525 I love that I have the courage section. On Saturdays we have the courage to play four-track, four-track, lectures, workshops, sports courses and music as the main axis, inviting readers to walk into the space of activity, exchange their stories of life, and find their own definition of courage.

love that I have the courage, a week of activity, and a four-track event on May 26 to create the concept of "Living Room". Living, Living Room is a social life. We invite our readers to the courage of the speakers to find the courage and touch of your life through sharing the stories of their lives.

Kafnu Taipei , 12 stories high on the street, was kicked off in a series of four events, including one, 11, 12, and one day's courage. In addition, the women's team was working with Warner Records, NIKE, NNIKE NTC Creatur and Yoga, and free the day of the day.

Live, live, live, share the contents of speeches, share the experiences of readers, and reconstruct the four-track event, and bring you to the touch of the artist.

First floor | Black glue area: To be faithful to the soul, see the beauty of

addition to the exquisite food provided by the Kafnu Taipei, we also invited TIA Yuan Yawi and ERIKA Liu Ai-li to act as black glue recording artist, and to share their own definition of courage and life stories with the readers.

At 1:30 pm, TIA Yuan Yawi and the teacher of Bethhand Das, kicked off the campaign by singing, singing the main songs of the new release of the new album, , which does not exist.At the scene, the on-site reader's screaming sounds for three minutes, and many readers have said that Yuan Yawi has a whole body of goose pimples.(Extended reading: I just do it myself!An Interview with TIA Yuan Yavi: My Music Road is a few words, Love and Life)

This time I'm a fan of women, "I love me with courage," and TIA Yuan Weil shared with the audience that it was a hard thing to do. She said, "It's the hardest thing to do that you think you're selfish in somebody's eyes."When you're the most comfortable, sometimes you get misunderstood and you don't care about the feelings of others.I think it is important to be faithful to the soul, so that it will live happily ever after. People are happy and have different energies around them, so that they can infect the people around them."

Ain't anything but oul. To the soul

Yuan Yawi

addition to singing, TIA Yuan has also explained its key words through three songs in the album.Feel the strength of the pink force, Pink Power >, as the Natural Natural > describes itself to enjoy music. It shows courage not to care about other people's eyes, and to live to see it.At the end of the game, "Don't make Don't>, explain life sometimes requires some humor."What's going on?Don't be so cute, " TIA Yuan-vi says.I love that I have the courage section of the scene TIA Yuan Yavi wrote "loyal to the soul" and "Ain't anything but soul" on the back panel. Together, I have the courage to respond to love.

Singer ERIKA Liu also sang in the afternoon at the Black Glue Records area, singing "Next, Future >", explaining the song's mind, because we don't know what the future will be like, and we can't set up anything to happen.Sometimes we're scared, and sometimes we're courageable, love, action, don't be afraid of getting hurt, and we're going to get more than we can imagine.and wrote the courage declaration "See the beautified in everything" in the back panel, and invited them to see all the wonderful things in life together.(Extended Read: An Interview with ERIKA Liu Yili: What happened in life is a matter of life, it's not as good as enjoying it )

See the beautified in everything. See the beauty of

Liu Ailu

She also admits that she is still learning how to be a more courageous, more loved one, and encourages readers who are present to know more about themselves, to be honest with this society, and to believe what they do, and that they don't have anything to hide.At the same time, ERIKA Liu is convinced that everyone is the most unique and most deserving person, " I'm here for you and I feel that I'm here for you when I love each and every one of you.We can start with caring, and find out that I have the power to give the positive energy!"

The 10th floor | Courage and treasure chest and reality bookcase: finding the courage to face life with you

The direct hit lens went to the 11-floor area, which was divided into a treasure chest and a reality bookcase.

you learn to experience your own body through yoga practice, you can tell yourself at a time when you can't get through your muscles, you can tell yourself that your ability to survive is like a heavy training. It's going to make your weighbridge more powerful, and you'll find that you're going to be strong.Through yoga and muscle training, you feel emotions, exercise endurance, and expect you all to come up with courage, slow down, and grow strong and strong when you're feeling the courage and strength of your courage and your life.

In a live bookcase, we invite the four female station authors — "—," and "Amazing", "Amazing", and "guts" to use the "courage" as the core. Through the implementation of the workshop, readers can practice their own concerns and find the courage to change.

The bear, the courage, is to practice a gentle breather in his shadow and fear.

workshop, entitled "How to have the courage to change the uninspired life of life", combines psychological background, with the implementation of "clay," with the reader trying to reach the bottom of the heart, and through the clay, to shape the fear into a process of self-dialogue.The first step is to start with fear and powerless life, and the first step is to start with fear.(Recommended reading: Get 13 emotional hypogims: shadows are your predicament, and also your power )

the beginning of the workshop, the bear and the readers shared it. In fact, they were a very brave person. They often had worries and worries in the face of interpersonal relationships.And this time, I love the courage, the courage, the courage, and he shared his idea of courage, " In fact, I think that courage is not a hard thing to do, and we can start by trying to complete a small, cross-to-jump challenge."

At some point, it's hard to have the courage to practice in our own shadow and fear.


With regard to the implementation of this courage, the bear began to tell from the dream of sharing his recent contact with the dream. "I recently came into contact with the dream. The teacher asked us to make our own dream through clay, and I pinpointed a person who was scared and dented and a monster."It was also a process that I thought about two years ago when I was riding a motorcycle, and I didn't have a flashback, and I didn't care to hurt my girlfriend, and I had a quarrel with her."

I discovered that the tiger was yelling at me when I found out that the tiger was not going to hurt me, "said the tiger." I found that the tiger was not trying to hurt me, but I didn't want to hurt me when I was playing with this."When I understood my girlfriend's anger, I didn't want to hurt me, but when he was very sad, the image of fear disappeared.'

When you feel powerless and afraid of life, the sea moss tells us through this workshop that it is only when we look at our feelings and the fear and powerlessness to understand the causes behind these feelings. In the practice of pinching clay, we can only gradually and slowly breathe in the shadow and fear of our own.

Grapefruit: We always want others to fill the holes in our hearts

relationship author, grapefruit, is the subject of "how to have the courage to face the unintended relationship".(Recommended reading: [shaddock sweet soul handicraft] When you turn the wrong turn of life, it's actually the direction of happiness )

the beginning of the workshop, grapefruit Sugar asked everyone to write down the strengths and weaknesses of their hearts. I looked around at the scene, and some people were in a blank sheet of paper. Some people, like memories, looked at the white paper, and then fell in a smile.Next, the second step, the fruit of the grapefruit, ask people to circle the other side of each other's advantages, so that they feel that they don't have any special qualities.And to explain, " Have you seen the intersection of the circle?That intersection is usually the core answer, and if we cast the inner gap on that person, we would feel like we couldn't get away from him."

In many cases, the person we can't leave is just the one that just happens to fill the gap in your heart.— — Grapefruit sweet

How do you talk about courage to leave a relationship that doesn't want to continue?When the grapefruit can share their feelings in the past, when the other person can satisfy the needs that she needs to be taken care of, listen to her needs, or give her more confidence, she will capture that demand and not be able to leave each other.So the third step to get out of a relationship is to find the need that you want, and to cultivate that capacity, and you want to look after yourself, and you want to do that.

When we can see the gaps in our hearts, we do not rely on others to fill them, but to develop ourselves as an object of self-reliance, comfort ourselves, and learn to live together with ourselves before we can become more confident in our love, and gradually establish a healthy and equal intimate relationship.

Amazing: When you ignore your vulnerability, it becomes louder in the dark.

columnist Amazing, through his background expertise in the mind, has the courage to confront his own weaknesses and vulnerabilities, through the quest of courage and self-dialogue, to lead readers to see their deepest fears and vulnerabilities.In the past, she did not dare to mention herself in front of her mother, but she never dares to raise herself in front of her mother. She has always been strong in her mother's face, and she feels uncomfortable when she looks at her mother like her mother and her older generation.(Recommended reading: Tell you a bravery story -- not a drug for us, but a path )

"The most vulnerable moment always makes me feel strong, and often, don't give up on your own vulnerability, and when you ignore vulnerability, it will scream at your heart to understand the fear behind your vulnerability."As I understand that I am used to being strong in front of my mother, I am only afraid that I am not good enough. When I understand and embrace this fear, I can gradually utter unease and express my feelings of vulnerability in the face of my mother."

Amazing says, guiding readers to see the courage of the nine court exercises in the hands, by writing down a feeling of fear, vulnerability, feeling, and thinking about your inner vulnerability, extended thinking, and what situation you feel vulnerable?What kind of vulnerability do you associate with this vulnerability?What do you react when you're vulnerable?

Behind the weak is usually a layer of deep fear.


Through a layer of self-exploration, finding the source of fear of the bottom layer, fear is like a walloon, constantly morphing, in all sorts of things in your life, developing a variety of topics, reminding you that you're constantly practicing and seeing yourself, and when you cross vulnerability, you realize that you are no longer afraid of this.

To face your own shortcomings and the first conditions of vulnerability, we must first recognize yourself, and when you feel powerless in your life, pause to ask yourself, is that a fear in your heart continues to mislead and you can choose to give yourself a chance of courage, and try to confront this fear with a different approach, and change.

Cheese: Return to your breath, find your own value

From the beginning of the workshop, at the beginning of the workshop, the reader encircles a circle and finds himself in a position of comfort, and then sits straight and breathed.With the theme of "how to have the courage to feel the emotions and needs of your body", this time, with the readers, practice your breathing with your own breathing. When you look at the pressures and emotions of your life, remember to shift your attention away from the outside, and return to your breathing space and feel emotions and get back to yourself by taking a breath of space.(Recommended reading: Self-Obsietical Practice: Care for yourself: care for a gentle person )

At the time of breathing, I saw the reader close the eyes, and the eggplant skin was slowly and gentle, breathing, "sucking your power in, breathing, spitting your concerns out of your body, we spoke too much to yourself, and when you found out you were evaluating yourself, just go back to breath."Breathe in the air, and the air goes up and down.There are times when you have mixed reviews of yourself, but our breath is neutral, and we all have the strength to find our own value with the companiontime of breathing.When you feel impatient and annoy, you can say to yourself, "Honey, I noticed you, but I'm going back to my breath."and then return to himself in the breath of exhalation."

When you realize that you are evaluating yourself, return to your breathing.— — eggplant skin

At the end of breathing exercises, eggplant skin is also known by emotion iceberg theory, with readers aware of the emotional reactions behind them. The iceberg is an iceberg. This iceberg has rich and complex emotional swings. If we only see the superficial interaction of the iceberg, we can't really understand the emotions behind it.We all want to be a valuable person, but we often feel emotionally that I am a person without value.These are all from our deepest aspirations that are not being met, and when those expectations are not being met, we often have the emotions of losing, and the cycle goes on.

So if you want to practice your emotions, we have to return to your breathing, practice, and engage in conversations, find the things that you want to achieve, your goals, expectations, understand your feelings of frustration, and begin to improve your frustration and begin to grasp your emotions.

Through the courage workshop of the four themes, I see that every reader has been puzzlly and disgruntenable, and I think all of them have been able to learn the courage to learn in different subjects through this activity, and to be able to actually use it in the future.The site of the event, even from the remoteness of Changhua, is a way to find practical courage along with women's fans.

addition to being in a real book locker and courage, we plan to have the courage and courage defined by the founder of the Escape Artist, Brunson & Drexen.