To the dear graduates, nine emotional graduation speeches, when you feel the future is confused, remember the way to find yourself, nothing is futile, the focus is to continue to move forward.

June graduation season, in the face of the vast ignorance of the future, all fields of experts, stars, dreamers, through their own life experience, sharing the graduation speech to the fresh people will graduate, the future of the world wide, your life-like state, just about to launch.

"Time" finishing 2018 nine excellent graduation speech, excerpts from the following points to share with you:

Ronan Farrow: Please believe your inner voice

Ronan Farrow Ulloyola Marimonte University, a Pulitzer Prize journalist who reported and uncovered Havivenstein sexual harassment cases:

No matter what you choose to do, no matter which direction you are heading. Whether you're a person who heals refugees, or a financier who buys and sells real estate--I really hope you don't--you're going to face some moments in your career that you don't even know how to do, and don't understand what's right for you, your family, your country.

I want you to be generous to yourself at that moment, but believe in your inner voice.

Because at that moment, more than ever, we need to feel guided by our own principles, listen to your inner values and lead yourself to choices-not to be seduced by fads, which may lead you to ambition, to be caught up in sensationalism, to want to be famous and to make a person, desperate to win.

Because if you hear enough of this voice, if you are enough to prove that this generation does not make the same mistakes as before, then it is not so rare, nor difficult and special to imagine, to do the right things according to your inner principles.

Chance the rapper: it's good to live your life as a model, but that's not enough.

The singer Chance the rapper at the University of Deira excerpts:

We are capable of the highest respect for the ancestors, the pioneers, and the models that have sacrificed for us in the past and have given us all, that is, to exert one's own life value and achieve better than theirs. Many of you will strive to be artists, doctors, lawyers, politicians, scientists, and when you do this, you may face a moment of fear, and you are striving to be the best and most successful model in your mind. As you approach the "success" of your thoughts, the more you fear, the more you fear to explore what your predecessors have not yet opened, and you do not know what you can accomplish.

It is at this time that you have to believe in yourself, and it is this moment that allows you to live a great life. You must push yourself, inspire yourself to transcend the achievements of the predecessors, to show respect for them, do not be afraid!

Tim Cook: Fearless, the first person to stand up

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, focused on his graduation speech at Duke University:

Now, if you're feeling the way I was on graduation day, maybe you're still wondering about the future. Maybe you're thinking about where to work or thinking about where to live, or that you have to do everything you can to repay a student loan.

I know that these are real concerns. I've had these real anxieties, but don't let these worries stop you from making changes.

Being fearless means being brave and taking the first step, even if you don't know where it will take you. This means being driven by a higher goal rather than applause. This means you know that when you dare to stand up, you are talking about the value of believing, not disappearing into the crowd.

If you have the courage to stand up without fear of failure, if you are willing to talk to others and listen without fear of rejection, if you act in a decent and kind manner, even if no one cares-even if it seems small or irrelevant. Believe me, when you keep your attitude and walk on the path of fearless failure, you will be able to deal with all the great things that have come to your life.

Abby Wambach: Let failure be the fuel that drives your life

Football star Abby Wambach, keynote speaker at Barnard College:

Failure should not be a shame, it is a kind of driving force. Failure is the most important fuel for your life to run. You must learn to let your failure become the fuel that makes you move forward.

When I was in the Youth national team, I had the honor to play with my idol Mia Hamm and have the opportunity to visit the national team's locker room. What impresses me most is not that the top players hang anti-skid nails on the lawn, or cabinets with their names and back numbers, but a picture.

This photo, attached to the door, is a conspicuous position that every player will see before attending the training. You may guess that this picture will be their last big win, or they stand on the podium to accept the gold medal photos. But that is not the case. The photo is a picture of their longtime rival, the Norwegian national team, after defeating the United States in the 1995 World Cup.

In that locker room, I learned that I needed to turn my feelings and lessons of failure into my power, both on and off the pitch. Failure is fuel. Fuel is power.

Justin Trudeau: Right now, it's your turn to lead.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's commencement address at New York University:

So, this is my request: when you move forward from this place, I hope you can lend a helping hand to those who are different from your beliefs and values. I want you to listen to them and really listen and try to understand them and find common ground.

After graduation, you have a world in your reach, but when you start from here, you will understand that what is coming is a society that is completely different from the campus system, and that your teacher will be a person of every different position, level of education, belief system, and different way of life. I hope you can accept that.

You have always been a student, and you will continue to learn in your life, but at this moment it is your turn to lead. Every generation has a leader, because one day they will realize that they should not rely on others to solve the problem or bear the consequences--they should be the Lord.

It's time for you to lead.

Rex Wayne Tillerson: As a man of good faith, is the most precious wealth

Former secretary of state Rex Wayne Tillerson A graduation speech at the Virginia Military Academy:

Keep and protect yourself and remember that being a good person is your most valuable asset. Never let anyone take credit away from you.

Think carefully about the organization you are looking for, the values and culture that you seek, the employers who set high standards for individual behavior and reward moral leadership, and find mentors who value integrity and superior leadership. Look at how leaders you care about take responsibility, manage their responsibilities, study how they communicate and make decisions, and see how they learn from mistakes or mistakes-including their own and others ' mistakes.

It is important to realize that integrity is important and common to any culture. No matter where you are in the world, honesty and good character are cherished by every great faith and tradition.

Integrity means that we should remember why we are human and live with that ideal.

Hillary Clinton: Nothing is in vain, the point is to keep moving forward

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's speech at Yale University:

We still have a long way to go, the world still has a lot of strife and fighting continues, we need to remain vigilant, do not close our eyes, do not paralyze our hearts, do not raise their hands to say: "From here, someone took over."

Because this is a historical moment, our nation relies on every citizen who believes in their power of action-even if that power is intangible. In every election, every citizen will vote, even if one of your supporters loses, but it is a matter of faith-we have the ability to manage ourselves, to pursue the practice of glorious goals, to compromise in the face of practical difficulties, which will bring us together and push us forward.

So, yes, we need to slow down, but we have to rely on each other. We must, as far as possible, remain good and pursue the right things.

We still have to celebrate the heroic effort, encourage our children to achieve themselves, and find ways to respect different opinions. We may need to be psychologically prepared to lose some of the fighting. As John McCain recently reminded me, "even if it fails, nothing is in vain." The most important thing is to move on. Anyway, go ahead. 」

Jeff Flake: Regular challenges, all the assumptions you know

Arizona, State Senator Jeff Flake's speech at Harvard Law School:

From the cautionary tales I've learned in my life, I urge you to regularly challenge all your assumptions.

Recognize the strengths of your opponents. To apologize from times to time. Admit the mistake. Forgive and ask for forgiveness. Listen more. Speak more, because politics sometimes makes us keep silent when we should be vocal. If you find yourself in a herd, lift your neck, look around you, and ask yourself, "Is it really right for you?" 」。

From personal experience, I can say it's never too late to leave the herd. When you peel off the herd, your balance is restored. Food tastes better. You have a good sleep. Your mind is your own. You will no longer be captured by some bad impulses or even worse thoughts.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: The most important thing about being born is to not lie.

In a conversation with Tedxeuston, "we should all be feminists" by Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's speech at Harvard University:

If I were asked what the core value of today's speech was, I would say, "Don't lie." Or, don't often lie.

Really have to say, tell the truth. But lying--the word, the idea, the act--has political potential in today's America, lies somehow, and feels like a more appropriate expression.

The most important thing is not to lie.

I grew up in Nigeria through a military dictatorship and an early democratic system. The United States has always been ambitious, but when the absurd thing is political, we say: "This will never happen in America." "But the most immediate problem in America today is that political discourse is too absurd." such as, "should we say that this lie is a lie?" When do we have to lie to Isaac? "Thus, the 2018 graduates, compared with the past, are now in an era of urgent need to protect and value the truth." We have to do this, we must continue to dig lies and protect the truth.

To all the graduates, these graduation speeches may provide you with a little direction, face the unknown, but not be able to experience setbacks and difficulties for you, remember these graduation speeches touched your heart, make your soul quiver, so that you have to change the status of the courage of the sentence.

Hope it will sprout in your heart, in the future every time you encounter setbacks, become the driving force for you to continue to move forward, to brighten the ebb of your life warm shimmer.