Let us listen to the reader said that women are fascinated by the notebook's intentions and thick texture, hands-on experience after use, will feel the designer's intentions. Through the golden sentence and the words of the company, let you become the strength to support yourself.

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Is there a phrase in your life that will bring you the strength to support, the kind reminders to help you through life, whether you are at a happy or low ebb?

A word, with me for many years, since 2009, has been accompanied by my side, I will put this sentence in the notebook of the front page, so that they often have the opportunity to read and see.

2009 years to experience a sad lovelorn, I was very young, not happy to eat less, weight reached the lowest 34 kg, at that time, I, the need for the spirit of support, because the introduction of a friend to read the secret version of the book, know the Law of Attraction, learned the power of the idea of shaping the future, and positive expectations, to help the future of life development, when I had a wish book, will be in the heart of the wish to write in the wish book. And what I wrote on the back of this book is the one that touches me most in the Book of Attraction law:

"follow your Bliss,and The universe will open doors to you,when there were only walls." follow your happiness, the universe in the four walls, open a door for you.

Time is so fast, this sentence has been around me for 9 years, why would choose this sentence, as a wish for the pointer? Because this sentence makes me feel the front is full of hope! Often people in a difficult situation, the most desperate feeling, that is, see no future there are other better possibilities, as if they were surrounded by four walls stuck in a certain kind of life situation, suffocation, unable to move, can only helpless in the dark overwhelmed. But this sentence gave me one of the simplest, breakthrough guidelines, is "follow your bliss" follow your happiness! (Recommended reading:"Women's fans say work" Women are obsessed with notebook design inspiration: only to be sent to the user's hand, the actual completion of the design )

This is a guide to start the subconscious switch, want to follow their own happiness, first of all, you will first think of what you think happiness is? Those happy experiences, experiences, will be called out from the archives of our minds, those are the successful experiences in our lives, and the recall and experience of past successes will help us to find resources from within ourselves and produce positive forces. Those happy, want to start from small things to see, for example, eat a good meal, sleep very comfortable a sleep, the weather good to go to the park, the cat to find you a spoiled brat ... and so on, these subtle little things, that is, I think this sentence "bliss". Do not underestimate these small things, inside in fact are hidden in the supreme happiness!

I was guided by the words, a second, the appetite is gradually normal, over time, has been able to laugh at the original lovelorn sad, but the life process, I met more challenges, no matter how bad the physical and mental situation, in the feeling that the most can not go on, " To follow the feeling of happiness "is always the important way to save myself, even if those happiness, may only let oneself happy a second also does not matter, when you continuously close lets oneself feel the joyful various life style, those to ego good feeling, will slowly surround oneself, seems to form a kind of protective shield, isolates originally lets oneself sad sad all 。

Originally seemingly hopeless life, in these happy slow and continuous percussion, the walls are also beginning to appear cracks, revealing some light. There is light ahead, is happy, in the dark for a long time, as long as a little light, you can make their tears, the original, there are worth living things.

The walls that block themselves and the future, first crack, through the light, and continue to experience the things that make you feel happy, continue to accumulate, you will find a wall collapsed, you can cross the heap of rubble, look back to see and understand their efforts, to encourage themselves, and then embark on a new journey, that is the universe for you, a new good life.

Women fans of the introduction of the notebook, is accompanied by you to follow the happiness of good partners, to make themselves happy, meaningful to themselves, to help their own things to write down, is to feel the best way forward. I've already introduced women to 2018, and now I use them every day. And the latest published play with the Time series notebook , divided into three kinds of internal pages, with three kinds of cover.

My favorite is the "Golden Sentence notebook", the inner page is a blank square + box design, there are empty lines, to facilitate the transcription of the source or annotation of the golden sentence. I like the gold sentence this blank + square design, can let me use freely, need to align when write on the square that page, need to write freely when on the blank page.

The cover sentence of the book is "The words of others, only when you give them meaning, they will exert their power." 」

I often think that the cat is the practice of this sentence the most thorough existence, you call the cat over, cat ignore. You tell the cat not to play with the Wire, the cat continues to play. You tell the cat not to dial the mug on the table, the next second you will hear the sound of the Broken Cup. You ask the cat to wake up to play with you, the cat continued to sleep.

The words of others, you do not care about, there is no meaning, can not affect themselves. We have the ability to choose, to listen to what we want to hear, to become the power of their own forward. Don't forget, we always have a choice.

The cover of the golden sentence has a small design, the bottom pages of the page has a small invitation "look forward to see your character xd" on the cover. " In fact, this cover is very welcome in gold online with their favorite pen to write their own golden sentence! You can write with a different color pen to cover the white font, or you can write directly on the cover like me with the small print.

I write down of course is that sentence always support me!

"follow your Bliss,and the universe'll open doors for you,when there were only walls."

Really good like this can be combined with their own creations and ideas of the work, such a notebook to use up special feel the strength of the company, because every time I see a cover, are in a reminder to encourage themselves!
The notebook is the size of a A5, almost as big as a hand account.

Plays with the time series notebook bookbinding way, can let the notebook completely flat to write, this is very important to me!

The inside page part this time uses is 68 pounds Bachang paper, the hand account already very good written, did not think this notebook's paper quality to write better! To me this also retains some writing habits of the people, write on the paper feel really felt the difference, writing more smooth and effortless, we must come to experience the joy of this writing feeling!

In addition to the transcription of the golden sentence, this notebook is accompanied by my record of the opera to see the classic lines of dialogue, watching the drama.

At the same time, I also take this notebook as a work-book, which has written the work of attention, the theme of writing inspiration, as well as with me to participate in the book meeting, record the discussion notes. Notebook for me is not simply a tool to record life, more like a friend who has been accompanied by my side. (Recommended reading: Positive Thinking exercises: Prepare a good note for yourself )

Paper slightly thick, very textured golden sentence of the book waist, but also can change body to sign it!

If you need firm support now, the same series this "decided to love living square eye Notebook" is very suitable to stay around.

"I can't decide how and how to die, but I can decide how to love and how to Live." "Remind yourself to put your focus on what you have, not on your destiny." Mastering the parts that we can decide can actually create a brilliant future.

If anxiety and fear have always been an important issue for you, the "Conquer Fear Blank Notebook" is the practice of overcoming fear.

Blank, unknown world, often make people worry about not knowing what kind of challenges to face, but in fact, the blank is also give yourself the most space of the state, when you in this notebook in a word recorded your will, is in the universe with the Declaration, in the face of the unknown future, you choose to face and leap, you will have a more abundant accumulation.

Both of the cover fonts are bronzing, to see the film can really feel the luster of the font, really beautiful. The last few pages of these two also have hidden version of the message, let everyone find out themselves:

May everyone be able to find support, to accompany their own strength, in time, stable to go down.