I love I have Courage Festival, Saturday do not set limit day activities, 12 floor sofa Area Many of the story of courage is happening, bring you back to the scene, heard the life story of the impact of the collision.

Continued on the straight hit , straight shot to kafnu Taipei 12 floor, pick high bright sofa space, there are life and life of the collision between the dialogue is happening, each into the space of the soul, in the talk of the exchange, through the impact and exchange of ideas, redefine, Their own courage, to create a life that does not live in vain.

The first Couch owner, we invited the Escape Artist founder Brendon & Dream Etudes Design Consultant Liu Xuan, talk to us, how to let the dream is no longer just a dream, can practice in real life.

Dream Etudes | I do not live: the courage to greet the first step of the dream

The Escape Artist founder Brendon & Dream Etudes Liu Xuan, who launched the Dream Etudes Project, completed 6 paintings through a one-month theme, working with students on "Nothing", "from ideas to practice", and practicing to crystallize their dreams.

This time came to the sofa area, they take "the courage of the first step to the dream" as the title, and we talk about the dream of practice is not the dream itself, but the delay did not mention the first step of practical action.

First of all, dream practice from put down "I will not" start, Brendon and Liu Xuan first asked the audience who had felt that they could not draw the reader please raise your hand, raised the hands of the people, have tried but feel that their total failure did not paint the sky, please stand up from the position. I saw the audience, four of them stood up silently, perhaps some hesitation may be somewhat uneasy, still stand up bravely.

In the end, two of the readers went to the stage to experience the painting activities of the Escape Artist, the scene prepared a transparent glass and acrylic pigments, this painting is very simple, please choose their favorite color, a layer into the cup, and finally put the cup upside down on the canvas, instant colorful paint pouring , mixed with a fantasy and unique shape. I heard the participants in the scene exclaim, but what surprised me more was the look on the faces of the two readers who had participated in the creation. (Recommended reading: I love I have the courage!) Interview Brendon X Liu Xuan: Longing for a different life, first believe You "can")

One of the readers, in the process of adding pigments and covering the canvas, always frowns, like very carefully conducting a precise and not-overlooked scientific experiment, but when the outcome of the moment, the wrinkle of her brow was colored, the face with a stretch of smile and curved two eyes, another reader, the process of creation has been smiling, see the results, Sitting in the last row of me, have heard his surprise cry, it is a kind of happiness from the heart.

The original creation and dream connection is this, when you start to try, the results of the effort may surprise you, see the past did not think, did not dig out of themselves.

Then, Brendon a question and answer to the audience, imagine your computer, there is a collection of all the dreams you want to achieve the folder, you will use what icon to represent it? The answer was instantaneous, some say smiley, white clouds, stars, flowers, balloons ⋯⋯,brendon continued, in the past he asked everyone this question in every speech, half of the answer is in the sky, that is, we always think that the dream is like hanging in the horizon of goods, a bit dreamy, some difficult to practice.

But in fact, the dream is not like the cloud industry, the dream should be agriculture, dream is practiced, be seen before, if there is no roots, no process, that dream will never be realized.


On the way to practice your dreams and try to take root, we may meet on the road stumbling, penetrating obstacles, one of the readers raised his hand to say his desire for the dream and helpless, "Everyone good, I do graphic design, and also have a dream, want to open a shop or become a designer, but because has been married, How can we balance ourselves when we think about the idea of thinking about another partner and not having so much effort to practice our dreams? "There was a lump in her throat as she spoke, but I think this anxiety, no matter what identity we hold, needs to be balanced between dreams and reality, step-by-step practice."

On this question, Liu Xuan replied, "We always think of our dreams, is completely irrelevant to the outside world, to achieve the dream, we will leave from A, to B, but against most people, in fact, we will bring A to B, and this kind of dream and reality correction, does not mean that your dream discount. 」

Liu Xuan share with us, actually "dream", it is often not a physical form, but a "feeling", to feel the desire that drives you forward, and the possibility of constantly experimenting with your own life in order to practice this "feeling", and by trying to crystallize your feelings and crystallize what you are really good at. When you truly realize that you have the unique ability, you will be on the way to explore, know how to use these abilities, to achieve their ideal state.

Even though the world around you is so messy, when you can run away with your dreams without interference, you will know that your heart is here.

Liu Xuan

Finally, Brendon also invited the woman who has been silently sitting in the back of the founder Wei Xuan, the first step in sharing your dream of practice, Wei Xuan recalls, so that, "did not think that they will start a business, then the opportunity to start a business in a coffee shop, I and the founder of the Tanya to think that Taiwan's environment is very poor, but turn to read, Instead of complaining, we decided to make a little change in a messy environment. This week I met a lot of readers and watched the girls go from 20 to 27 years old and I didn't think we could really grow up with these girls. "When we look back at our dreams, you have to find the place that drives you to make the most of your efforts, the most fundamental, and that is the original purpose of your heart that you don't want to do it."

That's the dream. But when you start, it starts rolling. --brendon

Audrey, the editor-in-chief of the woman's obsession, also ended the lecture, said paragraph very tender words, "perhaps the process of practicing the dream, will be with uncertainty, or meet difficulties, but we are today in the practice of the embodiment of the dream process, each of us are trying to take the first step, the second step, we are trying to achieve halfway, Thank you all with courage, but also hope that you can take the dream to go. 」

Through today's sharing, we hope that dreams will begin to take root in your heart, plant a seed, and give you the courage to begin to realize in your life.

New Generation cast Lin Yu | Prepare yourself for the opportunity to be more courageous to be yourself

From my love black astringent to start, was crowned version of the broad end of the cool son title, Lin Yu's Performing Arts Road, is the scene, but the body was affixed to the label, she resolutely with their own efforts to tear off. Today I love my sofa area to share, she wants to use own experience to tell the reader, sometimes the volume RCAs limits you, but also can cast you, the effort is a kind of continuous practice process, when you prepare yourself, the opportunity will be able to be confident.

Woman fan Editor Audrey is also the same day sofa area Living Room host, please rain to female fan tradition, with three key words introduce themselves, rain said, "I can use a sense of life, sincere and free to describe." "Into the showbiz, is a chance encounter with the star, then from the ads, try to start to try, then there is any opportunity for her to embrace, there are fresh momentum, time is long, rain began to think what is their own professional?" "I went there whenever I had a chance, and then I started to think that I should be better and more professional in my field of work." So began to reduce the number of notices, concentrate on training their professional. 」

So, back to the rain-scape previously said his three keywords, the so-called "have a sense of life" is her determination to become a professional actress, hope that they have the characteristics, in the process of acting, the actor must have feelings about life, in order to properly express the mood, editor-in-chief Audrey asked, for him the performance to make her happy reason? "I think people in the face of the real world, there will be some camouflage, do not dare to let go of their emotions, but when you are performing, you can enjoy the self, play the role of emotion." Perhaps people in life are often faced with the desire to show their true self, but afraid to frighten around the person, so silent. "Acting gave the mood of the rain to an outlet, in the play she can continue to dig their own face, although hard, but for every breakthrough, she is enjoys."

The other two keywords, sincerity and freedom, we can from the rain to try to rip off the other people to talk about the label, in the past, Lin Yu just debut, netizens with her exquisite face called her to do a Taiwan version of the broad end of the cold son, for her top sister seal, "for me, I really do not like this thing, then walk on the road is not confident, Often people whisper to me, "he is the one who sells noodles", "does she have like the broad end cold son?" "... these labels make me afraid, afraid of the public in addition to the label can not see the real me, I do not see the efforts." 」

The label made her pay attention, but it was like a wall blocking her from moving on continue to let the public know the real Lin Yu, however, the rain is always a positive attitude to embrace the subject of life, "although these labels, need to let me spend more time to tear, but also become the driving force for my continuous efforts, as an actor, is a need to wait for the process, Waiting for the role, waiting for their maturity, and sometimes in the side of confusion, always ask yourself what exactly here? When I'm doing something I love, courage will suddenly run out, I think the actor is constantly looking for a balance, the blank time to read books, acting classes, and strive to enrich themselves, prepare themselves, when the opportunity to, will be more courage to do their own. (Recommended reading:"pay tribute to the loser," Miao Boya: Can't tear the volume label, but can choose not only to use the label to understand the world)

For Lin Yu, courage is a constant effort, the process of continuous progress, in the practice of the dream of courage often suddenly appear and disappear, but when you have a desire to achieve in the heart of the faith, in the face of fear you will continue to courageously forward the momentum, courage is a continuous practice process, through practice, we will have more and more kinetic energy, Practice your dreams.

Crazy Drama | The courage narration in musical drama: To be the true self, you will find the same

Mad Opera founder Wang Xiwen, came to me to love my sofa area, with us to talk about courage, he said courage to him is an abstract concept, do a lot of things when not particularly to think of the courage of this matter, perhaps the courage behind and fear deeply related. For him, the best and worst of all things is his way of building up courage. Such a definition of courage is straightforward, but also the free and easy life.

Mad Opera Eight years, the elements of Broadway musicals back to Taiwan, and Taiwan's cultural exchanges and collision, Wang Xiwen to use Taiwan's perspective, musical way to narrative, do not need to be Broadway, Taiwan's unique form of musicals. The passion for musicals comes from absorbing nutrients from abroad, but rooting in Taiwan always comes from loving and caring about the hometown. This time we invite the founder of Wang Xiwen and musical actor Zhongqi, through their own in the musical play, put into life experience, and we talk about the definition of the courage of the white life. (Recommended reading: interview Wang Xiwen: Failure is nothing, success does not mean that it will not fail again!) )

Opening, Wang Xiwen to Sanshou old music drama, he said, he used his life experience to talk about courage is too difficult, but perhaps, through the Broadway musical songs, we can find a little courage to face life in the face of their own. Through music and the lyrics of the projection screen, the reader surround three different kinds of courage situations. These three songs, "Song and Dance Online" (English: A Chorus line) of "Nothing" to show the dancers in the pursuit of Broadway star dream of Courage, "I love you, you are too perfect." Change it now. "A stud and a babe" on the eve of dating, the imagination of an expert in love, and the denial of their own, but they found each other, and encouraged us to cross out, without To disguise themselves, to do their original appearance, you will find their own kind. The "Wig in A box" in the Last "Rock Barbie" (English: Hedwig and the Angry Inch) shows how people who have been dumped by their partner are crazy about themselves by saying their stories.

Perhaps, courage is in the face of the dream, fall still do not give up, courage is to fade out of disguise, not afraid to reveal the real ugly blame themselves, courage is in the experience of grief, looking back at his life, but always loyal to the crazy to do themselves.

So stick to your dreams, courage to do your own, musical actor Zhongqi also from their own life experience, for her, courage in fact with the process is very similar to the training, you have to push yourself to break through the limit, through time and time of practice, endurance, muscle slowly strong, courage also little by little, and finally you will find, the original, I'm more powerful than I thought, "I'm an actress, and my acting career starts with my reading, and as a result of that, I step into the musical circle." In the sophomore year, the first time to participate in the "I Love You", you ' re perfect, now change, to go abroad to study back, began to continue to contact the musical, back to Taiwan, because of the inner impulse and perseverance, always want to try a person's musical, just have the opportunity, I started my first show, "Otherwise Maiden," in the mad drama. 」

Otherwise, the girl is a story about courage, in the face of many powerless to change the situation, is still a hope of world-weary, because I want to be more active WTO, hoping to make a little change, and strive to survive in this society. This personal show, Zhongqi a person to transform eight kinds of characters, eight mood, eight tones, a person alone for 1.5 hours of performance. Just started proposing personal shows, from love and stupidity peculiar, actually did, this temper for Zhongqi, like to go to hell, "do otherwise girl I have a very deep understanding, after the hell, I seem to have more courage, out of the comfort zone you will see more strong yourself, I feel courage is like a heavy training, I didn't think I could stand alone on stage for 1.5 hours, but when I tried, I found my comfort zone bigger and more courageous. My goal is that the world is my comfort zone! (Recommended reading: Interview Zhongqi: If you really want to do something, you should let it happen )

Through a baptism of courage and musical drama, we may always have a different definition of courage, but I think, through the sharing of Wang Xiwen and Zhongqi, give a lot of courage, if you are willing to do the real oneself is a kind of courage, not drifting along with the dream is a kind of courage, in life gradually expand your comfort zone, It's also a definition of courage. You can only find the definition of the courage that belongs to you if you take the first action.

CEO has about: to accompany a girl to become a woman, is a very happy thing

Night Falls, I love I have courage festival is lined with sunset and traffic, come to the last time to share, woman fan founder Zhang Yixuan deliberately left an hour of blank time, with the reader about, hoping to end the event, give a space, not only listen to the author said, not only the listener said, our dearest and most cherished readers, Your story we want to slow down, listen to you say.

CEO has about, on the 12 floor pick high sofa area kicked off, to talk about the time has not yet come, many readers will sit early in the chair, often looking at the front, waiting for the Wei Xuan appeared, I looked at the back, many are ripe face, every year 525 appear in the scene, accompany us to walk, accompany us to cry together laugh, Together to create a relationship between the female fans and the reader moved.

In the evening, Wei Xuan sits down on a sofa with a lamp, from readers ' questions and readers ' feelings to a whole week of 525 activities, how can we talk to readers through different topics, accompany readers in a series of exercises, find the courage to love their own.

Readers feel, Wei Xuan has been the most concerned about things, to talk about the beginning, Wei Xuan from the beginning with everyone chat, "Every year 525 I hope you can leave a good chat, listen to everyone's story." Thank you all for staying in the end, many readers told me that the CEO has about the activities released too late, he was unable to attend because of the driver, in fact, such activities add a game, like a woman obsessed with life, "

The CEO has a date, we invite the way, invited to the scene to participate in the activities of the reader to fill out the form, write down to ask the CEO of the question, this time, the CEO for you to leave time, a question carefully answered, among them, a reader asked, what is a woman fans of the team's life? "A reader asks, what is a woman's life in a team, and how does the team proceed?" In fact, we always want to innovate, every time we want to exceed the expectations of readers, to do a better and more beautiful things, even at the last minute, we will try to let it happen. (Recommended reading:"Zhang Wei Xuan line pen" do not because the world is dark, afraid to become that light )

Like this year 525 I love I have the Courage Festival, we used to conquer the Taipei municipal government Square, did a great memorable event, and also returned to women fans paradise, inviting close readers to paradise, and we sit around, face-to-face talk about each other's life experience, feel the consistent support and move.

This year 525, women fans of the team want to surprise readers again, for six days of activities, divided into different themes, hoping to through different themes, gently accompany the readers of various groups to find their own courage to define.

"Monday, we talk about how to practice their own work, there are readers asked me how to lead the staff, for me, we do not have staff, we are team partners, I see our partners, talk about their work in the heart and moved, I am gratified." "Work and life, perhaps never the second division," I hope that people at work is not to think about the balance between work and life, how to work with the value of your care, this is very important, but also love their own way. 」

Tuesday, the team carried out the activity of tying flowers, to the theme of happiness does not have to find the value of their own beginner's mind, Wei Xuan said. "Women fans hope that people can love themselves more, accompany more people girl will become a woman, the boy became a man of the process, the Tuesday tie Gardener Fang, there are readers to share with me, she got the flower is ping-pong chrysanthemum, the beginning is very envious of others to get roses or larger flowers gorgeous bouquet, but later she found herself and ping-pong chrysanthemum very much like, Everyone has their own characteristics, she may not be a rose, but have their own characteristics of ping-pong chrysanthemum, cute and smart and different. Wei Xuan through this reader's feeling, expect us all to discover in the life oneself special, admits and recognizes oneself, will see belongs to own beauty.

In the Wednesday, we worked with the NRC to get the participants to start from the first step through the road, starting with the steps and learning about practical changes. Wei Xuan used to be swimming team player, she also through their own exercise experience, share her sports philosophy, "I think swimming is a very quiet thing, when I am depressed I will go swimming, swimming process, will remind me: remember to breathe." Sometimes we forget to breathe and breathe, which is the most important thing in life. 」

Then Wei Xuan with the scene reader, carry on breathing practice, with the past we know the deep suction breath again deep spit different, Wei Xuan to everyone first spit again, when you feel the life is suppressed, have a breath has been choking oneself, remember in desperately inhale before, first exhale, first acknowledge their emotions and feel it, and then deeply inhale, Be brave enough to find the rhythm of your breath. (Recommended reading:525 I love I have the courage of the day | Practice breathing softly in Shadow and fear )

In the Thursday, the women's Paradise held a cross-generational joint salon, we invited the mature style media 50+ and women fans to talk about two generations, facing the topic of courage, Wei Xuan Special raised his own business, and mother's dialogue, "the beginning of entrepreneurship, our family, they have much support on how not to support, entrepreneurship the next year, My mother called me around and talked to me, "When are you going to be in love?" When are you going to get married? "I can feel the mother now feel that I am very hard to bear me, but at that time I was working in the brain, feel that they do not need to have the pressure of love and marriage, I hope mother do not mention." The mother said, "You know girls always want to get married, girls are no use, in fact, still want to find a person married, old companion." "When I feel the mother's anxiety and sadness, I can not help crying, at that moment, I feel entrepreneurial too hard too tired, said to my mother that I give up good, it is here." 」

When I feel like I can't go on, Wei Xuan mother's words but let her red eye frame, adhere to now, "although hard, but don't give up, I tell you mother will be here, accompany you to the last soldier a pawn, because this is going to make you very happy things." "For Wei Xuan, no matter what kind of difficulties and fear, the mother of that sentence, will accompany their war to the last moment, always let her know that she will not be a person." Family members often support you through the difficulties, so don't be stingy with the family dialogue, express love for their family, from the willingness to express themselves, communication and communication began.

Friday, is the woman fan Paradise OPEN House time, we invite readers to the women's paradise, to dinner with Paradise Partners, and please the ball and women fans, and share their courage story, Wei Xuan share their most touching, impressive reader interaction, "that day, we invite women fascinated readers to paradise, At the end of the campaign, a reader told me that she was 19 years old to look at a woman's fan of the article to 25 years old, another reader said that she saw 27 years old from the age of 20, they said the moment I immediately cried. 」

"In the past we seem to know that we continue to grow with our readers, but the night of Friday, I have a touch on this matter, we really accompany the reader from the childhood into adulthood, from the girl into a woman, I feel very happy to accompany the reader grew up, such feelings, so I would like to lift the courage, continue to walk 8, 9, 10, Even longer, because of you, support our vision and belief. 」

Women are obsessed with the station after seven years, has always been concerned about the reader's heart and look forward to accompany the reader to grow the original intention, through every year I love my day, we stand here firmly, accompany everyone in frustrated, lovelorn, life confused stage to find the way forward, is willing to warm heart, stand into a lamp forever for you burning candle, to warm, Follow the direction you go, go with the road.