Interview singer Liu Aili, talk to Taiwan competition to become the singer's mind course, for her is not honed, if this is the subject of life, we just enjoy.

First listen to the song of Erika, Deep feel shen steady voice in a girl delicate, a song "When an Angel of sadness" sing secret love Sour and reconciled for others waiting for the truth. Read the data, always wrote her as a pisces of the tangle of character, to the feelings of the obsession to imagine, life, can be like a fish leisurely swim, with the waves handspike fall.

On the day of the interview, I was in the window of the visit to look at the streets of Light and Shadow staggered, Erika album "Around" flooded the entire field, careless ecstasy of the impetuous mood gradually settled, listen to Erika sing "want not to decide Reluctantly than a Detour, "The Restless and restless life without reason, from the head around, like you see the sun shining, do not bother, also don't look, dust particles glittering around you-it is a small but beautiful life."

Just as I thought, the staircase came laughing, I probe, and Erika from the staircase out of the smiling face straight on, I laugh, say hello! Her eyes curved, hearty said hi, like visiting a friend's living room as comfortable, directly to the interview, said, "Here is the interview!" 」

Did not see her before, think is a delicate personality with a little silly girl, know, I will use transparent to describe her, no hidden character, let you straight straight watching, but feel a distant light faint flash, let people still want to go down.

Come to Taiwan to play 120 hours of work: The process is not honed, is a kind of life must be

At the age of 18, ERIKA Liu Aili, catching a wave of Taiwanese talent shows in the early 2000, came to Taiwan from the United States in 2010 and took part in the seventh session of the Super Starlight Avenue contest. Looking back at that year's game time, I asked her, is it hard to build a dream process? Unexpectedly, she said, "not hard!" I think it's fun! "Originally thought she holds the non-singer not to do will die determination to Taiwan struggle, did not think of Pisces, she, bone has delicate character, face life but there is too smart." (Recommended reading:"Work is to do what you like" "the News Lens key Comment Network editor-in-chief Yang Svan interview )

She is such a girl, no intentions also do not have to hide emotions, happy sad writing face, eager to complete the matter, think about doing, not too much to look forward to, process happy, that's OK.

In fact, I always know that I like singing, but always take it as a hobby, it is too far for me to become a singer. I am in the United States to participate in singing competitions or come to Taiwan alone, because I like singing! I think it's fun to be involved in these games. Didn't think too much, it was an accident to be a singer through the singing contest. "I looked at the Erika of the present to sing to the joy of their own, hands open, like wandering around like to accept, accept the possibility of life."

Come to Taiwan competition, signed a broker about, made a film, become a singer this way, is purely accidental.

The accident sounded unbelievable in my ear, and I was like a detective who wanted clues, and asked, just for fun? So why give up college degrees in the United States and come across the ocean to Taiwan?

As the first sign of her eyes, she smiled as if she had the magic of smiling from the bottom of her heart, "Really!" Because I am looking forward to stand on the stage of the Star Avenue! At that time I was in the United States from the first session of the Star Road, every session, I like the most lesbian Xu Jiaying! Many people think I am a person to Taiwan competition, in order to live to a fast food restaurant to work, is very brave and very hard process, but at that time, I do not feel brave, even can say that I am a little silly, because the desire, think the opportunity is rare, didn't think too much on the come "Does not hold oneself to become what appearance, magnanimous accepts ego, lets move your life the thing, impels you to excavate the new oneself, this may be stupidity peculiar, but it is also not a kind of courage?"

I have always believed that everything that happens in your life is destined, I just enjoy it.

Erika Liu Aili

To be so open-minded, to enjoy the challenges and uncertainties of life, in addition to the Erika nature of optimism, the mother also has a profound impact on her, "family education has been affecting me a lot, my mother is always in my growth process told me, do not need to compare with others, setbacks do not have to criticize themselves, as long as I can learn from these experiences, Every day feel that you have grown, that is the most important. "Let go of the frame and win or lose, think about why they work hard, eager to learn what, desire to become what kind of person, perhaps this is the trip, life to learn the subject."

Erika Speaking of growing up, taking up a singer of his own, and then sharing the example of ICRT radio DJ with me, "Just like there are many unexpected challenges in life, when the challenge comes, we often feel that we are not ready, afraid to try and experience." At that time I just entered icrt two months, suddenly have an interview host Hung sick, want me to substitute class. I nodded and said I tried, while I felt I couldn't. But as I said before, I believe everything that happens is inevitable, even though I don't think I'm ready, but when the opportunity comes, I decide to go ahead and try. 」

For the broadcast interview of the Day, Erika spent a whole week on the data for each issue, constantly rehearse the access process, despite the preparation, the day's interview still let her nerves, a moment did not dare to LAX presided over the four-hour broadcast, recalled she said, "The interview ended, I really was on the chair, Feel my strength exhausted, although the body is very tired, but the heart has a full sense of achievement, because when I completed the challenge, I found that I was more powerful than I imagined. "It is such a complete acceptance of the challenge of the mentality, so that she in the process of hard work, forging a more full of their own." (Recommended reading: I love I have the courage!) Interview Brendon X Liu Xuan: Longing for a different life, first believe You "can")

Pisces girls: Being hurt by the world is not terrible, because of the loss of heart is a pity

The way I hear it, I feel the process is challenging, basic is flat, Erika total one easy to chat, "I will come to Taiwan to participate in the competition, unexpected position is good, just have a broker about, I want to say since someone like me, think I have the potential, willing to believe me, I will stay to look at!" "Seemingly prosperous hair piece experience, but in me and Erika to talk about the constellation, rare see her smile eyes, there are times, still because of the past set off the waves."

This generation, we may be in the search for their own behalf, the expression of the word, the same as Pisces girls, people often say Pisces romantic, love to dream, in their own structure of the bubble in leisurely swim. I'm curious to be optimistic about everything Erika? What is a Pisces girl to her?

"Dream, romance, a lot of love!" Want to love all the things in life, if you can, and even willing to use their own strength to package other people's sad, but also very silly (laugh), it is easy to be cheated, may be too easy to believe anyone else. I went on to ask, do you like yourself as a Pisces? Erika shallow a smile, laughter has relieved open-minded, "in fact, I have a little dislike of their own appearance, just started to leave home, to unfamiliar places, it is easy to trust others, I believe everyone is good to me." Because too trusting others, after a few injuries, feel that they are too simple, too emotional, do not like their own appearance. 」

The process of participating in the competition is not hard, is another story, communication with people, but is a compulsory subject into society.

"At that time I was not very able to speak Chinese, at that time the contestants were young, all of them treat me as a younger sister, I also regard all the suggestions as good intentions, full heart believe." Later, when I found out that not everyone was dealing with people with sincerity, I began to become suspicious of human nature, afraid of the world. So I try to get along with others to keep themselves, experienced a period of xiangjingrubin with others, to protect their own days, but I am not happy, very painful, it is not the real me. "Try to use reason to suppress emotions, but live as they do not like the way, this process Erika constantly with their own dialogue, doubt oneself holding a heart, how to collect and put?" Until the end of the game, in becoming a singer on the road by a lot of predecessors to carry, colleagues sincere concern, by their own tight pull not put the sincerity, dare to let it fall down heavily. (Recommended reading: Goodness must be a bit of sharpness: Goodness is not a concession, but a stick )

When the pain of the wound formed scar, we understand that the world is not a terrible injury, because of the loss of sincerity, is really a pity.

"Too sentimental may let oneself hurt, but I now again began to like Pisces's oneself, because I thought the pure heart actually is very rare, very precious, especially when facing the difficult setback, we may do is maintains, the firm own belief." I would like to keep such a heart, even if I will be hurt, but I feel that the attitude of trust to see the world, with people is very positive, very powerful. 」

So magnanimous a man, with bare heart, embrace all the people came to her life things, the day of the newcomers, to their own doubts, but she finally still want to believe, really precious, hard to dream process, do not lose their own nature, do not easily disappointed in the world.

Before you flap your wings, you have to withstand the wind.

I have always liked Erika to impermanence and unknown open-minded, to participate in the major singing competitions, working in Taiwan to complete their studies, these processes she never feel hard, this is a kind of accumulation of energy in the process, before our wings, we have to withstand the temper, such as wind.

"So for me, face each challenge, I always tell myself, failed also does not matter, do not worry, as long as oneself exhausted all the best, this is a learning process, when we see that they have insufficient, and strive to cross that lack, will let you know yourself more, complete you. "Perhaps we are trying to become their own way, we have to cross all kinds of difficulties, there are setbacks still want to scream aloud, turned to escape, such a state of mind is not cool, embarrassed to complete the challenge, who will feel brave?" But Erika's attitude tells me, waits for oneself to grow, actually also needs the courage.

When we keep talking about courage, to give courage a bright, successful challenge their own definition, Erika the courage of the other side of the stand in front of us, when you are willing to face the challenges of life, regardless of the outcome is a big fall, or gorgeous out of embarrassment, who said the process of completing the brave, is bright and beautiful? The way to live a life in order to grow up is to be a practice of courage.

"The Dream is the dream is because it has the difficulty of practice it!" So do not be impatient, the courage to accept every challenge to your life, after all, believe that things will eventually have its completion of the rhythm, so that the line, no matter whether the efforts to achieve the results we expect, but the practice of the process, will let our life complete. 」

Writing now, my ear is always reverberating Erika tone sonorous, tell me "Don't hurry ah", a word she said light, but heavily into my heart, set off ripples.

Yes, once upon a time we are trying to chase the road of the dream, a good stop, tell yourself: Don't worry. Don't worry, I know you are eager to grow up; don't worry, I know there are setbacks on the way to practice the ideal; don't worry, we have to go through a dark, helpless hibernation before we get out.

But we do not need to rush, if life has its own rhythm, facing their own hearts, you will know that you are on the right road.