Woman fan Womany shop offline brand, continue to focus on gender, look forward to the spirit of pluralism, fourth works It matters. Masks, incorporating the concept of "sound for important things" into your statement, is of paramount importance.

At the end of 2017, women fans held the first Global Gender Impact Award , we take the world's gender events as the classics, the gender experience in the latitude, carding hundred gender events, network Global Gender Awards. We encourage everyone's participation and voice, some say "it matters. As a man, I'm always expected to be strong, brave, and not cry, and I want to encourage more men to express their feelings of vulnerability, which is important. "Woman fan writer Grapefruit Sweet said"it matters. " Women are not objects, they are not the only ones chasing and chasing the two labels. 」

After collecting and sorting out a lot of real sex stories, we began to conceive, is there any more ways and means of landing, so that the things we care about are seen, practiced, and acted upon? So after I time female private maintenance, play and time notebook, woman fan study, we create Womany shop's fourth brand-it matters. Use offline branding works to extend the power and tentacles of sex stories.

As long as you care, nothing is trivial

Discuss It matters with your team partners. Want to convey the spirit of the brand, we continue to think repeatedly, as a brand, who we are, who do we want to speak to? A woman fan is a media community that values multiple genders and dialogues, and Womany shop believes that the right consumption can change the world. We are convinced that through the accumulation of every consumption action, we can ultimately bring positive effects to the desired society. (Extended reading:#itmatters: Sex is a group of people, no one is a bystander )

In the process of brand design, I began to think about daily life everyday, all kinds of objects that can be touched from morning to night, perhaps you are as concerned as we are about the diversity of sex, decorate your room with a rainbow object; Perhaps you pay special attention to environmental issues, so you go out with cutlery; maybe you value the care of the private muscle, choose the natural ME Time Shower gel. From the beginning to the end of the day, we are making choices, and each choice can be embodied in the actual actions and products.

What Womany shop wants to create is a work that has positive meaning to society and can bring about real change.

So It matters. In the birth of the series, we decided to give meaning to what we thought, incarnated as the work of the entity, through your support. It matters is the work that the user participates in together, life is too short, time should spend on the matter that is important to you, see, go to struggle, go to enjoy. From now on, if you care, whatever the proposition, we want you to know that it's important.

A man can make himself himself, more important than anything else.


May you hide the dust from the sand

This time, we and Taiwan well-known masks manufacturers net convection cooperation, together to create a woman fan of It matters. Series masks, net convection is committed to the development of air protection-related products, the brand is designed to provide clean convection, and the development of xpure Nano-protective layer technology, not only can effectively filter PM2.5, but also filter oily and non-oil granular contaminants, hope that the use of people can " Breathe Boldly ", which is why we are at ease with our cooperation.

In addition, masks can also be washed more than 200 times, long-lasting without supplies, wear it, to defend your health and opinion, the style by the female fan product designer Diasy fencing, launched 5 different designs, there are "today should not speak","do not want to makeup","with you", "me too"and pure black without words, silent, can also be the expression of power, put on it, everyone has a position, let it say what you want to say. (Recommended reading: design has a story | #itmatters masks, not only for you to cover sand dust )

And we say, can do a let everyone become their own work, absolute It matters.

Let you be yourself, it matters.