What do you think of the screen when you talk about the Sleeve?

Is this?

Or this?

Sleeveless Sleeve is a clothing feature, but it is used for more like "tools", especially for women who used to wear black sleeves when working in an office, and when they avoid the sun's exposure to the ink.

Women in the agricultural period wear sunglasses, masks, and very important sleeveless sleeves to sun:

because it's one of the exhumors, even if it's a job, the sleeves are still in use, and the women who wear the green pattern sleeves are also representative of the beauty of the use of accessories and the beauty of their work.

All until the modern day, the functionality of the sleeve is still classified as "hand sunscreen", where it is used to spread from outdoor work to "outdoor recreation", such as when riding a bicycle or driving during the day.

Of course, the sleeveless sleeves have become one of the most basic and common features of the old fashions, while the simple plain style is the most common style.

The last generation of people must be hard to imagine that the sleeve that is widely regarded as one of the traditional representatives has become a favorite of the fashion stretch!The designer Sarah Shepherd, who once worked with the "Lady Ladygaga", designed a series of fashionable Sleeveless Sleevy Sleevy Sleevy Sleevy Sleevy Sleevy Sleevy Sleevy Sleevy Sleevy Sleepy Sleepy Sleepy Sleepy Sleepy Sleepy Sleevy Sleepy Sle

Lehanna, Slehanna Sleeve with Sleeveless

The lantern's sleeve extends from the arm to the hand, modifies the arm's lines, and makes the original styling more effective!

You can say that this is a long glove, and you can say it is a sleeve, and you see the accessories of the screen and the sequined elements. Who wouldn't mind?

100-lap artisanal lace exposure short glove

VOGUE magazine style with Glovedup dew finger long glove

magazine with the Glovedup Pp Bubble sleeve

The Sleevy Sleeve is no traditional or tacky symbol. From Europe and America to Asia, the design, modification, and application of the designers has become one of the most popular fashion accessories!Who says that tradition can only stay in the past?As long as there are changes in the design and mentality, tradition can return to fashion.

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womany Featured Sleevy Sleeve:

Gloveedup fashion sleeve

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