An Pu held a solo solo concert "Lian Yun", singing the 1990 's must be remembered by the Times of the singer and music, but also in her adolescence in the collision, the construction of her music salute. I'll take you back to the An Pu and read The Chronicles of the song.

2015 Zhang suspended the end of the last "Tide Proverbs" concert, Farewell Zhang Hang, do back to An Pu.

After a lapse of three years, An Pu low-key in the personal website announced, will be held in small giant eggs from the song solo solo concert "Lian Yun", whether the concert is to return, or the end of the game is complete, for An Pu, the 1990 's some must be remembered by the Times of the singer and music, have been in her adolescence collision, subversion, To build her present appearance.

and music resonance, to create their own new process, grow back looking, become a distant star, guide her life and as a person, holding the value of faith, firmly looking in the same direction.

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Music is the frequency with which you resonate.
Frequency like the Milky Way, the music is the star, passes my life, is now the distant star.

In this concert, I decided to open more than half of the songs, from the contemporary far, or in this era of operation, is not to disperse some of the memorial or enlightenment, I hope to 10,000 people can pass a song, this is what I want to do an end and start; They are one of my first picks, the first half of the stars.

I hope a lot of people can hear these songs. I want someone to hear that these songs continue to be heard and delivered.

--An Pu

"Lian Yun" concert, a song, not only memory the background of the Times, more in the youth of the modern age, with a thin narration or burst of subversion of the seeds of thought, take you to relive those who traction Jiaoan Pu in the universe, to give her the gravity of the song, whether the day you are present, perhaps know these songs, can also let you find in the song enough to lead your gravity, and will be moved to pass down.

Reiguancha: Life, let us learn to weep silently

The white head is raised
The white head hangs down
On the snowy beach.
White has become the original sin
Short life is too late to change color
Too late to learn a beautiful song
La ...
As long as I grow up
As long as I grow up
As long as I grow up

Reiguancha in 1995, "I Am Reiguancha" album, included in the "hunting of small Seals," a song to An Pulai said that she saw life we must face the regrets and powerless, but when we silent tears, we can strive to find the root causes of pain, through their own strength, let the sadness be reconciled, be changed, Perhaps the existence of sadness has its meaning. (Recommended reading: from Zhang Hang to Jiaoan Pu: I have all the luck, Lost life )

Only a moment of weeping silently will we know bitterly that sorrow is not born in the heart of man, but need to grow in our hearts ... always need to rely on our hearts to live there, sad existence can be found again and again, one day we will go to find the source of suffering, will be sad back to the original place.

--An Pu

Red eyes Chen Shanni: Tired for a long time, unexpectedly also became a kind of calm

Lovers love to red eyes
No more than that.
One Heart at a time
For you I only make one mistake
Thank you and throw it away.
Put your dirty words in your pockets
I insist on not saying anything.
Beautiful melody to the ears of a faithless
No interest in looking at the outline of your farewell

Chen Shanni's "Red Eyes" a song to write love to fatigue, and then ruthless the state of mind, from the Love Project to the persistence of things, efforts to fatigue of the state of mind, will sometimes, we live to a kind of exhaustion of the situation, unexpectedly also became a kind of calm?

The so-called "between people" this line is too general.
Most of the time there is no person, only identity and identity, relationship and can have no relationship,

To say such words, let me feel tired of the relevance of anger ...
And you know, people tired for a long time, even a moment will be a kind of calm.

This is the reason why I always cherish this song in My heart.

--An Pu

"The Wind Blows" Lin Qiang: what is survival? What is the condition of living?

The early days of moral justice
Ask me if it's black and white I can't tell
Give me a good heart and a little love
Give me a living hope and expectation

The wind is blowing, you're flying around, and you don't know who to trust.
The wind blows your eyes 睭 The flowers make you dizzy and the shoal is silly
The wind is blowing, you are flying
The wind is blowing your eyes 睭 flower

Lin Qiang was regarded as the representative of the Taiwan music scene, and in 1990, the Taiwanese song "Go Forward" a famous, to rock and roll arrangement, breaking the Taiwanese songs for a long time, is regarded as a new Taiwanese songs in the movement of one of the representative works. An Pu selected this song "Wind Blowing", Lin Qiang to find Wu Bai cooperation, lyrics sing to life and big situation of helplessness, let a person reflect on what meaning of survival.

Decision Ye Shuyn: I decided to be happy, and I'm going to do it today.

As long as I am happy.
I must be very different.
I decided to be happy.
I'm going to do it today.

I decided to make myself happy, regardless of whether there was a sun outside the window.
No matter how annoying it may be, whether it is love or not.
Happiness and freedom are very much alike ... I've never tried that before.

In 1990, Ye Shuyn released his first solo album, "I Don't know Ye Shuyn," and for An Pu, who was born in 1990, spanning the course of her growth, the song, "decision," tells how people face depression and make a decision to survive. The song wants to brave the decision for oneself, lets An Pu ponder what is "the Love", what kind of love can let us have the courage in the Jedi, in order to live, protects that love, diligently goes on? (Recommended reading:"If you want to" spend sleepless nights: Five songs alone to accompany you to precipitate yourself )

Change Zhao Yihao: For every man who used to be a punk for a day

My life has become very strange these days.
No appetite for food, no desire to have sex.
My body has become so light and light as if I could fly now.
There's nothing special about feeling like a blank in your head.
I've seen death these days, and they're clearly in front of my eyes.
There was no pain, so accidentally ripped my hand.
Stream flow ... out of my body
Red Red red-red blur
People always look at other people's faces and live.
People are always hesitant about what they feel.

An Pu talks about Zhao Yihao, describing him as "a man in the wilderness", making punk music in that closed age, like walking in the wilderness, some untimely loneliness. "Change" This song is included in the 1990 Zhao Yihao release of the second solo album "Take Me Out", because of "obscure, refers to sexual love lyrics", was classified as a forbidden song, this album is Taiwan's last banned album.

The song content mentions "I lose to eat, the desire which makes love" to be able to direct to the life loses the desire the feeling to sing out, to An Pu, sings the Zhao Yihao song, perhaps is for each to live the punk to become the day the person, can transmit the biggest mind.

"〈 change does not inspire my musical form, but his existence is music. People who make music, I will like their music, but some people, just exist, or let the world is stung, let some things exist. 」

--An Pu

"Almost sir" hot dogs: The process of being washed by society and the self-esteem that cannot be lost

I'm about the same, Sir, I'm almost born.
It means I'm naïve, and I'm a tramp.
This kind of life is a difficult problem.
Almost, Sir, I'm almost born.
It means I'm naïve, and I'm a tramp.
It's almost like a life jianfengchazhen.

2006, the hot Dog with "Wake up" won the "Best Mandarin Album" award, a "almost Sir" sweeping the Taiwan, at the same time, in 2006, the An Pu was still known as Zhang Hung, ready to release the first album, but setbacks repeatedly, she put the work, run to the witch Shop, when the sound control.

That time met the music of hot dogs, heard hot dogs sing to defend their dignity of the words, although there is dissatisfaction with life, feeling that talent is not seen, let the life of the empty block, to their own waiting and dormant time. Trapped in the creation of the low tide of An Pu thinking, living by the Society wash Day, live into a "dozen empty block" accumulation of creative energy, perhaps than to do a clean person, much more readily.

"This is how it is" Huang: accumulate creative Energy, the original lyrics is poetry

Sometimes the clouds don't necessarily hide behind the sun
Sometimes white clouds are just a white cloud
From today's skies to the skies of tomorrow

So breaking up doesn't mean we won't meet again

That's the way it is.
That's the way it is.

Famous singer, music producer Huang, the early musical works of the 1991 "Ordinary" album--〈 things like this, such as poetic lyrics, inspire and subvert An Pu's perception of creation, which she said on the official website, "〈 This is the first thing to inspire me. The original lyrics is a poem "Song." Whether it is any language structure, or try to break the structure, in the rhythm, rhyme or use of words, fully show the state of Man. "Through the baptism of this song, the influence of the creation of An Pu, lyrics no longer the default framework, to break the structure to convey the idea of songs, only for the transmission of life and human status and beliefs."

〈love, lotus〉: Let want to make a sound, surface to declare oneself

If your smile is as light as a lotus blossom
I can't see (but my heart is still falling apart)
As long as you smile my world will be extinguished
Ha ... Ha ha ha

You glide across the sky like a meteor
Lotus dies without trace
With the same dream you breathe
Lotus still in the dream

Scrap hardware is the main style of rock and pop, when the lead singer rebellious, decadent voice has been stunning contemporary Taiwanese youth. "Scrap Hardware" group name it comes from, "We want the world to hear our voice, because we have a lot of things to express." Scrap metal may only sink into the bottom, but want to sound, passing things, will surface to express themselves. "Scrap Hardware", the album "Scrap Metal" released at the time of the release of An Pu only 16 years old, with songs to convey the idea of the style of the rock in her youth has a large weight, the concert, she wanted more people to hear this fascinating and inspiring orchestra and music.

Baby An Pu: For Mom and dad, for the adult version of the baby.

My baby baby give you a little sweet
To make you sleep well tonight
My little brat, pinch your face.
Make you like the whole of tomorrow

Oh, my baby.
When you are tired, you have someone to accompany
Oh, my baby.

Let you know that you are the most beautiful

The whole "Lian Yun" concert, An Pu only a song of his own creation, she wants to dedicate the song of baby to all the love that she has in her life, the parents who have no reservation for her children, this baby is for the adult baby, the concert weekend happens to be Mother's Day, besides thanking mother, An Pu also want to thank all the people who are desperate to pay for their lives.

An Pu always said, want to run "Lian Yun" such a concert for a long time, she has always been in the bottom of my heart, thinking about the things to be done, the whole concert 22 song solo song, not only will pass through the 90 's classic music to reproduce the public, but also through the songs behind the issue, embodies An Pu to the society and the music industry care and care.

As An Pu says, the music that casts ripples in her life, then becomes the star-star that leads her forward, dark ahead, but you have the light in the distance. I think the reason why music can transcend time and space, keep circulating, is because the music wants to pass the value not to extinguish, with the generation audience collision, hit each time moved.

and An Pu in Taiwan 8, the young boys and girls, is also like a star in general existence, she put the shape into her own music, we like through the concert, through the Chronicle of An Pu to date, she said, "Come, thank you to come here with me", and then, give the road out to us to rebuild their own times.

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