Beautiful man unit, show you Benedict as a dashing male, how to make a force for gender equality.

In a recent visit to Radiotimes, Bannedick (Benedict Cumberbatch) said that male actors-including himself-should reject a section on equal pay for the same.

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"Equal pay and right of speech, is a fundamental issue of feminist concern," Benedict suggested that the actor could: "Look at your paycheck, ask the same actress for their reward, and then say," If she doesn't pay as much as a male actress, I will reject the show. " 」

This announcement is much more exciting. After all, gender equality has always been difficult to rely solely on the promotion of gender weakness, but also need to have a patriarchal dividend to show their support. More than the slogan of the support of a step, is generous to admit their own advantage situation.

Benedict has done more: he is even willing to give up the patriarchal dividend and exert positive pressure on his male peers.

Benedict is not an egg, but a feminist.

Benedict is also an ardent feminist who has long claimed his claim. During the visit, he mentioned that he would use his fame to support more dramas centred on women's issues with his new production company Sunnymarch, including, of course, the equal pay in Sunnymarch's films.

"I am proud to say that there are only two men in my production company: my partner Adam Ackland and me." Our next film project, from a female perspective, is filmed in an era of environmental disaster, a mother's story. 」

"It may be easier to attract investors through my name, and we can use that attention to make many women-focused programs," he said. After all, half of the people who watch the movie are women! "It's not just about doing the right thing, it's also a good business," he said.

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In business, the composition of the viewer is pluralistic, and the story of a woman or a variety of skin tones through a movie is actually a market potential. "To do this, first of all, you must pay the rewards fairly." "Benedict said.

"When it comes to pluralism, Black Panther has become the third most successful film in the History of film," he stressed, "the audience is always there, we should prepare the stage for talented people, if the success of the package of more than the subject matter, actors, stories, the results will be very powerful--and even affect the world." That's what we want to do. 」

In this interview, he also cleverly introduced the concept and proposition of d&i (diversity & Inclusion, pluralistic Communion): In an organization/group environment, as much as possible with different gender, class, race, religion and other people, according to research, this will promote organizational effectiveness, Maximize the benefits of talent, increase corporate reputation, and establish a good culture.

In simple terms, diversity is expected to make more members of the organization, inclusion is to let "pluralism" in the organization play a positive role.

In recent years, more and more large international companies in the human resources department began to incorporate the spirit of d&i, from the AIG, Deloitte, RBC, L ' Oreal, Bayer, and so on, are more conscious to inspect the current composition of the company, and in the recruitment of new staff, Pay more attention to whether there are gender/race/class/religion biases that affect admissions judgments.

Feminist appearance in male public figures

In fact, it is not easy for public figures to declare themselves to be feminists.

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After all, a lot of people will begin to look at it or wait to taunt you, and every action, like all, must conform to every core spirit and principle of every genre of feminism. As a result, claiming to be a feminist is actually like out of the closet. In general anticipation, you must immediately become Buddha or Guanyin. At the same time, it must be prepared to take on the misconceptions of feminists: do you support women alone, whether they Shangan or treat men as enemies.

Men appear to be feminists who are less likely to be blamed for Shangan tendencies, very different men as feminists, and may be able to take on the "Gentleman/Knight Spirit" imagination in traditional understanding, which can be said to have many advantages. However, they will have to face public scrutiny next-whether you are deeds.

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Paradoxically, the same view has never been directed at people who do not declare feminism. Appearing to be feminists, there has always been cost, life experience push, make people willing to appear.

Benedict grew up in a female-model family whose mother was Wanda Ventham, a very successful and well-known actor in the 70 or 80 's, which made him sensitive to unequal treatment of actresses and empathy. He and his mother also played on the screen and thanked his mother during the visit, "she has a lot of passion for life, which makes me a person who can live with the world at ease." 」

To be a feminist is to start with a passionate heart, to empathize with others, and to move forward with hot thoughts and try to change the environment.

Also no wonder Benedict has many female advocates who are jokingly/even jokingly claiming to be "cumberbitches" (Comber worship Pako), which in fact makes Benedict somewhat troubled.

When he was interviewed, he said it was derogatory, but also humorous, "I don't want to allow anyone to be my hooker, it's a few miles backwards, I think you're probably ⋯⋯cumberpeople (Comber), or Cumbercollective (Comber collection). 」

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At the same time, Benedict is also a big fan of Jasmine Hope (Molly Hooper) in the Sherlock Holmes album, who believes the female character is not only excellent but also tough. People often commented that Molly was stupid, only because her boyfriend had a bad choice, but Benedict pointed out that Molly was a richer man than her boyfriend.

A woman who is smart and good, he notes, may find herself mired in an unhealthy relationship, even if it does not detract from their true colours.

Of course, people can also be sour to say that feminism has become a public relations operation. I think it's good, after all, the promotion of feminism has always been difficult, if the efforts to refute the feminist, flip the stigma, which is also one of the results worth looking forward to.

Well, don't be so serious, to put it bluntly, Benedict is sexy, he is also willing to meet the women's multiple desires, which even more including the rotten woman.

Sherlock Holmes and Watson, since the film version of 09 began to be permeated with BL breath, the British version of Sherlock Holmes, then further grasped the essence of the BL culture, the mystery of crime to continue the plot, but the real juicy interesting axis, but he and Watson's like a couple of bickering-type dialogue, As well as the presence of the intermediary (e.g. Watson's wife) after the tension.

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As the object of desire, he can also be free. In his interview with HuffPost, Benedict said he was also willing to try to play the role of a man in a female-perspective film.

"If you are in" Supernatural Woman ", Krispann (Chris Pine) can," he laughs, "that for Bannedick worship area, of course, there is no problem! 」

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Women are obsessed with sex primary school hall

D&i (diversity and inclusion)

Pluralism and inclusiveness

"diversity" refers to the plurality of people, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, gender status, sexual orientation, age, social class, physical ability, religious or moral value system and political belief. " "inclusion" refers to the organization environment, and willing to use the diversity of human beings, to create a positive, promote equality of the work atmosphere. " This is a way to celebrate and use human diversity to make organizations profitable, not just to "tolerate" them.

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