutional and immoral. Examples of women being "slut-shy" include sexy clothes that violate accepted dress codes, require contraception, premarital sex, casual behavior, sex work, rape or sexual harassment.

Reference data: wikipedia

As for sexual abuse and violence in intimate relationships, sociologist Giddens the following discussion in his book, "The Change of Intimacy":

The relationship between violence and abuse often occurs in the sexual sphere and in the relationship between adults and children, most of which come from men, who are weaker than they are, so the prohibition of violence is the most fundamental element in the ideal of democratic emancipation. However, there are all kinds of coercion of influence in interpersonal relationships, they obviously do not have to be in the form of physical violence, for example, some people may be inclined to use emotion or language to abuse each other, how to avoid emotional abuse, may be the two sides maintain equal power relations, the most difficult side, But it is clear that the guiding principles are: respect for each other's independent views and their personal qualities.

Therefore, the so-called "intimate relationship violence" refers to the violence between husband and wife, cohabitation and intimate partner, intimate violence is not limited to physical violence, verbal violence, mental abuse, economic control, sexual harassment is a form of violence in intimate relationships.

Perhaps, you have also felt in intimate relationship as a partner, you " Have the obligation to "engage in the faint pressure of sexual activity; You may always accept your partner's contempt and verbal abuse in your daily life, you feel unwell but endure not to say, perhaps, when the partner intentionally or unintentionally the intimate sexual violence, you feel oneself gradually loses the value, the relationship is no longer equal, you abhor this to be directed, only then belongs to the other party's power relations 。

Attorney General staying power abuse scandal from New York, we learn to look back on our lives, to understand the causes and symptoms of intimate sexual violence, to begin to value ourselves, to correct this skewed unequal power relations, to face up to the problem of sexual violence, and to face up to their own emotions, to get the right to physical autonomy and sexual autonomy.

Women fans continue to focus on sexual harassment, sexual assault and sexual violence, if you have been intimidated in intimate relationships, or have experienced sexual abuse, click on the following pages , the support system for anonymous, you can safely elaborate on the experience of insecurity and victimization, we work with the modern Women's foundation, Professional advice will be provided to assist you and provide the next step in the path to recovery.