In an interview with Wang Xiwen, founder of the Mad Opera Studio, he made Chinese musicals, fused Taiwan's unique life culture and talked about making music, saying, "I'm afraid of repeating myself, I hate being insincere."

Mad Opera Studios Studio M, located in Changchun Road somewhere in the house, the Invisible life scene. Push the door, there are spacious living room, red wall and dark blue wall opposite, natural infiltration of the theater sense, this House, art is about to happen, or perhaps, art should be with living together, with culture together, with the crowd.

The birth of Mad drama, from founder Wang Xiwen to his question: what Can a musical? What are the opportunities for Chinese musicals? So in 2010, the pregnancy and health of the mad Drama studio. 8 years, crazy play more than 20 works, vigorous, fresh, organic, art is playing, crazy play in Taiwan play musical experiment, roots, grow a strong life.

Crazy play Heart, as Wang Xiwen look at music.

His musical tentacles, the span is very broad, the creation, the arrangement, the soundtrack, some people shout him to create the genius, some people say he finalists three gold, but I want to Wang Xiwen the most favorite identity, still do a continuous effort music creator, the prize is the business card, experience is the luck, the work is the child. (Recommended reading:"Do music do not make ripples, to do stone" the music of the Lifetime Zhong Chenghu )

The interview began at six, Wang Xiwen the North art pop music culture teaching, wearing a light gray straight shirt and jeans into the bubble, a pair of eyes, said hi.

I'm a cynical idealist.

I asked him, what would he say if he described himself in a word? He thought, gave me an unexpected answer, "I am very tired, body and mind are very tired." 」

This sentence is like a theater monologue, honest and deadly.

"I would say I'm a cynical idealist," Wang Xiwen added. I have many ideals, and therefore have a lot of weary. He hangs his eyes, "want to practice ideal, need many partners, a lot of understanding, a lot of luck." 」

A word to us, to be an ideal person, in the face of the situation, must be tired, fortunately have partners, fortunately have a team, fortunately always have like-minded.

Wang Xiwen said tired feeling, is Taiwan this generation and Nieder young people's common sentiment. Over the past 20 years, Taiwan has wasted too much of its social costs in political battles or industrial infighting. "We are free, but not united, social progress is relatively slow, very tired ah." 」

And the music industry, the essence, carrier, content is also changing, "every age has its own throes, many new methods are being born, for example, the earliest music must be played on the scene, the emergence of music, so that the musical can be recorded, but also shook the way the music presented." "Through the throes of change, what we will eventually look like, Wang Xiwen decided to leave it to the posterity to define what he really wants to do is to participate in the changing process of the times." (Recommended reading: multiple sincere musical actress!) Interview with Chen Pin: Musicals are a journey with the world link

Let's say crazy play. "Otherwise maiden", which was just concluded in March, is the Le Project--solo land, a single amusement park, with actors as the core, solo, interactive, impromptu, and the development of crazy musical layout.

In the spring of 14, the cabaret is a tribute to the cabaret show, the Tavern Sings, the cabaret remix comedy, with the piano guitar, the musical drama can be very crazy to have fun, inside also has the Taiwan time memory. "In fact, I would like to say that musicals as a way of performing, there should be no baggage, there are many kinds of possibilities." 」

Most importantly, consumers need to know that they have a choice and that musicals can be rich. Wang Xiwen likes to rebel and ask, "Why must this be?" "Who says musicals are the Phantom of the Opera?" Who says it must be on sale three months ago? Who says the program must write the creator's words?

Why? To ask, to think, to do is especially important.

Taiwan is not New York, but it has its own cultural life.

Wang Xiwen University, the political Department of the State group, out of the community into foreign banks, this road is good, he did not doubt the family will, he knew that the elders always want to secure their lives.

07 was crucial, when he worked at a foreign bank, a father who had cancer for two years, his illness suddenly deteriorated and he walked quickly. He also panicked, for a while, do not know what he is pursuing. Wang Xiwen asked himself a lot of why, why to test the GMAT? Why do you apply for an MBA? What's the point of living a safe and passionate life? What is it that I really care about?

During that time, he remembered the music repeatedly. Music is an interest, is there any possibility of becoming a professional?

Wang Xiwen is a rational idealist, he looked for resources, the side of the plan, the accumulation of his own, trained and how, he read a lot, to find music professors, participate in student drama and student films, he also realistically calculated that the current deposit enough to burn himself for two years, why not gamble? Was hard and fortunate, he applied to the New York University Film soundtrack Institute and began the day when the senses were completely opened.

New York, anything is possible. New York, and everything is not strange New York, the centerpiece of the Performing Arts of New York, gave Wang Xiwen the creative nutrients that were willing to take the risk of the heart, stimulated by thinking and behavioral patterns. "If I can make it there, I'm I am" it anywhere. "Wang Xiwen quotes Frank Sinatra lyrics, life is a lot of possibilities, I also have a lot of possibilities.

He had applied for an artist visa in 10 and had made up his mind to stay in New York, but his life had given him a way back to Taiwan. He also thought he would have a chance to see a good performance in New York, would it be possible for more people to see it through the creative process so that more people would know what else to choose?

Taiwan is not New York, but it has its own cultural life. 2010, Wang Xiwen back to Taiwan, to create crazy opera music, but also with the "Tainan troupe" large-scale musical "Mulan Maiden" cooperation, fusion of classical, rock, jazz, northern Shaanxi Ballads and Jiangnan Minor, the New York feel the creative energy, into Taiwan's creative section.

I said that Taiwan may have New York's artistic energy? He returned handsome, "Taiwan is not New York." I do not want to reproduce Broadway, Taiwan has its own cultural characteristics can be activated, since do the creation, do not default standard answer, do not use old ideas. "The creation is the medium, he does is the translation, excavates Taiwan the existing cultural characteristic and the life, uses the new method to say."

Call me master, I will be quite angry, the creation should not be graded

Wang Xiwen thinking, like the right hand holding the chin, slightly tilt his head.

I said you often mention luck two words, he said is, luck is important, "because I know, my music creative power is not particularly good, this industry is not big, I know a lot of hard work, than I hard." "He thought," So call me master, I will be quite angry, the creation should not be graded, I am just more fortunate to have the opportunity to do visibility works. 」

Wang Xiwen Rebel also polite to do music, music creation is his heir, he hope he never forget honest. "The honest creation, can move the person." Whether it's drama, painting or music, it's a feeling. People feel that this work is a commercial crash, or the hearts of the lungs, there is a sense of creation, can not deceive people. (Recommended reading: life please flatter yourself!) James Franco's graduation speech: "When you really like, you will be willing to do anything")

He smiled and said that he had a folder, called an orphanage, in which he received no reward for his creations. Since the creation is a child, of course, hope that children grow well and have good development.

Does the interest become a professional difficult? Many people have asked Wang Xiwen this question.

"I think so, you really want to do, you have to understand Ah, you have to learn." You can't say you like musicals, just look at one or two, and think you know. Take your interest seriously, when it becomes a profession, when it has become a large-scale industry, the audience to buy tickets, you will be responsible for this matter, the audience is responsible for the social arts responsibility. 」

Speaking, he seems a little embarrassed, social arts and literature responsibility, is not very serious ah? I say how, this matter is very important, your choice does not prove this matter.

In music creation, Wang Xiwen The most important, is also to find their own voice. "The musical form, the sound, that is just a tool." You write lyrics, you spectrum melody, you want to arranger, it is important to have their own ideas, have their own voice. 」

Wang Xiwen Memories in New York lyrics creation class, the teacher in the blackboard write find your own voice, found you want to say things, find your voice.

The remark followed him all the way for a long time.

I'm afraid to repeat myself, I hate being insincere.

Wang Xiwen is particularly fond of the old Taipei, "a bit like Midnight Paris," The hero, the former Taipei is very attractive to me, the year of music, clothing, food is very tasty, I want to through the music, the feeling of the move into and enlarge. "Music is the carrier, there are creators of concern and care, you hear?"

Over the years, Wang Xiwen's musical creations are close to the drama. Recently he felt a deep sense of cultural inspiration, "I always feel that there are some things on this island waving at me, inviting me to pay attention." For example, clearly a Taiwanese language will not, but with the Turbid River commune cooperation Taiwanese song, "I kind of hope that they understand more in the culture of the earth, mood and feelings can be a higher level, now probably a little too busy, sometimes feel stuck." 」

The creator will be tired, will be card off, he is aware of the mind. Wang Xiwen particularly values creative energy, he is afraid of self repetition, hate insincere, strict self-examination. If you do your best, the success or failure of the work, denigrating will not. Because the work is good, of course, creators than who also know, "I am very strict with myself, my failure I know, do not have people tell me." 」

Wang Xiwen like to say that life can not plan, only do want to do things, and then secretly fill a sentence, before I am exhausted. I said, that is really tired how to do? He looked up and gave a lovely answer.

"When you're tired, play with the cat and go back to your life and do something completely unrelated." 」

"In private, I don't listen to music when I'm relaxed," he said. Listen to music I just want to do homework, to learn, to analyze, naturally will enter the working mode. 」

I asked Wang Xiwen to depict the ideal day, and the result was nothing to do with music, it was all about life. "Get up in the morning, have breakfast with the family, watch the NBA, see the Cavaliers lose." "Here he secretly chuckled," The afternoon did not rain to go to sports, with important people to enjoy the place. At night, eat, go home, play cat, get together with the family. 」

Life, there are creators of tenderness, as if around a large circle, and eventually to the life of drilling.

Failure is no big deal, and success doesn't mean you don't lose.

When I asked him how to see the concept of Love himself, Wang Xiwen directly told a story.

"About 2008 years, I was in the" Tainan people troupe "To do" the chicken "this play, and protester at Carrefour a cooperative music, make ballad adaptation. After the play I was nervous, surfing the internet to see if anyone mentioned "the chicken", and found a little comment on the music did not. Of course a bit unwilling, but later I think, stage design Liu Daleng teacher will Google, will care about others to their own evaluation? No way. 」

This thing Wang Xiwen remember very long, "So, I think love oneself is do not care what others think." Do what you want to do without hurting others. "Do I say it easy?" "Of course it's not easy, because everyone cares about other people's vision, and they all need to be concerned and afraid." (Recommended reading: develop a gentle face to life: From now on, you deserve more beautiful days )

"But the world is so big, there are so many people, someone must think that Sakamoto Ben Long music is boring, people have preferences, as a child I will care, now feel that nothing." 」

Grow up to understand, a lot of things, not one of their own decisions, "for example, a music production, involving the budget, involved in the time, involving the recording of musicians, a lot of things, not all according to your imagination, he must be very likely to become not what you think." 」

Things in the effort to strive and communication, afterwards can be relieved, put down the heart of comparison, "the middle of the process, others do not know, and made a comment, what do you care what he does?" You don't know what he's been through, he doesn't know what you've been through, what's behind everyone, and you don't know each other. 」

Love yourself, is not to take other people's comments and standards, toss themselves.

Wang Xiwen See this year I love my day's courage theme, but also have a set of interpretation, "I think the root of courage and fear." It takes courage to make a choice, to be afraid, to fear, to be afraid of the wrong choice. And everyone's fear is different, to recognize it, perhaps fear will be the driving force for change. "Fear of failure is human, but fear may have you re-know your own treasure, and Wang Xiwen philosophy is also," failure nothing, success does not mean not to fail again! 」

Really, both weary and inspirational Wang Xiwen.

Choose a song for your courage, your dreams, your Love

Finally, Wang Xiwen selected three songs, gave the Dream, courage, love himself, he had prepared to come, pick up the phone, began to sing aloud, are his love of musicals.

Describe the dream, he chose the 2003-year musical Avenue Q's "What do and a B.A in Chinese", Avenue Q's play imitate Sesame Street puppet drama, point out the world has its not love, but also perhaps, realize the real world, we can make a difference.

The lyrics write this:

"The world are a big scary place!
But somehow I can ' t shake,
The feeling I might make,
A difference to the human race! "

With regard to courage, he chose the last five years "I can do better than". The last five years is Wang Xiwen's initiation musical, and he heard the soundtrack in 2006, which was an eye-opener for Jason Robert Brown's dramatic arrangement, and it could be the same for musicals.

How do you love yourself? Wang Xiwen selected A Chorus line of "Nothing", listen to the heroine of the three confessions, perhaps love oneself is not afraid to become themselves.

Tonight we listen to musicals, we set legs, we don't talk, we share some kind of magic, midnight in Paris, late at night in Taipei, can be very magical, Wang Xiwen's song said.

Thank you, Wang Xiwen, for the same magical works.