Practice dreams, in addition to the need for courage, you have to face the real voice of their own heart! Interview the Escape Artist founder Brendon, when you embrace your reality, you will find the purpose of life.

Escape, is the end, is also a new life.

Escape from the routine of daily, escape from the role of the community look forward to escape every day to wake up to convince myself: I live in my dream. A life of escape plan, seemingly unrestrained, but the people who turn, need more courage, experience to recreate their own pains, bloody look at their new appearance in the chaos.

The escape Artist founder Brendon in People's daily smell the desire to escape the taste, in the cement jungle, for us to create a colorful open space, so that you escape from the cracks in the pressure, become a colorful reality of their own.

Meet Brendon that afternoon, we came to the Escape Artist Wenchang Shop, opened the transparent glass door, Brendon from behind the bar to greet the side toward us, a white shirt, with the painting indoor colorful background contrast, a glance can see his warm smile, And not anxious not Xu stretched out the hand, really hold the hand of everyone present, thin greetings.

In the interview before the beginning, Brendon invited us downstairs to see the last "Dream Etudes" participants in the painting, into the ground floor space, warm and spacious, four walls hung on the size of the picture, are "dream Etudes" participants with time accumulation, very rich vitality and story of the works. (Extended reading: I love I have the courage!) Interview Brendon X Liu Xuan: Longing for a different life, first believe You "can")

I was particularly attracted by one of the paintings, far from a pile of messy paints, and I snapped at the canvas without a rhyme. Approaching, splashing the lines, the disorder became a hill in an orderly way, I think this painting and practice to escape, practice the dream of the process is very similar to the rules of their own construction to break up, in their own messy way, again to paint the world, in the process of understanding the real self, such a flight, to have the courage to practice.

Escape the identity frame, why don't you be a happy escape artist?

There was a flight plan, a place called "the Escape Artist garden" Entertainment painting space, set down in Taipei, looks like a studio, but there will be no teaching and painting teachers tell you how to write, here, you have to throw away all the frame and fear, through intuitive painting, this is the founder Brendon The original intention of creating this space.

Brendon Talk about starting a business, it is said that, "I was from Milan, Italy to learn jewelry design back to Taiwan, found that most workers do not find their work interesting, I hope that through some action, let people feel life and their own creativity, and art, has its appeal." "In the Escape Artist painting space, not limited to you in a variety of ways to paint, creativity is unrestrained, thinking about how to create, what to create, what to create the process, for Brendon, it is also a kind of art of the practice process,"the Escape Artist, which The meaning of escape is to let people temporarily escape from society to our identity label, in the process of painting and self dialogue. 」

When society gives us too many values and roles to look forward to, why don't you try to escape the frame of identity and be a happy escape artist? In the process of painting, find your own way of expression. Here, painting has no rules, you can paint to please yourself, you can throw away the brush with the palm of your hand, you can spray paint in any form, this is a release of creative space, but also release your imagination of the field, put aside the identity frame, explore the thousands of possibilities of life.

We provide methods, answers you have to find in yourself

The Escape Artist embrace let more people take off the frame, find true own beginner's mind, continue to work in Taiwan market, more than 2017 and 2018 launched "Dream Etudes" plan, through the design of a whole period of planning, want to let the participants, face their inner voice, so as to pick up the courage, repeated practice , to practice their dreams.

In the process, I wonder how Brendon combines painting with self exploration. He did not talk about methods, gave me an example to listen to, "I think, there are many things in life, we have never thought about, so that we are subconsciously, passively live." Previously, we asked the participants a question as to whether or not a person in his life had a significant impact on himself. Have you thanked him? We asked the participants to write a letter thanking the important others in his life. 」

Perhaps, a lot of reflection and understanding in life, you have to give space to talk to yourself, you will get, "a participant, in the pen, looking at the camera said," I did not think it would be this person. The man was his colleague in the same period, and he finally fell out because of the unhappiness of communication and cooperation. When he looked back many years later, calm down to think, unexpectedly appear this person's face, he found that this person to his career has a very significant impact, the original life of a lot of learning and experience, it has to pass the time of Shen Dian. "Later, the participant reconnect with the fallen colleagues, become friends again, and even write to the Escape Artist, thank them for their questions."

"Dream of the Etudes", is to let you dig the real yourself, through the painting and questions, give yourself a blank time to think, dialogue with their own. In this program, you will never get the standard answer, you'll learn to face your own way, and these exercises in your life changes are important, all your questions about life, the answer can only be found in their own body. (Recommended reading:"Liu Tong" to be a person willing to find light in the dark )

In the face of "who I Am", you will find the purpose of life

It takes courage to step out and seek out the answers to your life, and the Dream Etudes not only accompanies the participants to visit their own path, but also teaches them the courage to draw the first stroke of fear and the unknown through the different themes of their paintings each month.

Interview process, I listen to Brendon talk about "dream of the Etudes", while feeling his words revealed the real enthusiasm, each participant how from the negative self to affirm his feelings, he deeply remember, if the courage to practice the dream needs to practice, I asked Brendon, for him, What is the most courageous thing you have ever done? "For me, I feel that there is a link between courage and action," he said. Many times, when you actually take action, you will find yourself getting more courage in the process. "It's like tearing down a wall in front of us and seeing the view behind the wall." Many of the difficulties, in fact, we imagined, in the process of your action, you will find yourself growing, step-by-step, to take more challenges.

"So, for me, entrepreneurship can be said to be the most courageous thing I have done, but also to say that entrepreneurship makes me learn to have the courage to face difficulties." Sometimes it is not a weakness to admit that you are deficient, to seek a partner when you need help, and we need help because of the ideas we want to push, the changes we desire to make to our society, and our efforts to work with our partners to deliver it. This is also the subject that I have been practicing this year. "When the challenge lies ahead, it is the idea, the value to practice, and the desire to change that drives the courage to move on."

I think that the definition of courage is to be the true self, to face the real reality, and to realize the changes you want to see.

The Escape Artist founder Brendon.

The Escape Artist from the inception to now gradually bloom, lasted eight years, Brendon talk about the entrepreneurial process really has a lot of setbacks, marketing, funds, promotional activities, are new fields, all to learn, they feel in the venture to find courage, is the way, fortunately their consistent, Facing the real desire of the heart, "I think it is very important to face your life, you can cheat everyone, but you can't cheat yourself." If you know that your current job and life is not what you want, even if you get a lot of it, you'll still feel empty. "brendon The first step in defining one's courage is to be the real ground to yourself first.

"Second, we have to recognize reality." In the past, many people had heard that I wanted to open a studio in Taiwan that would allow everyone to paint their own paintings, saying that it was impossible and that it was impractical in Taiwan's artistic environment. But when they talk about reality, it means "money," and if you think that making a lot of money makes you happy, I think that's unrealistic (laughter), and the reality that I realize is that it starts with seeing who you really are, thinking about what your real purpose is in life, and what your motives are. Finally, practice the changes you want to see. 」

and Brendon chatted for an afternoon, the interview process I often feel grateful, fortunately, faced with the difficulties of social reality, there are still people like him clinging to the ideal, to persevere, and rejoice that modern people live full of the framework, there are still like him, determined to untie us gently; glad I met such an escape artist, reminding me, Society has its own reality, cold and hard to do, to hold on to the truth, you can have the courage to continue to go on.

This year I love I have the Courage Festival, we invite the escape Artist founder Brendon to live with you to practice, from the realization of self and practical dream of reality, start a revolution to escape the framework of life, an outlaw: What is your life want to practice the purpose?

Unrestrained, in life to be an escape artist, brave for their own sway unique life.