May 28, Japan's best-selling financial writer Sheng and the personal Instagram in public out, hope through their own experience, to trigger this society more on the LGBT issues of discussion and attention.

A picture of two women clinging to their faces and laughing crow's feet are happy to carry out the photos of May 28 in Japanese society and international discussions.

Japan's best-selling financial writer, Sheng and Dai, 28th in the personal Instagram public out of the cabinet, showing that he is gay, and LGBT advocates are now Youki exchanges.

In the past, the winners and generations have had two marriages and three children, and this time her public cabinet has once again aroused Japan's interest in LGBT rights, in addition to shocking Japanese society. In addition, the previous Youki with the Sheng and the generation of common life, itself is Japan's pointer to the LGBT advocates, is also the first in 2015 for Japan and partners registered in Tokyo and partner approved by the lesbian, 2017 Youki and same-sex couples announced the dissolution of the partnership, has aroused social concern. (Recommended reading:"See Comrade" Big Turtle x JoJo: Two If you love each other, you can form a home )

Sheng, 49 years old, is a best-selling financial writer, critic, a single mother during her writings, she has repeatedly explored the work and parenting experience, and to "working mother" image of independent women, to inspire Japanese women.

Strong image behind, between the heart and the generation has always been a desire to tell the contradictions, May 28, not only openly lesbian identity, and accept the Japanese version of the "BuzzFeed" interview, talk about out of the ark and self-gender identity of the journey.

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The Victory room and the Ark Confession: I like the man, not the sex.

According to the "BuzzFeed" interview, Sheng and Dai from their own life experience, at the age of 19, with the youngest through and CPA second examination posture, to carry out their own career, in the student marriage, 21-Year-old gave birth to the first child. After two divorces, although it appears that she has always been a strong and independent woman with a career, she still felt a stuffy heart, she said in an interview:

"It's a victory, it seems like the life I want, but I have a feeling of sealing." It's love for the same sex. When I was in high school or college, I felt like a girl, and I thought it was a bad thing, and although I liked men, I couldn't hide the fact that I had a crush on the same sex. 」

Although the international understanding of LGBT issues is much better than it has been in the past, homosexuality, bisexual, and pan-love nouns are also appearing in confessions through more sexual tendencies, giving the community more understanding and understanding of the diversity of ethnic groups. But in the past, when Japanese society shunned LGBT issues and believed that the same sex should not fall in love, in spite of their feelings, the winners and the generations suppressed themselves until they met the LGBT issue through a friend, and realized that her current partner was Youki, and she gradually faced her gender identity.

"When I first got married, when my child was born, I was focused on my work, I had no time to feel pain for my gender identity, I was occupied with my children by a busy childhood, I could have unconsciously avoided this information, and I was puzzled when I learned more about gender orientation. I'm not interested in how to define myself. I have loved men in my life, and now I am in love with Masuhara. I like the person, not the sex. 」

Japan's social ethos, does not support gay couples brave out of the closet

Through the experience of the passing through between the winners and generations, we can also see the plight of the same-sex couples in Japanese society, she talked about, at first with her partner Youki cohabitation, dating, outside dining will try to keep distance, even the general couple go out to play upload from the simple behavior of photos, two people also because must keep secret, Care about the social and family and friends of the impression, even the chance of a small flash, between the winners and generations in the report to say their own voice, "If always keep silent, I can not even introduce my partner to my friends." In other words, we are not free to live. Just like the public, living with their loved ones at ease. (Recommended reading:"See Comrade" Lana & Cindy: I met you before I started my life )

This time between the victory and the Ark of the news, there are many netizens for her out of the ark was shocked, a small part of the speech, began to attack the inter-sexual direction. Opponents of the reasons, including "abnormal homosexual", "not in line with the Japanese tradition", "destruction of Family ethics", "can not bear the national power decline" and so on. According to the Daily News, Japan still has insufficient understanding of the issue of LGBT information.

In his writings, the author, three, argues that Japanese society has no desire to change the status quo on LGBT issues. In a congressional reply in June 2012, 滝, the then legal secretary, openly acknowledged "not remembering what LGBT means", and actively appealed to lawmakers who would protect the rights of gays and lesbians, and often threw cold water on Congress, saying "Mind your own business". In addition, the first paragraph of article 24th of the Japanese Constitution expressly stipulates that legal marriage must be concluded by "gender" and that the Constitution has not been amended since 1947, and that there are also clear restrictions on the gender of spouses in the Civil Code and the Household Registration Act of Japan.

At present, there are only 7 administrative districts in Japan that are open to same-sex couples, respectively, Shibuya and gorge of Tokyo, Sanchong County City of Bingku County, Okinawa County Naha, Hokkaido Sapporo, and Fukuoka County Fukuoka, which was officially on the road in April 2018.

Tokyo Koike Lily, also openly said that in response to the world trend, and to create the international and pluralistic image of Tokyo, in the hope that the 2019 Olympic Games, through the implementation of the LGBT regulations, to clear the relevant anti-discrimination, anti-hate speech and other laws, expect Japan to make changes.

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Out of this matter, I need the greatest courage in life!

The victory between and on behalf of the public out of the Act, in addition to let her back to her own, she also told the Asahi News, hope that their experience can inspire other people with the same distress, similar backgrounds, can be brave to do their own, "become the opportunity to change society."

She also mentioned in an interview that after she came out, she felt the ice in her heart finally melted gently:

"It takes the greatest courage in my life to be out of the closet." The LGBT community has a lot of courage to bring out the ark, evidence that prejudice and discrimination still exist. I want to tell people who can't expect it, you might like it, but you don't have to feel guilty about it. I hope that this society will continue to expand the concept of "ordinary" through understanding and inclusion, so that all those who are sexually predisposed are no longer "abnormal". 」

The winner and the surrogate say she expects her to come out of the closet and bring more change to society. Her heart, because she met Jinyu, the ice melted in her heart, she also looked forward to through their own experience, become a trigger for change, see more LGBT friends, like their own freedom to live.