Who's Kōki? May 28, Kuaka Mu boarded the Japanese ELLE July cover figure, people are asking, the forehead reveals the whims, round apricot eyes, with a look-weary girl who is it? "ELLE JAPAN," the editor-in-chief, but also called her appearance as a comet, expecting her to become the next It Girl.

A STAR is BORN. Who SHE? スター was born. は who でしょう?

In late May, a Instagram official account opened secretly, account name "kokiofficial_ 0205", paste content, only a paragraph by the Japanese ELLE shot 10 seconds, the film is only below the chin, wearing black and white high order uniforms, posing fashion posture, video hit: A The STAR is BORN. Who SHE?

The hook was revealed in secret on May 28, Japan's Elle official account upload a 55-second fashion promotional film, the day will hit more than 1 million click to watch. The girl in the film, The Bright Eyes under the indifferent at ease, a pair of heroic spirit eyebrows hook the whims of the forehead, round apricot eyes, with a smile of the lip, slightly weary of the look, let a person see the small pine vegetables Nigerian second, but looking intently, you may feel that her face has another sensational Japanese male star look, overlap among them. (Recommended reading:"A GIRL" Komatsu: I am strong, I do not want to lose myself )

In the video, boarded the Japanese fashion magazine ELLE Japan July cover characters, it is Kuaka Mu, stage name Kōki.

Kōki (コウキ) is SMAP member Takuya Kimura and female singer Sato fragrant Little daughter, Fu debut will jump on the cover of the Japanese version of Elle, gestures full of free and easy natural charm, although not to star second-generation Halo, Kōki fashion charm is still natural.

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Takuya Kimura and Sato incense, not let the appearance of the daughter appeared in the fashion industry: respect for their wishes

Kuaka Mu's parents, is in Japan very well-known male star Takuya Kimura and singer Sato incense, two people married in 2000, stir the Japanese arts and Asian Entertainment Circle, two life after marriage, the big daughter Kimura heart beauty and little daughter Kuaka Mu. Although there are a lot of curiosity and speculation about their daughter's appearance, Kimura and Kudo have always kept a low profile in their private life, never talked about their family in front of the camera, and banned the media from announcing their daughter's appearance.

According to the journal Women of the Japanese magazine, in recent years, although there have been many brokerage companies to Kimura and Kudo proposed two daughters are willing to debut the invitation, but both have refused to offer, this Kuaka Mu to model identity, in addition to superior temperament, but also with the past Kimura and Kudo to her daughter into showbiz fashion Sianzo, and other outsiders were surprised.

The report pointed out that the light of the Japanese animation "light of the United States Girl" love, and very much like the Japanese women's group AKB48, although the parents understand the hard work of arts, but the light hope this year has been to study the age of high school, two people for their daughter's desire for development and decision,

We used to talk about the need for two separate children and parents, children born with their own life and fate, parents are just looking after. In the face of Life career choice, although Kimura and Kudo know the way of performing art, may have to toiled, break into the knee, but this is the child's life, when Kuaka Mu willing to give up to say my name, with their own sample state in the Japanese performing arts industry, the international stage of development, the father of motherhood, may be distressed, but because the child is an independent individual, Always willing to release the grip of the hand, let her live a life, their desires.

Photo source |elle Japan

Photo source |elle Japan

Don't define me with Kuaka Mu, I'm going to write Kōki's story.

Kuaka Mu not to debut, instead of Kōki as a model child stage name.

The way into the fashion circle, although her forehead ridge, eyebrows eyes, nose and look, are like a father Takuya Kimura. But she is not only Kuaka Mu, not only is Takuya Kimura and Sato fragrant of the second daughter, she will peel everyone to her hanging star Halo, with the public not to smell a new name, define their own.

Kōki was only 15 years old, he had 170 cm height, in the past in the field of music, the piano composing everything himself, into the model circle, in order to work professionally, began to learn to walk the runway, itself proficient in Japanese, English, French, she also began to learn Spanish. She currently attends the International School in Tokyo, will play flute, piano, also can compose music, once for mother static incense, Mika Nakashima and other singers compose.

"ELLE JAPAN," the editor-in-chief, but also called her appearance as a comet, expecting her to take up the next generation trend of It Girl. Kōki in the report, the parents in the past to give her education is to make her continuous efforts of nutrients, "always believe in themselves, go forward, in the past has taught my parents, is my pride." The mole beside my eyes. Mother's right eye, father's left eye, the same position has a mole, his body two moles is my parents gave me a gift. 」

When all said, Kōki forehead has Takuya Kimura the handsome, Sato fragrance of uninhibited, her immutable face, marking her birth, she can not put no star second-generation identity.

The so-called star second generation, the body has aura also has pressure, the paradox is, when Kōki adhere to the stage name debut, people have always seen it as "Takuya Kimura little Daughter", this is the second generation of stars on the body of the glamorous, but also she needs to work hard to live out their own characteristics of the obstacles. As the second generation of stars, Kōki may be able to draw on the experience of parents, more easily than ordinary people understand the rules of survival in the performing arts and opportunities, but also a lot of waiting to see her fall, see how she jumped off her parents aperture, to find the personal characteristics of stunning world. When people say she is a woman version of Takuya Kimura, I always see in her eyes hard to become their own obsession, perhaps one day, we hope again Kuaka Mu, can no longer through the shadow of others to know her, but see her eyes in the stubborn, find the Kōki of personal value and definition. (Recommended reading:"A Girl" My character is very sexy!) Chou-Winter rain: I do not deny that I am lucky, but only lucky is not enough.

Into the fashion industry, she opened up to make their own way, with the support and education of parents, in the past accumulated in their own body of music, language and artistic kinetic energy, Kōki from today, write different from the world set in Takuya Kimura little daughter's life story, no longer be parents close Halo Circle, she jumped out, all the way chic, from now on, Write your own narrative of life.