"Relationship Diary" There is no ideal love, only belong to their own intimate relationship. After the wedding of Prince Harry and Meggen Markel, their love has always been the taste of defending each other.

May 19, Prince Harry and Meggen Markel in Windsor Castle St. George's Chapel, step on the red carpet, each other for life. It was expected that the Princess, who had a human rights claim and a feminist identity, would make a difference for the royal family. (Recommended reading:"Handsome lady" is not just Prince Harry's fiancee!) Meggen Markel: I'm confident, I'm a feminist.

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On that day, Prince Harry wearing navy blue uniform, Megenmarker dressed in Givenchy elegant wedding dress, the royal wedding, Megan invited to the United States, African-American Bishops, African Gospel Choir to sing, the British royal Wedding and Afro-American culture, blending freedom, pluralism, respect of the atmosphere. Megan was at the scene of the marriage, practicing her deep concern for human rights.

There is no doubt that Megan is bringing a new change to the British royal family, and the Guardian has described the wedding as "subversive".

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To be a princess is hard, the royal Road is long, Prince Harry than who also know, he had a hard past, mother pain with him more than 10 years, and in the media eyes, he is always merry and do not know the propriety of children, Shing. Perhaps so, Megan walked into the royal road, with the full support of Prince Harry.

Prince Harry and Megan met in 2016, in November, Prince Harry confirmed his contacts in a statement, and strongly condemned the media for slander and harassment of Markle. "I don't agree with the media to see this as the price that Megan has to pay, or this is part of the game." It's not a game, it's her life with her. 」

Megan's Afro-descendant identity, often attacked, Prince Harry responded bluntly, it is centuries, how there is blatant racial discrimination? For the traditionally conservative British royal family, Megan may be a bit more contemporary, Afro-descendant, Harry, three years old and divorced, but what's the label and Love? Harry and Megan took each other's hands and didn't care.

On the third date, they went to the wilderness camping in South Africa. There are only two people under the Stars, a book, the world is very big, heartbeat very close, want to understand a lot of things, I love you, just because you are you, what identity is not important, the world dogma too much, I hope that from the beginning we have to be a free man, for our belief in sound.

The proposal scene came soon, Prince Harry handed the diamond ring specially designed for Megan, the body is her favorite gold, three diamonds, two from the mother Princess Diana's relics, a South African, this ring has the memory of love, but also from the relatives of the blessing.

Megan nodded, and she saw a man who was willing to be soft for her, too, and she couldn't wait to say yes. Harry nodded, and he saw a woman with a personality and an ideal, less likely to flinch. At the scene of the wedding, Harry whispers to Megan, look at amazing, and I am so lucky, she has always been.

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In their love, in addition to appreciating each other, but also to defend each other's taste.

In a public event, a citizen said to Megan, "It's good to have a feminist coming into the royal family." Megan smiled and replied, "Thank you, but Harry is also a feminist." There was a deep pride in Harry's voice. (Recommended to you: Joseph Gaudenlivai embracing feminism: "Don't let the sex define who we are!") ")

The two men announced their imminent marriage in November 2017, and Megan also said she would fade out of acting and join the public charity. She was asked if she felt hard. She smiled and looked at Harry beaming, "I don't think it's a sacrifice, I think it's a good change, and now I'm a partner with Harry." 」

Love is a partnership, if you want to love, then love is the responsibility of two people. You take care of me, I defend you, you love me, I love you, we want to be together, in order to open up a better environment for us.

When Harry met Shangmei, when Megan met Harry, not a sweet-wrapped fairy tale, it was love that was real-I loved you because you were you.