Does it find that this summer's colors are more colorful?

Whether in the style of the spring and summer fashion, it can be seen that the printed materials, the antique color, and the various new types of fireflies are being used to make the most famous brand new products.

womany and the Reebonz Nagynets of the fashion boutique five summer days are good and full of color , so that the black bags, bags, and coffee bags on hand will be kept alive for a while. This summer, let's have a summer with your sweet, lively new bag!


Is there a color or an item that makes you happy when you see it?The sun's bright yellow accessories give a special feeling of air and fine weather!This summer, we specially recommended that you boldly try to put a yellow bag on your back, not only that you will be influenced by color in the intangible world, but especially with the air. People around you will feel the same atmosphere!Prada, using top-level skin, can always combine the facilities of the fur with the aesthetics of aesthetics, either in ordinary leather or in a unique color, which can be designed to make it unique to Prada's noble character.

Of course, if you are not sure whether you can accept colorful handheld and shoulder bags, you can start with a wallet or a pocket pack, but don't look at the influence of color.

2. Embrace the blue sky BLUE STYLE

A Miu Miu hand with a point Vintage (antique) style, with a gold zipper and a buckle ring, the two colors that seem to contrast add a bright spot to the overall shape.In normal times, wearing a long dress with a long skirt, a white system and a yellow dress are all right!

Miu Miu Nappa Charm Satchel

Miu Miu Vitelo Lux Satchel

3. Favorite green grassland GREEN STYLE

Put on a popular pink dress at a party banquet, but do you still have a darn hand bag?The Chloe Lily series has introduced a portable and lukewarm hand/hand bag that makes your summer party model more consistent!

Chloe Lily

The classic Marcie series that uniquely presents the special lines with unique technologies is also keeping up with the tide!The warm leather tactile leather and the line on the front cover of the handbag are Marcie's features, and the green Marcoe series integrates fashion and classical with fashion.

Chloe Marcie Bag

4. Release the glamorous RED STYLE

image has a strong, aggressive, and slightly aggressive Locomotive, Balenciaga, which introduces a series of red locomotives. You can pick up the red, unreserved, and unreserved enthusiasm, and you can pick a little bit of aggression and have a softer atmosphere.

5. Fresh and white WHITE STYLE

In 2010, the Luggage Boston Bag, launched by Celine Design Director, Phoenix Philo, is a skilful outline of the handle and the chain of pull, or "Face Packs" or "Smileface Packs".In addition to the classic white background, the white background has also been introduced with a white-white style that makes the outline of the human face even more hidden and unique. It suits you to have a little girl in your heart.

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July womany x Reebonz

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