This year woman fan I love I have Courage Festival, for six days, divided into different subjects with you to find the courage to belong to you, straight shot to take you in-depth 522, 523, 5,243 days of activity scene, documentary moved.

Woman fan I love my section fifth " I love I have the courage of the Festival", 2018, we extend the concept of love, held a week, even six days activities, divided into different subjects, accompany you step by step, to find the courage to live into their own.

on the straight hit , we share the work philosophy of the woman's partner, and then take you into the 3rd activities of the scene, from "Tuesday do not have to wait: to their own happiness tied gardener workshop ", "Wednesday do not hesitate: woman fan x NRC local Run Road run activity ", to the Thursday open system: women fans x 50+ cross-generational joint salon , invite you not on the scene but eager to participate in the practice-happiness no longer waiting to give, change life can start from the excavation of different perspectives to practice, intergenerational communication from each other to leave the dialogue space to start.

This is a solid and sincere week of activity, women fans team and you make an appointment seven to nine points after work courage time, from some dissatisfied with the daily pull up, see your heart has been longing to do things, determined to give yourself a chance to try to finish it.

Tuesday tied Gardener Workshop: Happiness does not have to wait, you deserve to be treated well by yourself

First of all, straight shot to take you look at the Tuesday Happiness tied gardener workshop.

That evening, the sky gradually darkened, women fan paradise on the first floor of the bursts of teenage girls exclaimed, a group of people ran downstairs and happened to see plenty of bouquets to cover the movers. Arrived in paradise, the flower is located in a corner of paradise, like a city in the jungle garden, lined the window of the sunset, each of the partners on the face of the unconscious smile --I think it's the magic of flowers.

Women fans invite a new type of subscription life flower Shop-a corner of the flower , with the reader to spend tonight's workshop. Female fans and a small corner of the founder of the Flower, hope that through the process of binding flowers to their own, convey a love of their own idea: happiness in fact do not have to wait to give, you are the one who can and deserve to be good to themselves.

Small also in the scene exclusive share of their courage story: just because I like the life of a plant, I believe that flowers should not only appear in the special meaning of the festival, so even in the state of completely do not understand flower art, the need to communicate with the public "send flowers to their own" situation, resolutely adhere to their beliefs. Follow the faith and you may find that you are more determined than you think.

Select the process of flower material, observed that some participants have a very interesting reaction: when the face of broken, damaged flowers, even if repeatedly told to tidy, but still reluctant to ruthless under the heart removed. Perhaps, this difficult to leave out of the mood is also reminding us, it is a good courage to accept the time! Flowers and plants, such as beautiful things, there is a fall, when it arrives, take good care of, leave, then let go. (Recommended reading:"single diary" The day you decide to take care of yourself than anyone else )

Bloom Where you ' re planted. Bloom in your place and accept yourself at every moment.

The following for you to tidy up Gardener workshop documentary screen, see them for their own happy appearance, hope in the article before you, also began to practice, not stingy for their own preparation for a happy bar! For example, from "A corner with flowers" carefully selected flowers, weekly send flowers to themselves , send their own flowers of happiness:

Wednesday woman fan x NRC Road run: Don't hesitate, take the courage to change your life

The Wednesday night of 523, we do not hesitate to the title, we would like to invite you to do not hesitate, what hope can be brave to do. Invite the courage partner NRC to come on a live night, and encourage everyone to go through three of people who share their experiences in multiple roles, families and jobs.

Maiya Host: Running is so, the tooth is bitten just passed, like having a child

Women often have multiple roles, Maiya anchors are no exception, in the mother, daughter-in-law, professional women's identity, but also a runner. In the busy time, the host will still be running into the daily life must be completed one thing, but also have their own set of running philosophy: "Time is not much, there are efforts to rush on it." 」

Don't need a complete 1-2 hours, do not give yourself a certain distance to complete, but the use of fragmented time, such as sending children to school to work between the gap, lunch break, or evening daughter to go home, as long as there are 30 minutes, even with heavy make-up, do not care about other people's vision, but also to continue to complete.

Keep running habits 2.5, also in six months before the challenge of the first half horse. Do not pursue the position, but believe that you can achieve, happy to enjoy the process of running. Mak also revealed a small secret, find the target, staring at a person running down, ran him, and then to find another target to continue to run, the results also ran a good result.

Running, it is important to start, is to find their own frequency, and adhere to the method.

NRC head coach Wu Wenxian: through three km, know the different self

At the scene, a primary school girl attracted everyone's eyes, she is Wu Wenxian coach's big daughter, in the company of his father to open the running life, but also accompany Dad to participate in different activities.

It's the happiest thing for coach Wen Yu to be able to exercise with his family. Wen Yu coaches with their wives, who have their own expertise, are the most supportive of each other on the road to sports. The wife looked at the Wen Yu coach's progress, hoped accompanies him to challenge the world. In the process, he also watched his wife insist on their own training, "as a female athlete, you can chase a favorite thing," when the coach said this sentence, we see in his eyes is pride and enthusiasm.

Exercise is not just a profession, but a life. Wen Yu coach says the family's activities are based on sports, so three children are young enough to run three or four miles with him. Together with the children to develop a more visual field, including running on the way to see squirrels, see the Taiwan Blue Sparrow, are with their families to open up unforgettable memories.

Letter and Coach: If you feel tired, you can achieve the purpose of training

"One of my students was an entertainer who had a serious accident during a filming and burned more than half the body," he said. First class She and I about 12 o ' night, but because the notice delay, at midnight a little bit more to start. Even if her work is busy from morning to midnight, but still do not give up the exercise, on the contrary, is happy to go on a running, perseverance continues to walk. 」

The familiar Selina is also the student of the letter and the coach, how to open the interest and enthusiasm of the movement, is the question which the letter and the coach are often asked, and at the beginning the letter and the coach share the story with us.

Enthusiasm is an important key to running on the road. In the process, you may need to constantly motivate yourself, may be gnashing of teeth, exercise must not be relaxed, in the present if you feel very tired, is the purpose of training. But after the past, no one will regret their sports.

Everyone should have confidence in themselves, be able to face their own shortcomings, and the courage to performance, like themselves.

That night, as the theme of Nike Pegasus35 "we fly", we were a group of people, let the power of change from I to We, we can feel the power of the group. With the readers, in the breeze of the night, Daan Forest Park is the beginning of our change together, from the appointment of their own after work to start the movement, in the city to motivate themselves to step out of the brave pace, feel to become their own, the joy of freedom to fly. (Recommended reading:"Miss Sports" the three iron is like life: when you sprint without reserve, life will surprise you )

Thursday woman fan x 50+ cross-generational joint salon: The road You've been through, I'd like to hear you talk

May 24, tonight we talk about the intergenerational anxiety and the courage to bring change, Thursday does not limit the "cross-generational joint salon", female fans and the first exclusive "50 of the domestic" new media 50+ Joint, through the female sex editor Wan Yun and Taiwan's mature-age style media website 50+ director Wang Mijian, guide participants to talk about, for you to take your plus one and start a conversation of courage across generations, whether this plus one is your parents, your elders, your friends, or you are here alone, and we all expect you to be able to step forward when listening to the stories of others ' courage, Bring up your own and then create a story of your courage.

Tonight at the lecture, women fans and 50+ from the vast readership, two courageous subjects were chosen, namely "Beauty" and "one person", to open up intergenerational dialogue by sharing the anxieties of the intergenerational communities, understanding each other's processes, understanding the pain points faced by different generations.

The subject of beauty, the anxiety of body form, born as human, from youth to old age, we are in the process of life will continue to encounter the subject of youth, the community for us a set of standards of beauty, we eat food in the brain but calculate the heat, deep fear of the buttocks more than an inch can not perfect the golden ratio of the standard, Feel restless and restless for this. But have we thought about it? When you go into the old age, the community is always full of discrimination against the ages, that the elderly have what they should be, even though they are still very energetic, eager to try a lot of fresh dreams, but because they are old, face the public opinion, and slow to move.

Another generation of courage that needs to be practiced is to learn "a person", on the woman fan website, the readership is like about 25-35 generations, and we have a evergreen content unit--single diary--to explore how we can retain ourselves in relationships, or in the form of celibacy, and to love ourselves. And as the parents and elders of the 50+ generation, in the face of their children's growth, begin to face the phenomenon of empty nest period, or even need to think about the death of the dying issue, how to learn a good old, how to put the focus on the family back to their own body, cultivate the relationship with their own, try to practice, not to care for others can feel at ease , is also the parents that generation needs to face the courage topic.

Through intergenerational communication, we have seen the common anxieties of two generations, in addition to understanding and beginning to generate intergenerational communication, we encourage those who participate in that evening to practice with your plus one, and to practise speaking out the anxieties that you have always wanted to do, but have been slow to mention the courage to do and give encouragement to each other. (Recommended reading:"daughter letter" mother, you leave the life you want to me, let me go for you )

I saw the beginning of small practice, the reader first looked at each other, and then open a shy but eager to smile, started someone pushed each other said, you first said, also someone slowly openings. One of the mother and daughter, especially attracted my eyes, practice activities of the process, I can only see from my point of view of the mother, her eyes have the courage to talk about the shyness and gentleness, I do not see the daughter's expression, but I think, she must also hung a smile, heart caper.

How long have you not been with your parents and elders to put aside their daily chores, to lay off preparedness and shyness and to leave a gap of time to talk to each other and try to understand each other?

For each other, for themselves to leave a night, and your heart real desire to talk, is the woman fans team hope to practice with you the courage of the first step. We also invited a reader to share with us the decision that he was eager to take the courage to try. When the invitation was thrown, the two girls sitting in the front row were slightly in turmoil, and one of them stood up and shared her decision with us: "I am a big life, I want to leave school, want to stay away from the crowd, I think I have social obstacles, But I've never done that, and I'm afraid I'll be treated like a freak. Recently I have been looking for courage, I want to bring up the courage to be the original self. With my friends encouraged me to give myself some time to Shen Dian, I also want to talk with the people present, I hope everyone can do their own, may not really have the right path and direction, but to listen to their hearts. 」

The end of the event, the Gender editor Wan Yun ask everyone to do a last courage exercise, hug your friends, partners, parents or even strangers who met tonight, thank each other here tonight through dialogue to understand each other, but also thank ourselves to come here, take a step to find courage.

When the readers embraced each other, I saw some eyes drift, a shy face, waiting for a yun for a few seconds, but the hugging hand is firmly on each other's shoulders, not because of shame shyness, some people, hands firmly on each other's backs, a pat, like saying, "I will always be here, here to talk to you, Find the courage to belong to us together. 」

This kind of hug exercise is also very much like a woman who wants to pass it on to the reader through my love of my day, whether you are confused about the concept of love yourself, still groping how to love yourself, or you found a way, hoping to bring up the courage to practice the spirit of love, women fans team will be the one who has always put their hands on your back, firmly accompany you to practice the warmth of existence.