"Later we," director Liu, is a movie about going home, about regrets, about love and being loved. If the fate of this matter so difficult, then I love you, to say before too late.

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"Later we", there is a special memory of the fragment.

The protagonist see Qing in Beijing, back to the town of the village, Father is no longer. He followed the footsteps of his father's accustomed, nest into the kitchen, around the hall, and finally sat quietly, crying out. What's the matter with regrets? is to say the words, finally failed to say, people have gone.

"When we were young, we wanted to get out of the place, sometimes the most we want to go back to when we grow up." The Liu lightly said.

"Later we" is a film about home, the role asked a lot of "if", can only have a "later", which is written full of regrets, missed, misunderstood and relieved. "Later we" is Liu Director's first work, adapted from her short story "New Year, go home", I can't help thinking, this is also a tribute to later Liu's film.

What will become of us later? Liu want to know.

Interview on the scene, Liu wear a shirt, tread light white cloth shoes, one hand still holding a potato, a face greedy. But when the time came, she came, immediately into the state, this is her full afternoon trip, the fifth interview.

Home is a, think of, can go back to the place

"I want to tell you that parents have only one request and desire for their children, and that is to see you healthy and happy." Do you have any achievements in your work? Who did you marry? Marry Who? Not important, as long as you are good, Dad is happy. "New Year, home"

"New Year, Home" is a short story, Liu with letters to write missing stories. I asked her why she wrote it, and she said it was actually an inspiration for the stories borrowed by friends.

"At that time, a producer friend borrowed a new car from me and wanted to go back to the south to celebrate the Spring Festival." I knew he was having a bad time, and the only cars were going to make movies, but they had to go home. The more I live badly, the more I want to let my family know that I have no problem. 」

"This thing has sparked a lot of my imagination about coming home. "Liu said that he is a native of Taipei children, the first time to feel that the expectation of home and pressure, is in direct proportion." Many children go home on the road to be brave or disguised, I hope parents do not for their own annoying, but also longing for the love of parents, many contradictions. (Recommended reading: The way home from Singapore to Taiwan: Don't put your heart, leave it on the Homecoming Road)

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Not only the new year to go home, "in fact, I think, there is a you think, you can go back to the place where you miss the people, that is a family concept." Where there is a family, is the home. "Her tone, there was warmth, there was longing.

Liu also didn't expect "New year, go home" will become the starting point of her film. At that time, Zhang a white to find her filming, hands have a few books, two people do not feel. Later Liu gave Zhang a white this story, both people feel very good, began to rewrite the script.

It seems to be the weather, very dramatic, May 2016 days released "Later we", Liu a listen, looked at the lyrics, tears fell down. She sent a text message, "later we, can you make me a movie name?" Ashin a simple "of course, thank you".

Liu is very grateful to the Director of the road, many people would like to walk. She looked for much to do photography guidance, Du Dezhi responsible for the voice, friends are a straightforward sentence Okay. "My greatest fortune should be that in this industry, I have been involved in the behind-the-scenes, and what work has been done." 」

The first time I was a director, I was fine except for my son.

Liu into the line, do is assistant, endure 3.5, later played a play, immediately took the prize, also issued a record, all the way to do singers and actors for more than 20 years. The industry she saw plainly, in short, hard, but also left a very deep love.

Liu choose to be a director, is to understand their own before the curtain can complete the task less and more, also want to change a role to continue to do filmmaker. The first time the director Tube, "later we" China's box-office brush broken 1.4 billion yuan, Netflix bought copyright, people said this film, very Liu style of feelings.

She said she had no thought of what she would do, "director, I am also my bar." I want to use my way to make the best communication with everyone in the team so that they understand what I want to do. And I'm really lucky that there's a lot of trust, understanding and love between the team and me. 」

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The cast has been in the more than 30 degrees of Hailaer, Frozen, still playing together, "this film, whether it is to talk about love, family, work, dream, the pressure of the environment, everyone in the crew, there is a part of his experience, so we completed the work together." 」

Hailaer shooting, she saw the producer sent a message to the family, "can't accompany you, Dad wish my you happy birthday." "Snow and ice, more eager to home tenderness, with such a mood, completed the lens."

The process of filming, is hard and moving, Liu said is Miss son. Director time is long, the child two years old, Liu don't want to miss the growth of children, also know that everyone in the cast, may also have their hearts. "So it's better to shoot the film because it's a promise to all those who accompany me, trust me, and love me." 」

Filming transitions, she seize the opportunity and son video.

Son and her anger, gas mother always not, "I understand, son not don't understand, he is not three years old, but everything is clear, but he is angry with me, gambling a share of my alibi." Although the last second and the next second I was the director, but this moment, I clearly just a miss son's mother. At this time, I just understand how miss how to play. Liu writes, the paper is all miss.

Making such a movie, talking about home, Liu looking at the other side of the screen son, or want to go home.

Love and the original family, break up is also a fate

"Later we" talk about the North drift, talk about love, talk about the family, talk about the ideal of youth, talk about the separation of the elderly. The ideal is what, is under the starry sky, two children to the day wishes, which day must homecoming. But then, there was nothing, two people were separated.

Then we went to places we'd never thought of.

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I said to see the film, especially the native family's influence on the concept of love. Liu the sofa and nodded, "I think so too." For example, Xiao Xiao, when my father died, my mother went to the United States, the concept of her home, very vague. She put the family's imagination and longing, pinned on others, she really wanted, nor is the Beijing hukou, but someone gave him a stable home. 」

Then she met her. See Qing home without a mother, with dad live, Father annual dinner, that sticky doubao aroma, there is the taste of Reunion, Xiao Xiao to see his father family see. "But see clear didn't understand, he always thought Xiao Xiao want is the room, is the Beijing hukou." He also always wanted to go to Beijing, is for his father round a dream. He had a lot of expectations for himself, but he never thought that it might not be what the other person wanted. "(Recommended reading:" The Relationship Diary "" Later we "I was negative you, but I finally do not bear myself )

There was a scene in the movie that was so sad that everyone felt betrayed. "Most of the time, we will be angry with ourselves and dissatisfaction, projected on each other." Actually is angry oneself, but lets the other party think is the target. "There is a lot of empathy and forgiveness for the character," Liu said. "The real impact on the relationship between the two is not usually the third person, but their own change and the cruelty of life." 」

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As time goes on, Liu makes the characters go through a lot of different things. "The so-called miss, is two people have not at the same point, said the same words, no longer have the same direction, and no longer willing to communicate with each other." "By the plot, Liu also talk about their love view."

"When you look back, you don't remember what the real reason is." You remember is very trivial, you constantly recall, if I am not good, will not break up? "Liu Tone but have relieved," but, two person's relationship, will break up will break up, there is no reason. When you look at each other with an unhappy eye, everything gets worse. 」

The movie break up the picture is good everyday, is you take a class I did not catch the train, I watched you go, do not know how to retain.

The fate of this matter, or negative life is too difficult

About the protagonist's last encounter, Liu think many versions, the final picture is black and white, see Qing has had a family, Xiao Xiao still in life wandering. Two of people tread together in the snow, thinking about each other a lot if, the result is still the same.

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Some people say that the end, whether three views are not right? Liu smiled, "I really did not think, in fact, I want to say is to cherish the present." Some people you still have the opportunity to meet again, put what you want to say, to the people who want to say it. 」

It's easy to say what you want to say and say it to someone who wants it. The end, also let a lot of people think of themselves. Perhaps, the results of two of people do not really have to walk together to be complete, may forgive each other, understand miss, is enough. (Recommended reading:"Single Diary" Unfortunately we are not the people who make each other happy )

Together is the fate, the breakup is probably also. "The fate of this matter, not to bear the other side has been very good, or negative life is too difficult." "Liu the movie dialogue, this is good for her to say, probably she put what want to say, also put in the movie inside."

If you really want to say that the film finished, there is no hope, Liu Pause thought, "I particularly want people to see this film, not only think of the role, but all think of themselves." Think, if it was me, what would I do? "If it was me, what would I do?" What am I sorry for? What am I reminiscing about? What is it that I care about? After the action, also willingly to have a later.

Liu finally smiled at me, I suddenly think, "later we" is also an invitation to miss the release of the film Bar-I have tried, that can, I love you this sentence, also do not wait, to before too late to say.

The lens slowly pulls far, I saw the protagonist to see clear kitchen cooking, steamed sticky Doubao, Father's habitual recipe, can not go back home, regrets and relieved, does not matter, finally, all live into his own.

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"Later we" will be on the 6/22 Netflix online, Liu smiled and said, this is never the concept of film. Her metaphor is always lovely.

The interview left one minute, the staff to me to raise the card, 30 minutes fly very fast, I was pinching the time to ask carefully. Liu See, say good nervous ah, and then laugh to think of their former live, just on the stage to see the card to remind, "is there to let me speak it?" 」

After the interview, I sat on the side of a small table to organize access to material. Liu suddenly waved to me, lifting the Walnut tower on the start, to recommend to me, said this is really delicious, you have to go to get a piece of the line.

I chew on the Walnut tower and think, people with a sense of life, a movie with a sense of life. That's nice.

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