"Relationship Diary" There is no ideal love, only belong to their own intimate relationship. VCDs "Last Friends" in the love is full of regrets, each has shape, also release the invitation, invite us to think about, we would like to love in what way.

Beauty knows not to have thought Zong You will hit her.

Especially she just moved to live with Zong You, she thought they would have a happy life, she longed for a long time. She and Zong You never feel warm at home, so seriously think, two people together, finally can each other warm.

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Home that day, Zong You to beat her, suspected she had someone else. After punching and kicking, he apologized painfully, "sorry, I will not do this again, I love you too much, love to control myself, I just hope you do not leave me, I will never leave you." (Recommended reading: give a boy a sense of security practice: You are insecure, you want to control each other )

Beauty know to stay also love him, love to know his good loneliness, love to really can be the same with him, love to want to endure the fist, love to be willing to forgive him. But this kind of love, let her shrink more and more small, she only belongs to him, she cannot have herself. The United States to stay away from him, and constantly looking back, she was afraid of their own after he left behind, he will have nothing. She had a nightmare at night and often remembered that the man was the only one.

瑠 can be seen in the side of heartache, she does not know the United States to stay clearly have happiness qualifications, why not? 瑠 can for her umbrella, in the heart of their own rain. 瑠 can like to stay for a long time, in her not sure of their sexuality before, the heart has this person. But is it acceptable for the closed society to speak out? Is it acceptable for us to stay?

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瑠 can be gender identity, so that she has a deep black hole in the heart, black hole, there is fear, doubt their own abnormal, but also have doubts, I can not do this? Xiaowu is also the person who hides the black hole life. Childhood traumatic experience, let his body sensitive, hate others touch, fear of sex, the wounds of the past, but in his heart grow gentle and good flowers. If love ever hurt me, then at least, I will be more soft to treat people. (Recommended reading:"single diary" I Have Loved a girl )

"No matter what kind of person you are?" I still like you, don't ask me to like you this person? Or do you like being a woman? I hope I can support you. "Xiaowu to 瑠 can say, true.

What is Love? Sometimes love is violent appearance, in the name of control, it is strange, lover like Beast, you want to learn to refuse, but not careful to be rolled into, then know that love is not like that, sometimes love with the wounds of the past, there are timid and hesitation, love like children, reach out and accept to embrace; sometimes love is silent waiting, love a person, Do not want to return the kind of love law, I love you, and you have nothing to do, just love you, also very good.

Photo Source: "Last Friends" stills

That is the United States know stay, Zong You, 瑠 can, small martial story, but also like our story, not so fairy tale, with the wound, full of regrets, may be unbearable, finally honest back to their own.

Remember watching VCDs "last Friends" was almost ten years ago, look at the time but the university, the imagination of love is still very immature, maybe even more naïve it, the first time in the play to see the bloody intimate relationship of violence, startled, thinking why love is like this, thinking about why the victim's leaving so difficult, Why the perpetrator is always apologizing; personally recognized or difficult, whether it is the body, or gender, there is always a return to their own negative, but how with the scars of our, also may be other people's support; I am more serious thinking for the first time, myself? I want to establish a kind of relationship, how can I express my love and not love, the other side willing to accept?

In retrospect, this VCDs opened a lot of my thoughts and imagination about intimacy, knowing that it was a long way, I may have failed some people, may be betrayed, but I walked slowly, finally can grow their own shape, in the way I would like to love.

If your heart also has doubts, do not be afraid, recommend this VCDs to you.