In the graduating season of June, Jeremy Lin, who used to raise the tide of the forest frenzy, was invited to a speech at the national Political University, and the graduation speech reminded the new: "Ordinary makes you mediocre, only madness, can let you step by step close to greatness."

The new owner Rockets, the center Dellenburg, Lin was released by the Ball Regiment, three days later, the Knicks and Lin signed a new contract.

As a reserve defender for the first two months, Lin was once decentralized development Alliance, the outlook is not optimistic. As the Knicks continued to get out of the wounded, Lin scored 25 points, 7 assists and 5 rebounds in front of star defender Williams for a 36-minute career record with Nick playing in the Nets.

After that, Jeremy Lin's performance, all for himself to lay the important position of the team, "linsanity" a word turned out, the whole United States suddenly set off the forest to crazy trend.

Has plunged the world into a frenzy of forest madness, Jeremy Lin, a big boy who graduated from Harvard University and became the first Taiwanese NBA player to be selected as the top man in Time magazine, was invited to the graduation ceremony of the National Chengchi University in 2018, saying: "I was the focus of the world at the height of the forest, But the heart is empty to sleep. 」

Lin's own experience encourages graduates, only to find their own life goals, the heart will be rich, always keep the "winning attitude", do not be afraid to face the challenge.

Life is like a basketball game, in the face of the unknown, let go of a fight, do not be afraid of the ball into the shot, just believe in the past practice, persistent to throw the ball, right.

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Expand yourself, don't let others judge you, stop your yearning.

Jeremy Lin's first proposal for fresh graduates, "constantly expanding, beyond their comfort zone." He admits that the process of stepping out of the comfort zone will experience frustration, especially when the career starts, but the greatest growth in life comes from the greatest frustration, suffering and pain is to enable a person to grow rapidly, very important motivation. (Recommended reading: A life-changing commencement speech: People are fearless, driven by faith, not applause )

For example, when doing weight training, the muscle is torn and given time to repair the muscle from injury, it grows stronger and stronger. People encounter setbacks is the same reason.

Growing up is the most frustrating time.


Lin also said that in the circle of friends to make good friends is also very important thing, a friend's advice, can help you do more accurate and meticulous life choices.

"Make good friends, but never be the smartest of friends." "He has, for example, had a lot of opportunities to be a spokesperson in the past, and he really has a lot of appeal and help from the perspective of financial income and finance." At that time, friends persuasion, not because of the immediate interests of the assessment of importance, he was grateful to listen to a friend suggested no endorsement, then found that the company does have a lot of hidden problems, so, "to ensure that your friends in the circle, there will always be smarter than you."

The process of jumping off the comfort zone, Jeremy Lin also takes his hairstyle for example, "Don't play the security card, don't be afraid to criticize," although no one around to look at his black braid styling, but for him, this is his challenge to himself, he wanted to prove that he can not be interested in other people's vision and evaluation, only to be true to himself. "

Ordinary makes you mediocre, madness makes you close to greatness

Jeremy Lin, in his pursuit of dreams, tells the graduates that it is necessary to achieve the desired level of madness.

When he graduated from college, the dream is to play basketball in the NBA, in order to achieve the dream, Lin's mother resolutely led the pension, told Lin, gave him two years to find a dream, in retrospect, Lin said that mother such behavior is crazy, but it is because of these crazy, he has the opportunity to pursue a dream. (Recommended reading: The most honest commencement speech!) David Forster Wallers: "You make a choice for yourself, you really have a life")

Ordinary will only let you have mediocre life, you have to be a little crazy, will step by step approach to greatness.


He also admitted that he read Big four o'clock, in order to achieve the dream spent a lot of time to train themselves, and even the last four months before graduating from school, so spending effort, only to smooth into the NBA. But he believes it means that we have to hold on to the goals we want to achieve in order to make our dreams a step further.

After entering the workplace, your job allows you to feed your family and support your living expenses, but those who succeed are the ones who have more attachment and desire than others in their own hearts.

He also gave examples, a year and friends birthday, we drink more, he sent his friends home, settled, he at 4:30 A.M., still on the gym, training for one hours, the training is he felt the best, the most attentive practice. Some might say it's crazy, but for Jeremy Lin, "You have to be great to be a little crazy."

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Don't forget to enjoy the present process because you have to look away.

Lin became an NBA player so far, eight seasons in the past, he was 29 years old, he told the graduates, "the biggest regret of my life is that I was so focused on what I wanted to get in the first five years, I focused on the goals I set for myself, so I couldn't enjoy the whole process." He stressed that if you can't enjoy the process, there is no way to enjoy the final result.

Until the sixth year, when he played for the Charlotte Hornets, he put down his obsession with the target, looked around the stadium, and realized that he had neglected the importance of caring about his surroundings because he cared too much about his performance on the pitch.

' As long as you learn to enjoy the process, you can be happy and thankful for a lot of tiny things, ' he says, ' even if it's just a little snack on the plane, ' the snacks and cookies on the airplane are something I've never really appreciated in the NBA. Only if one day you really succeed, you have to practice and learn to be humble. 」

For Jeremy Lin, everyone's life is about the value of their beliefs, and in the face of anyone and any situation, you don't forget the core values you believe in, and in humility, keep your confidence.

Never give up the chance of success in your life.

From the experience of losing the ball, Jeremy Lin to share with the graduates, do not be afraid to lose the ball, he gave up pitching, only efforts to achieve the goal.

There was a game with the Wizards of Washington, 20 points, Lin 10 0, but now looking back, he is still proud of the game, if in the beginning of the basketball career, most people who voted 4 goals, will stop to throw the ball.

But in that race, despite his repeated pitches, he was still willing to believe in himself and keep pitching. It is a matter of pride for him to believe in his own efforts. He also encourages graduates to pay the price to learn, if the conference meeting to speak or performance opportunities, must grasp, remember, as long as efforts will have results.

Jeremy Lin also mentioned that during the Lin Lai Madness, the Knicks won 7 games but lost in the 8th game. The loss, he personally made 9 mistakes, is the most personal career ever. He received a call from Nick Coach Maikdani. The head coach told him, "I don't care how many times you make mistakes, don't change the way you play, use your best pace, play a ball well, even if you have 9 mistakes, you may have 20 assists in the course of the game." 」。

Lin said that at the moment he finally understood why Maikdani's team always wins, because the head coach always brings joy and self-confidence to the team, and good leaders should lead the people around to feel the joy, to work with self-confidence and to face the challenge.

Picture Source | The screenshot of Jeremy Lin's graduation speech

Be a loyal person and accomplish the right thing in the right way

Another life revelation is that Jeremy Lin's teammates and brokers have taught him.

Lin said that when he was a rookie in the NBA, only a pair of jeans, a teammate found him wearing the same jeans every day, brought him 20 pairs of jeans, he said, he will remember that his teammates for him to do something so intimate.

In addition, he also mentioned his past in school, Harvard University learned a word: "Son."

"Remember to take care of your parents, don't let yourself be busy, forget who is behind you," he warns. In addition, to be a loyal person, we have heard too many stories of betrayal and injury. Make sure that you are honest, that you are loyal, always protect those who protect you, and always be loyal to those who have faith in you. 」

Lin mentioned that in the period of the forest, he actually had many opportunities with greater the bigger brokerage firm signed up to make more money, but he refused to betray his agent, "because my agent has always been loyal to me since I was in the NBA, and I don't care who gets me the best of all, you have to like, Enjoy the people around you, and most importantly, be a loyal person. (Recommended reading: become the answer, become the era!) Taiwan University graduates speech: "In the face of all kinds of life, to be a responsible person")

Find your life goals, don't run through your life, and you'll still feel empty.

"The last thing I want to share is to find your goal in life," Lin, at the end of his graduation speech, looked back at the emptiness and helplessness he felt under the tide of the forest, and said he was ready to play against the Chicago Bulls two weeks after the outbreak, but he was sleepless the night before, "because I am empty, Even though I was already a global spotlight, still less than I am now, I can tell you that I have more happiness than I have in the woods for the time being. 」

Jeremy Lin said the red shot lost his direction, and he recovered his life goals through faith. So even though he experienced the greatest pain and frustration of his life last season, the joy of the present is still steadfast, because he knows where he is going and what he aspires to achieve.

Jeremy Lin to 2018 of the graduates of the blessing, look forward to you in the face of setbacks, still do not give up for their lives struggling to throw the ball, look forward to you in the pursuit of the dream of the process, know why they pursue, where to pursue, on the ground to feel the pain and happiness.

Find your real goal, I do not want you to spend your life trying to pursue the dream, but when the dream comes true, the heart is still filled with emptiness.