This week, Spain's new prime minister, Pedro Sanchez, passed a new cabinet appointment in Wednesday (8th), with 65% of women in the cabinet, promoting and opening a new benchmark for gender equality internationally.

The Government of Spain opened a new benchmark for gender equality in Wednesday (8th).

According to the BBC , Spain's new prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez (Pedro sánˋchez Pérez-castejón), was appointed by the cabinet, with nearly two-thirds of the cabinet ministers being female, For the first time in the history of the country, women held most of the top government positions. (Recommended reading: the second term in the history of pregnancy national leaders!) New Zealand Prime Minister: "Women can take care of everything, but not alone"

Not only Spain, this cabinet decision, even the world's landmark Gender Equality initiative.

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June 2, a member of the Spanish Social Democratic Party, Sanchez, sworn in as prime minister, he immediately announced the cabinet choice, his new cabinet includes 11 women and 6 men, of whom former culture minister Kamenkalvo will become Sanchez's deputy prime Minister and Minister of Gender Equality.

Sanchez has captured the experience of professionals from all walks of life, and the new cabinet consists of a scientific astronaut, a prosecutor specializing in counterterrorism, Delores del Gado, a minister of Justice, and a socialist with long educational experience Isabelseraya become Minister of Education.

"These members of the Cabinet are not only highly competent, but also have the ability to force feedback on the public as a career in their professional careers to bring the best change to Spain." "Sanchez told reporters in Wednesday," [The new cabinet] is a form of gender equality, intergenerational, open to the world but based on the EU. 」

He referred to Europe as "our new home" and said he believed that the Cabinet chose not to hesitate to commit to gender equality, a faithful reaction to and change to the Woman ' march of the women's movement, which was burning all the way to the March 8. (Recommended reading: written after Women ' s March: We must choose freedom, not fear )

Perero Sanchez's cabinet choice reflects his commitment to choose Socialism and feminism to serve his government in the campaign. Sanchez's move has made his country more than most countries around the world-countries that are still at the top of government positions to achieve gender equality in women's representation.

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In the United States, for example, only 6 of the 23 members of the Donald Trump President's cabinet are women. This includes controversial figures, such as education Minister Betsy DeVos, who was criticized for the cancellation of the Obama period's protection for sexually abused survivors on college campuses. (Recommended reading:"Gender watch" when Trump says "take her private place, you can do whatever you like")

The situation in other countries, such as Brazil, was even worse in May 2016, when Brazilian president Micheltmell appointed a full men's cabinet, sparking uproar over the blatant lack of representation of women. According to a United Nations report, in June 2016, women parliamentarians accounted for only 22.8% of the seats in parliament. In January 2017, only 18.3% of government ministerial positions were held by women.

According to statistics from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the new Spanish cabinet is comprised of 65% women, a record 62.5% in the Nordic country of Finland in 2015, and a more tangible implementation of women's political participation.