June Gender interview, visit the Wild Children's body theater head Yiushangde, from the children's theater to the erotic discussion of the "Mother of Flowers", see the authenticity of other flowers in full bloom.

Knowing Yiushangde this person, there are a lot of faces that can be cut, he's through the Cloud Gate dance set Rover program " Pantomime to flee, "into China and Taiwan's rural, impromptu performance, to encourage the collective creation of the local people; he was the founder and head of the children's Body theater, a child-oriented theatrical performance, and he was openly gay and a sexually abused survivor. The last two, almost double out of the closet.

There are, of course, many negative and difficult words in the open, "and now people will say that you are gay, sexually abused by boys, should be very cool." "He said also to frown, because there are many people who think so," first, they have a lot of misunderstanding of comrades, sexual assault also have, on me, the misunderstanding of the two things together. "Alas, he sighed and could not help but pause for a long time, and these things are still very hard to talk about."

A few months ago, Yiushangde and a group of friends who had just met in Beijing, one of the writers introduced him, "This is Suntech, he had been sexually abused before." Yiushangde in the heart Leng a moment. Most of them were men, and the writer felt embarrassed and encouraged him to talk about it all the time. "This is too weird, I am very simple words brought, those boys looking at me, as if looking at strange creatures, said" clams, boys will be sexually abused oh? "Where did he invade you?" "Did he sexually invade you and give you money?" "All the misconceptions about sex have all been projected on me. He recalled that he was still agitated, but he was also able to understand the situation.

"I think Asians are, under the system of patriarchal society, referring to sex, sexual assault, because there is no education, these things are taboo, there are too many misunderstandings, a encounter with sex, but not a patriarchal social definition of sex, all unreal false illusion, will be all projected up. "Sex is blocked, education does not talk, people taboo, there is such a result."

"This is why I do" The Flowers of the Virgin, because it is very authentic, it is completely extreme, but extremely real, face social pious, hypocritical part. "He spoke very calmly, the voice of the child's slender, but also mature and calm adults."

The mother of Flowers: The people who face the desire and the life

"The Lady of the Flowers" is the first novel written and published by the French novel/playwright in the inner prison, the story begins with the funeral of the goddess, depicting the social bottom--homosexual, trans-sex, costume, pimp, Thief, Murderer's life. Reading "The Lady of Flowers" in modern thinking is actually a realistic novel, which includes comrades, trans-sex, sex industry and death penalty. However, the book is full of very sensual descriptions, published in Paris in 1943, "The Lady of Flowers" terrified many people, physical desire realism to many people fear.

Photo source | "The Flowers of the Virgin" publicity photography Chen Wei

The author of the Lady of Flowers is in trouble, is a social abandonment of the people, mother is a prostitute, the father is very early, the teenager began to steal, all the way into the juvenile reformatory school and prison, "to see this person in contemporary perspective, moral labels, is the life of the Rogue." "Yiushangde added.

Provoke within the work often across the moral bottom line, the most obvious to the people most taboo part out, of course, often with sex, body, desire and other topics tightly entangled. As a person rejected by society, he has rejected society, he once said: "The more you are accusing me of what, the more I want to make all your accusations." "He who writes novels and plays has a warm concern for the disadvantaged: to speak for the weak, to enslave the slaves, for the maids, for the black men who have been colonized, for the Palestinians."

Why is the 43-year-old Yiushangde a work of "The Lady of Flowers" this year? Yiushangde first of all, the story of his life is worth knowing. Nor does he deny that he sees the same path of recourse in his own life. The words of the lady of Flowers are provocative, challenging the reader's imaginary boundaries, as did Yiushangde's earlier works.

2012, he returned to Taiwan's first creation of "Shell", the performance Yiushangde naked wearing a transparent raincoat in front of the audience, not only with the audience has physical contact, and even urine excretion, challenging the audience sitting in the position must passively accept the performance of the theater hypothesis. He tried to test the relationships between people in a provocative and uncomfortable way. In May of that year, he began to do a mime run in Taiwan, painted clown makeup, and the people of the street, children mime interaction, try another way to narrow the distance.

The heart of the children's troupe, provocative art performance, is he. The former's performance is warm and there are many successful reports in the mainstream media. However Yiushangde this two-year intensive immersion in the world of work, provoke inside extremely honest, Yiushangde also think, if the child market is concerned about tying hands, fear of the West, whether it is also the result of lack of imagination, "actually you think carefully," "Fruit Grandma" is a male dress, in fact, the community can accept. "Yiushangde a word, but wake up many times we unconsciously bind ourselves within the framework." Could he not also do the children's show, and through other dramas, do the discussion of sex and lust?

The Lady of Flowers reveals that the creator can be honest as well.

Pluralism should not be just a slogan

Yiushangde also did a lot of homework for the Lady of Flowers and interviewed more than 10 transgender people in Taiwan. He admits that he didn't know much about transgender at first, or even superficial and full of mistaken imagination. In the past he had linked cross and change, "but when we interviewed, we found that cross and dress are not the same, they are not gay people, they are in the outside of these groups, more intangible of the body." 」

He said that transgender people are different from the gay groups that need political appearances, "and everyone we interviewed almost wanted to return to the general public after the transsexual surgery was completed." They just want to be normal again. 」

During the interview, he also found that the picture depicted by the Lady of the flowers, in fact, it is very real, transgender sexual desires, can be very diverse, "whether it is a male cross female, female cross male, several of them, they are really a few twists and turns, the object of their desires is also, the twists and turns to incredible." "Speaking of this passage, Yiushangde's appearance is as bright as the discovery of a beautiful new continent."

"For example, a female cross-male, he used to be a female identity, and male contacts, after the trans-sex with girls, women, and finally with male comrades together." These stories completely open my imagination about sex and sex. "In the world of the Lady of Flowers, there is no framework for sex or sexual morality," even without a legal framework, because they are actually a group of sex workers. But this group of people, each one of them, who live their lives as the mother of God, you will see a divine nature. 」

The last interview was with Mr. Gao Xuquan, a former spokesman for the Taiwan TG Butterfly Park, and he discussed the concept of pluralism with us. Taiwan Society has been talking about pluralism, but many times this pluralism is a slogan and formalization. For example, in his experience, some male sexual desire objects, sometimes not just girls, sometimes even want to be in a relatively passive, or the role of being invaded, but it is easy to say, ah he homosexuality, but this is actually not related to the gay label, but a desire. But it is easy to make the desire to be morally, convicted and labelled. 」

Why does a boy have a desire for women and no other possibilities? Once related to sex, sex, many should be mesa of the discussion will be silenced, "but the silencing does not mean that it does not exist, but it is possible because not to say, can not say, and create more problems or situations." 」

No need to fear the diversity and bloom of lust

"The Mother of Flowers" on the diversity of lust, the text is full of flesh, Yiushangde on the spot read a paragraph: "Three months, he took my body as a carnival after another." "This is a description of SM's text, Yiushangde also want to take people to see, body and sex from another point of view, those who dare not say, embarrassed to say, in another perspective, in fact, is also beautiful."

The protagonist of the Lady of Flowers, Louis, a boy, who was arrested when he was a child human nature invaded, the story described he gradually found the feminine consciousness, later to Paris to move an operation, as a female call girl. The original book does not use a "trans-gender" vocabulary, but Yiushangde to the modern society, how to understand such works?

So he set out to do interviews, trying to make the real world, all kinds of silenced, marginalized body, sex and lust, from reading, access to drama, express his warm and deep ruminating on these issues, "it defines my voice and thoughts on this subject." Also want to show it. "Yiushangde said.

Modern society, people to talk about the diversity of sexuality and lust, there is still fear, to take a non-contact state of isolation, but actually do not talk about, instead of making fear grow into a cage, accumulated in the heart of a hodgepodge, not only can not dissolve, fear will be divorced from reality, into a very absurd thing Yiushangde's misunderstanding in Beijing is a good example.

When we talk about the diversity of sex, sex and lust, Yiushangde thought, maybe we could try to adjust our viewing angle from the theater, not just tolerance or inclusiveness, not just sit on the sidelines far from "respect", and then challenge us to change a perspective, see the different, multiple beauty, to see the desire of the cluster in the two of the sex outside the region, Where there are flowers blooming.

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