June graduation season, for you to Shan the various celebrities, professional workers to the graduates of the speech. Oprah's new graduates, your job title does not equate to you, the real achievement you, is those efforts to accumulate the process.

"In about 1.5 hours, you will be thrown into a seemingly insane world." 」

June, graduation season, with youthful experience, the accumulation of personal thoughts of the students will Full-gush, jump into this vast and seemingly crazy world.

Oprah gave a commencement speech this May at the Annaberg School of Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California. To 2018 of graduates, when today's society is riddled with gun violence, climate change, systemic racial discrimination, media bias, economic inequality, and all sorts of issues that need to be addressed and changed, she suggests, "homeless people need opportunities, Addicts need to be treated, the "dreamers" need to be protected, the prison system needs to be reformed, the LGBTQ community needs to be accepted, social safety nets need to be saved, and women's behaviour----must stop. 」

"At this moment, it's time for you to get up, even if you can't go anywhere--you can't go to Starbucks, you can't go to parties, no matter where you go, everyone is talking about how bad it is and how bad it is." But I can tell you: The problem is that everyone is responding to hysteria with more hysteria, and then all of us are hysterical and getting worse. 」

When everyone was caught in a hysterical response to hysteria, Oprah asked us to slow down and rethink the seven-point problem in the noisy world, to find a voice that would drive you, be straight, and move toward the ideal.

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Excerpt seven points from Oprah's graduation speech at USC, to share with you:

One, daily habits and life tips: Do the right thing, especially when no one is looking at you.

Eat a good breakfast, it does have good. Pay the bills on time. Recovery. Get up and tidy up your bed. Ambition, dare to dream. Be truly thankful to others and be bold in asking for help when you need it.

Put your phone at the table at dinner. Remember the message you posted on the Internet today that might be asked in tomorrow's interview. Treat children, elders, animals. Invest in a good mattress, I tell you, you will thank me later. Don't wear cheap shoes.

If you're having a bad time with a loved one, life is short. Do the right thing, especially when no one is looking at you. Don't equate money with fame and character.

The meaning of work: work is not the same as you, you pay the effort to achieve your appearance

Your job will not always meet you, some days you may feel bored, some days you may not want to work at all, but anyway, go. Although the work process, inevitably experience setbacks discouraged, but please remember:

Your job is not you, the work is just you in the "who" in the process of doing things, the learning. These are the processes that really determine what you become.

You have to continue to work hard, even if you feel like it, even if there are situations where you have to do the job, but these experiences can accumulate some experience and lessons for you, try to take the boring, difficult work day as a learning opportunity.

Concentrate on doing your job, get your hands dirty, and be able to make a result, not one thing, but the stack and accumulation of every little thing.

Through these mentality, in the work with consistent diligence and efforts to improve their ability, this is the real work of your career, so that no matter what you are engaged in, your talent will not be spent. (Recommended reading: More than once in life Gap year! Stefan Sagmeister: Life is more important than survival.

Find the goals and beliefs of your life and implement it

Ask yourself, "What are you willing to believe and support?" "Let such questions recur in your life, repeatedly confirming the goals and beliefs of your life and running it through your life." Your daily actions are the way to respond to this problem. When you say what you believe in, try to practice it, and you will find that every day of your life is written down in history, writing down the value you believe in.

A person's character is not determined by what you do or don't do, but by the way you act and treat the things around you every day.

Four, in the limited life, make a difference

I remember that in 2007, I had just opened my college, and I was very happy to sit at the table of the American poetess Maya Angelo, and said to her, "Maya, my Aupra Winfrey Women's Leadership College (Owlag), which I set up in South Africa, will be the biggest legacy I have left for the world." Maya looked at me and she said, "You don't know what your legacy will be." "I said," Sorry? I'm not just setting up this school and offering these girls education, it will be ... She stressed once again, "You don't know what your legacy is, because your legacy is every life you come into contact with." Every way of life you touch. 」

So, in a limited life, choose a problem, any problem, and make a difference to change it. Because the legacy and value of your life is piling up on the changes you make to things, because the small changes you give to those who are feeling pain in your life are enough to flip everything.

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V. Constantly identify and seek the truth

This is what I really know, because I have practiced for a long time, if you can capture the human nature of the story, you will be closer to your own humanity. So you can confront your prejudices, you can build your credibility, hone your intuition, and enhance your empathy.

In interacting with people, and constantly discovering the human values that they believe in, seeking and distinguishing the truth, using your innate gift, this is your real purpose and mission here--with the light of your heart, to illuminate the darkness of the world.

Vi. combating cynical cynicism: it kills your empathy.

You can't solve all the problems, and you can't save every soul. So what changes can you make? Here, at this moment, I believe that you have to declare war on one of our most dangerous enemies-the adversary is cynicism. (Recommended reading: do not choose "Safe Edition" Life!) Oprah Winfrey: "Your fear gives you greater power."

The reason is that when that little creature catches you, it will see you, destroy your integrity, pull down your standards, stifle your empathy, and sooner or later, cynicism will break your faith.

When you hear yourself say, "Ah, it doesn't matter what a person says, what I do doesn't make a difference, what does it need to care about in this society?" "When you hear yourself say so, you have to realize that in the course of cultural collision, you may become very easily disillusioned, so indifferent to the plight of the present."

But, especially at these times, we need to show that we have the right to hope, that we need to use every ounce of intelligence and courage we can muster to make a difference.

Seven, put down the comparison: The journey of your life is to become yourself

Finally, this will save you: don't always compare yourself with others.

You are born to be yourself on this planet, not by imitation of others, or by the attains of others in the camp. The journey of your life, this trip, is to learn how to be yourself, and to fulfill your highest and truest self expression as a person. This is why you are here, and you will gradually become yourself through your work, your art, through the relationships and love you have established with others.

Oprah gives 2018 graduates, when the world is chaotic, don't forget in the process of work and life, always carry out your beliefs, and in the limited life, do their own efforts to make a difference to others, this is our mission to the world and gifts, with your innate characteristics, illuminate the world, in a chaos, always with faith.

I wish you all the best for your curiosity and confidence, and for your moral and wise wishes for your daring and fearless. I hope you can shake things and bring about change. When you have to bet on yourself, I want you to bet a little bigger.