Interview TIA Jiavi, the life process accumulation music kinetic energy, group of Spring Green to talk about the North Drift course, no matter how the world transforms, in Jiavi music universe, she always as pure as a child, with the soul and the world dialogue.

2012, TIA Jiavi appeared in the "good voice of China", a 〈at last〉 pitched voice with the continuous turn of the sound, portamento, seemingly singing to the end, she is comfortable, and then first-order climb up; 2015 to participate in "China Star", a Song "Flower" adaptation of the classic "evening primrose", fusion of guzheng jazz, Let each youth have the old tune of the child, hear both familiar and novel song, The Soul of light flutter.

In the interview that day, she just flew from Beijing a few days ago, after the whole week of publicity trip, we about in her notice, the Training regiment before the space, in a hidden room in the television station. A door, a pedestrian laughter greeting, I hurried from the sofa stood up, said, ""tia, you Good ", she laughed while thorough hold me," You good you, hard, call me Yavi on the line! " 」

Not a second, she beat the beat, while watching me sing, "Yi Ah feed ~ Green hills ... you know this song!" I just recorded the program, the host constitution is really funny, told me that there is a song in My Name (laughter). 」

Long stretches of green hills and thyme
Towering, like a barrier!
The mountains of green are in the sky
White clouds and the sky is gray!

--〈 standing on the high hillock, sherry

A-Mei's "stand on High hillock", is the youth of the deep planting, Yavi with clean loud and clear voice, I like to hear the echo of youth on Gao Gang, a song, we immediately close to good near.

It's a fascinating place for music, also later, Yavi always adhere to the music style, not to their own and music labeling the reason, she said, "music itself is language, can transcend the times, races, boundaries, with music, I can go all over the world, with all the exchanges." 」

In this generation of label classification, do not have a label, people who are not defined may be doomed to hard work, because there is no word can easily identify you, you need to spend more time, in this thirst for fast times, people to slow down, slow down to listen, slow down to see, slow down feeling, TIA Jiavi sang, What kind of soul music.

Such a slow, Jiavi not afraid, she said, music is a lifetime thing, let's take it slow.

Each person releases a soul in a different way, please be faithful to your inner voice.

Like Jiavi, in the multi-yuan song persistent singing his love of jazz, soul music elements, some people say, she made music is different from pop music, in the Chinese market is a minority, in the past she also mentioned in the interview, do their favorite music at the same time, hoping to open their arms and embrace more listeners. I'm curious, is that the way to make yourself face the music market?

Yavi looked at me and nodded, "I felt that it was my growing, life, music are growing, can not be a too selfish person, learn to hug, learn to open themselves, perhaps the door opened, there are more unknown possibilities," to her, learn to embrace, is to accept, not compromise, "I think music is music, You don't have to put one on it. You want it to dress, I hope, my album is like water, into any vessel, it becomes that shape. "(Recommended reading:" Do music do not make ripples, to do stone "the music of the Lifetime Zhong Chenghu )

Distance from the album, lasted 3.5, Jiavi back to the "TIARA" album, the entire repertoire can not be defined with a single genre, I asked if this album has a core concept? She shook her head firmly, "I am me!" I think music sometimes can not be expressed in words and words, when you listen to, naturally will have their own feelings, I do not want to give myself and this album too many fixed definitions, I think, Tia, to listen to Tia sing it. You'll understand what I'm trying to say! 」

Perhaps for Yavi, facing the music market, is to lose the market.

Do not care about the market evaluation, also no longer limit themselves to sing a genre, open their hands is to hug, embrace more possibilities, more music to play the possibility of more contact with different souls of opportunities. "I used to sing for myself, now I learn to sing to others, sing for others, I originally singing is more self, as if it is for their own inner emotional needs, now singing for more in the attention of me, love my friends, even, is to do not like my people sing. "From the play group to the pop singers, the outside of their criticism and feedback, Jiavi heard, but you said that her change is a compromise of the market?" If you listen to her album, see her try all the way, the pure love of music, you will understand, belongs to her soul music, has been in the same sincere form in every song.

If we live for tens of thousands of days, why not leave a little something sincere?


When it comes to soul music, if you search the web for Wikipedia, it explains: "The music of Sao Ling and the Spirit," which originated in the United States from the 1950 's, combined with the musical genre of Rhythm, blues and gospel music. But the soul's joy is Jiavi, and there is a deeper meaning, "I feel that each person's soul is released in a different way than the channel, and I am fortunate enough to use music to release my soul, which for me is a mission, we have to bring this ability to awaken the soul, infect more people, let them know that life is not just a daily necessities. 」

Awakening the soul, sounds a little distant, some tall, I asked Yavi, what is the power to awaken the soul? "I think that is love, affection." 」

She dialed a half face of hair, sitting straight to me lean, very carefully said, "and, is loyal to the heart of the love, ask yourself, is not the voice of the inner loyalty?" I think it's very important. Because sometimes, we can deceive ourselves, "especially when we are stuck in a fixed daily, often forget to listen to their own voice," I think I am very fortunate that I can have this meeting and strength to stick to what I love to do, I think we can not drift, life can not live. " Whenever we have a silk dream, we should pick it up and try to reach it and catch it. I think this is to live up to the meaning of life. 」

To do the things you love well, is to be loyal to the soul, this matter is simple, but Jiavi walked for nearly ten years, realize this truth.

Music is poor, but for me it's a derogatory.

Young, Jiavi also have audition, signing the opportunity to enter the market to become a pop singer, but she often in front of the opportunity to stop, ask their own beginner's mind.

For anyone who longs to sing and love music, signing up for a record is a chance to grasp. Yavi memories of this experience, eyes fell behind me, like a few years ago, immature young himself, "I still want to do their own music, I can not do others, I still want to be their own appearance." "The Free and Easy Town girl, the character has the stubborn to the music, she said the time like to confirm their own beliefs," those opportunities, are very rare, do not know whether I was stupid or haha, for me at that time, other material attraction is not as important as my inner choice, maybe I am also more persistent bar, brain a tendon, No one can change or manipulate my heart, my faith is so firm, very strong! 」

The decision of that year, let Jiavi this music road, walk full also steadfast, although the road is far away, around a point, but her life of these experiences, enjoys, "my personality, may let me walk more slowly, give up many times the opportunity, I would like to continue to do my Indie (Indie Rock), I would like to do band, I would like to sing my own favorite song, "along the way difficulties and setbacks have always been, the future will not stop, but it is these subjects, just let oneself understand what really love, what they want to become, what kind of music." (Recommended reading: be a gentle woman!) Interview Ai Yiliang: Accept Imperfect, you will be complete.

"Life if there is no difficulty, setbacks, is meaningless, for me." Because of these setbacks, just let you become stronger and firm, if you can be firm in the face of difficulties, that is, you love what you do, if you encounter a little setback on the retreat, you can not afford, then you'd better not do it. "She said that there was an expression of an experienced," If I did not hone and choose, I today's music type will not be so plump, it must be like this, or I will become more market-oriented people, when their own inner fullness, learning enough, I think, can be a good way to complete each of the works. That's one reason I didn't take that chance, I can't take a chance, just make me a quick celebrity. I have done so many additions to make my life one day, to do subtraction, my heart is rich. 」

Life is easy to take, but it's hard to learn to subtract when you need to get back to being pure, to recognize yourself, not to be rich enough. I asked Yavi, what does the subtraction in her mouth mean? She looked at her album, and then looked back at me, "in fact, the break away!" You can understand that. Like some people will say, you sing how so complicated, you sing how is different from ordinary people, because I have explored a lot of music in the face, I have the imagination of music rich, but when you want me a tone not turn, I can sing. In this album, in fact, I have presented, do addition of me, do subtraction me, are my life experience, my experiences present. 」

This kind of subtraction philosophy may be able to rebate to the front, Yavi talk about their growth, learn to embrace the masses, with a more open attitude to do their favorite music, "Maybe I am not a teenager to become famous people." In fact, many people ask me whether you are red or not, or say, you are not enough red, to me, enough red without my heart to do a very rich thing, to happiness. I think the thing I care about is done, I have a sense of honor, worthy of the heart and my soul, I think, such a firm, is worth the time to aftertaste, is worthy of praise. 」

When we talk about, in this constantly changing, need new ideas of the Times to do music is not difficult, Jiavi said to do music is not difficult, difficult is the music is poor. Poor people in this generation would rather buy a pair of sneakers, an ice cream, and not pay for a song. Do music poor and poor, she still clinging to walk on this road, I said, she is a "stick" person, she tilted head some hesitation.

In fact, in my dictionary, I think "insist" is a derogatory term, if you love one thing, you do not have to insist.


"To me, music is my mouth to sing, I want to come, there is no causal relationship, music is very natural in my life, no why must sing, for me music this road is endless, slowly, slowly." "When the outside world does not agree, even criticism, Jiavi determined to go their own way, with action and enthusiasm, so that the masses slowly understand their own expression of music, because this is a free and has a lot of music space era, do yourself, one day someone will be willing to slow down, see you.

For Jiavi, this music road, in fact, just a few words, love and life.

Music is like the universe, I'm a kid who doesn't want to grow up.

Looking back to the small town girl growing up, from Hunan grew up, and friends group began to contact different music style, 2004 to the Japanese unlimited record company honed, in the Asian music market at that time the most mature music distribution center-Japan, saw the music can have the form and category, ever-changing. The end of Japanese training, back to Beijing, with accumulated music kinetic energy, continue to drift North life.

These days of study, have accumulated into the present Jiavi, but for her, group that period of time, to the music of the greedy intake, stretched out tentacles have grown into their own shape, she said, "Not I choose music, music has chosen me, I think this is my most fortunate place, I think this fate is very precious, I think it's a lifetime thing to do music. It's been seven years since I've been in the Jazz festival from the past, but for me, the Jazz Festival stage is every year I can remind myself: "Jiavi, what did you do this year?" Have you ever grown up? Or are you just wasting your time and being a star? You come and see how many strongmen there are in this world. "That stage really allows me to test myself, do I have control of myself?" Did I go off the side? Did I see myself. 」

In the past Yavi had said, music like the universe, there are always explore the stars, not to find out the energy, so she always do not set their own, throw themselves into the world class stage, with the top musicians to communicate, see their own lack of excitement, is because of insufficient, so can grow.

It's fortunate to be able to meet the growing self. And those years, the group of youthful memories, in addition to luck, or let her want to save the precious daily, "You know, when we do the band, the first performance, only sell 12 tickets, 50 dollars a." But I was in the group with the musicians, I am still in contact with them, to do the show. I feel that no matter what I become, it's just a shell change, my heart has not become, I do not want to grow up. 」

Yavi talking about the moments when the musicians were practicing, there is starlight in the eyes of the bright, the practice of the feeling of a universe, they float in the music, transparent truth, just with their own soul dialogue, "How to change the shell, but my heart has never grown up, I think this point I am particularly fortunate." In the music of pure free and easy, is the most beautiful thing of human nature, I particularly thank the music, to protect me, in music, I can feel the most authentic part of my heart, but also intact to keep. 」

Complete this album "TIARA", Jiavi like a trip to the universe, not only in the music presented with more aspects of the span, she was more aware of what was at the root of her life, the thing she wanted to protect, "I had a drummer I adored since I was a teenager, and after listening to my album, I told him he was relieved, Whether I am playing the underground orchestra or becoming mainstream, music is always my original intention, still important to me, I did not give up to try the music can have any aspect. That's why I'm giving myself a crown in this album, and this is where I feel I should encourage myself and be proud of myself. 」

Do not give up their attitude to Yavi is to love their own embodiment, she said, regardless of this road, there is encouragement, there are others to comment on the sound of her music style, how to change their original intention to do music is pure. Simply do yourself, if you do not love yourself, how to expect others like you?

This woman fan I love I have Courage festival, from love own concept, extend to practice have courage, I asked Yavi last question, what is let you firmly enjoy the music, the courage to realize the dream? She replied succinctly, "I think courage is a kind of motivation!" Let you work hard for the things you love and prove how much you love and loyalty to this affair! 」

I looked at her firmly said "loyalty" the expression of the word, involuntarily smiled. She is a loyal, simple sonorous, but in more than 10 years of music time, repeatedly echoed.

PostScript |

After the interview, Yavi shouted hungry, picked up the cold buns on the table began to take, while chatting, she said, "Thank you for your questions, thank you for doing your homework, I can feel it, so I would like to chat with you, in fact, let a stranger, access so many problems is difficult, others are not obligated to do so much homework." When you face me, in the face of your work, is a kind of love, I felt. 」

I remember Yavi said that the present, I have some tongue-tied, trance from the mind jumped out, said, "This is I like to do the reason of the interview."

What I didn't say was, thank you for seeing me release the soul, loyalty!