Taiwan's Law department graduated, Zhongqi determined to set foot on the actor, talk about the actor, she has a lot of happiness, she uses artistic creation to answer life question.

"I am trying to be a artist." Zhongqi eyes earnestly to me.

Zhongqi's actor Road walked more than 10 years, 19 years old, read Taiwan Big Law Department of her sophomore year, played the first burden musical drama, walked into the magical performance environment, script, music, dance, rehearsal as if magic happened, she decided to become a theater magic maiden.

Trying to be the actor of Zhongqi's declaration. "I've been trying. The artist is the continuous process, so the art exists. I do not want to finish a good work, feel that I have finished, I do not want to stop. 」

Graduated from the Law department, Zhongqi set foot on a different path with his peers, without a judge or lawyer, with a desire for performance, a family revolution, a goldsmith college at the University of London, and a master's degree in performing creative studies.

Zhongqi said actor choice, face happiness, "as an actor, is to live in the world as an artist, with artistic creation to answer the question of life." I think it is very happy to be a professional or a target person. (same field Gayon: Theater Female Force Yau Kunjun: Gentle love oneself, is Rao that cannot "perfect" your person )

Very happy three words, listen to sincere, word stress, magic girl to me blink eyes.

Being an actress is working with yourself, hurting and being happy.

We talked about being an actress and having a bad fortune.

Zhongqi thought, "Do not know is fortunate or unfortunate, but to be an actor, it is often necessary to work with their own." You will be very close to yourself, understand your own good and bad, master what you have the ability, what emotions, what material, and what is lacking. This process is actually painful. 」

The actor's road is to keep close to oneself, can not escape, "You must be very understanding of their own state, to be a good actor." Although painful, but happy, I am painful and happy. 」

Pain and happiness, what does it feel like? Zhongqi Memories of the actor career, most of the time, to be an actor, for a long time are waiting, "we wait for the play, and other roles, many times you feel that you can, but not necessarily be chosen, once this thing bothers me." 」

Obviously very good, but no one saw, Zhongqi spit out the tongue, "I used to be very vulgar spicy, I feel warm warm light bar, I am very good, I am suitable for this role, we should know." No one found out. "Then I thought, even though the actors were waiting to be chosen, I could have volunteered to be seen." 」

Take the initiative to want, the initiative for their own want to fight for. She describes herself, "I'm practising being a courageous person." "The Solo Land project of Crazy play, great praise of" otherwise maiden ", that is, from the idea of Zhongqi," I really want to do Solo, so I find the director, find the Gershwin, I want to say, a group of people together, discussion, so became. " 」

It sounded grateful, "if you really want to do something, you should let it happen." Don't wait, you wait, you will lose quite a lot. 」

When an active person is not passively taken away by fate

Zhongqi likes to mention the two words of practice. I say your feelings, like the verbs in your mouth, have been moving forward. She said it was great, and in the past few years, the mentality has changed.

Where does the change come from? "When I was 29 years old, one of my relatives died and saw the news, I was a little shocked." That is the elder who is very close to me. I feel so sudden, life is so fragile. I wrote in my diary, how do I respond to the impermanence of life? How can I take the initiative to ask life questions before my life gives me an answer? (Recommended reading:"Solitude Practice": The question of gratitude comes to life )

Zhongqi made up his mind, "I want to be an active person instead of being taken away by fate." 」

The show is the initiative to ask the world, "frankly speaking, my work as an actor has not changed, but my mentality is a little different." I realized that the quest was beyond work, and that's what I wanted to do as a person. 」

Maybe everyone is looking for how to ask questions about life, the actor is Zhongqi way, the performance is her medium, the stage is her place, the actor's choice, and her ideal is very close.

Please Zhongqi describe the ideal day, she froze for a moment, said in fact and now life is not the same, "Wow, I actually quite often in the ideal life." Maybe, practice a voice in the morning, eat with family at noon, go to rehearsal in the afternoon, book at night or go to the theatre. Last night to friends, we talk about the performance, talk about life, until very late, go to bed. 」

No, life is a game, there is life in the play, can be long.

I didn't want another life

The crazy drama studio last year began performing "Otherwise maiden" by Zhongqi Burden, a solo, a comedy of the heart of tenderness, contemporary position hidden inside. One of the lines is, "What do you want if you can exchange different lives?" "How many people thought, if can have another part of life is good, I asked Zhongqi, did you think about it?"

Zhongqi lightly smiling her eyes and shared a picture with me,

"Do you know?" I sometimes think that when I went to law school, at the end of the semester, we would stay up late reading in the library. Read to one or two, want to say well ready to go home, riding on a bicycle on the Coconut Grove Road, the collapse of the mood, I still remember the wind, remember my state, remember with me riding a bicycle. 」

"At that time, I didn't know what would happen in the future," he said. I do not know, the future of me, with the people around, embark on a completely different road. They went to be a lawyer, a judge, and I was an actress. I did think that I was in the law department, is it a good choice? 」

"But I really don't want to miss that bike ride, and I don't want to give up that experience," he said. I can not say, want to exchange, I know, this is my life. Some moments, my choice makes us different, but these choices are necessary and inevitable. 」

She said the story good has the picture, I felt the cool breeze to blow, she also i a shallow smile, "has not wanted the different life, certainly has the more comfortable choice." But now I am me, I am not sure whether to exchange. 」

There are many ways in front of the road, which are the choices and experiences that have made us successful. What we can do is to make the choices we want the most, and that's good, don't be afraid.

My family has no obligation to fulfill me.

Zhongqi words let a person peace of mind, she smiled and said that her family, but also made a revolution. Taiwan's Law department is a rice bowl, parents are military public education, one day the daughter suddenly said that they are determined to be actors, conflict can be imagined.

Zhongqi want to understand, "family is not obligated to fulfill me." Not the family agreed to me to be an actress, I was smooth, not family objection, I will not do. I think so, when you always want others to recognize you, in fact, you are not responsible for yourself. When you are sure of your choice, you will know that all things are for yourself to bear. 」

"Life and work, are their own choice, but to cherish and deal with, is the relationship with others." The choice and the relation, must divide clearly. "Make the choice firmly, cherish the relationship tenderly."

Zhongqi-style approach is, if there is a performance, if there are works, to invite the treasure to see, tell them what they are doing, the actor is what kind of industry, but also the concept of peace, let the family peace of mind. Zhongqi Dad came to see "Otherwise maiden", back to her after notes, "The end of the new edition, I like Yo." 」

Once upon a time, Zhongqi was probably a bit cold about the question of why he chose to be an actress when he always answered, "Graduate of the law department of Taiwan." Later she thought, maybe this generation many children are also like this-I really want to become, and I learned not the same, I want to act, but also will be afraid, afraid of failure, or fear of family sad.

So, Zhongqi said once in a while, through their own experience to show, but also to tell you, well, this can be done, no problem, very good. "Parents are always worried about their children, and what we can do for our children is to reassure them as much as possible," he said. "(Recommended to you: interview Sulimei: CEO is a small thing, do the daughter is extraordinary )

To learn love in life, to learn who I am in life, to talk about loving myself

I have seen the Zhongqi performance, I think it is a word, with ease. Stage like her game room, also like her position stance. Zhongqi acting and speech are light, certainly behind the deep work, she also does not like to speak, stressed what hard to do? Since want to do, then do well, is very simple truth.

To be an actor is to break through and take care of yourself, "the actor is the profession for me, must love oneself." "Zhongqi is very sure," You must take good care of yourself to become the carrier of the role. You have to understand your state and maintain your physical and mental health in order to load all extreme emotions, face extreme situations, and figure out extreme situations. If you want to be an actor for a long time, you can't afford to take care of yourself. 」

Actors let Zhongqi learn to be kind to themselves, such as yoga, to understand their muscles, to be aware of their physical state, "I practiced yoga for 56, and I think yoga is a training program for yoga." Practice yoga is also practice heart, face your ability and can't. To accept, to challenge. "(Recommended reading:" Miss Sports "accept the present oneself, can arrive farther baths )

Talk about the love of their own concept, Zhongqi is very interesting to say. She said "Love" and "self", can be a big question, to understand love first, then understand themselves, will understand what it means to love themselves.

"Love for me, is a continuous verb, how we learn to love in life, how to learn in life who I am, to know how I love myself." 」

She showed a face to the bar expression, "Everyone loves their own way is very different, everyone needs love is not the same, all based on their own understanding, as well as the understanding of love." You know what you need. 」

Some people want to love is to reward, some people want to love is relaxed, some people want to love is, how can there be standard answer. Zhongqi very Shanghai said, "Whether you think you will, and do not love yourself, I would like to encourage you to start." Really, only the beginning, you will know the way you want to be loved, know who you are, and slowly find ways to love yourself. 」

"I believe in this matter, only in doing, it is possible to learn and achieve." To do, to experience, will really learn. 」

Just start, what really matters is now, this is Zhongqi's philosophy of magical girls.

Interview PostScript

In an exclusive interview, Zhongqi wears a black blouse, revealing a beautiful clavicle. She rolled her hair, tied the current very red JoJo Head, Wang Xiwen side slapstick, "How do you like a Taoist priest?" "Zhongqi said to me," you see he does not understand. "Also don't forget to care about Wang Xiwen, see that black eye, recently is not good tired."

Zhongqi has been using a light way to force, interview before, she took advantage of the space, stretch the tendons. After the interview, she practiced for the next rehearsal trip. She spent a lot of strength to stabilize the stance, the actor's work is to wait, she side, while strong.

Next, Zhongqi probably also can fly lightly.