Beautiful man unit, take you see the soft and diverse men can have.

People who know American film director Weisshandsen (Wes Anderson), mostly from the work of the "Budapest Hotel," the sharp and meticulous art style, the setting of symmetrical picture set began.

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The first few scenes of the "Budapest Grand Hotel" are carried out by a lightweight and compact rhythm. Color Romantic Imitation If the candy house scene, the moment will you pull into his strange thinking of the world: A group of strange with the mainstream society, has a dream out of reality, in the director set the time and space of each other to produce chemical role, but also their own fantasy world. As time passes, will also see the plot of the subtle burial gap, so that the history and political reality flow in, so also see the human nature of pure Zhi Mei Good, evil of the reason should be, there is hope.

His films can be used as a fairytale for children, as well as for adults to tap into the subject matter and see the setting that echoes the heavy reality or politburo potential. But in any case, Weisshandsen is gentle, he also built a lightweight, pink escape path, let people have breathing space.

The plural family in Anderson's movie.

Weisshandsen is one of the most contemporary directors and a minority of "author" (auteur) in comedy genre films. With his peers, such as Noah Baumbach, Spike Jonze, Paul Thomas Anderson and Sofia Coppola, he has revived the style of a new generation of American cinema.

Even though his films are permeated with European sentiments, Weisshandsen is a Native American born in Houston, Texas, whose father is a PR company owner and his mother was an archaeologist, and then a realtor. As a child, Weisshandsen began to show his passion for images. He often uses his father's Super Eight camera (super–8 camera) to photograph the silent films of his brothers and friends.

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At the age of eight, his parents divorced, Weisshandsen and two other siblings moved to live with their mother. The mother often takes her three children to the archaeological exploration during school holidays. Weisshandsen's third film, "The Genius of the Clan" (The Royal Tenenbaums) in the mother role set, that is, an archaeologist, playing the mother of Anjelica Huston in the play with Weisshandsen mother's glasses.

Perhaps because of the difficult to be understood by others, Anderson early works of almost every major role, are the marginalized of the mainstream society, or are not successful "adults" of the youth, such as "off the line of the cannon," the hero has been in the mental hospital, "are all the trouble of Love" Max was expelled, "genius of the Family" The three siblings grow into children's souls locked in the adult body of adults. The only way to grow into the next stage is through the gorgeous adventures of a link with family/friends.

The new film "The Island of Dogs" is a multiple family spanning the boundaries of species, with the boy leading the overturned of the new arteries and the death of his parents, the son of the mayor of Kobayashi (which has been a typical family member).

The boy and his bodyguard dog spot (spots) is a master-slave relationship, as well as a brother's fetters. Canine "spots" are more mature than small boys, like caring for the role of the elder brother, when the spot was first banished to the garbage island, the boy for his flight to the island, the only one to search for a dog/family human. In the search for spots, the boy allied with another five hounds. On the other side, on the island of Japan, there is a remote support from the American exchange students.

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Outside the movie World, Weisshandsen also has a group of fixed-card divisions that enjoy the movie journey as family members. This group of alternative families consists of actor Bilmury (Bill Murray), Owenwilsen (Owen Wilson), Adria Amblodi (Adrien Brod), Angelica Cashuston (Anjelica Husto), and they usually have different roles or levels of participation, Appeared again in his different works.

The proper ingredient of an adult: a child plus an adult

In his interview, Anderson said that for a 12-year-old child, any romantic atmosphere is like entering a fantasy world. He is romantic and rational, but all rational calculations are designed to construct the sensual world of fantasy.

One of the longest and most consistent themes in his film, Weisshandsen is adept at arranging all the details to build a time that teaches you the purity, joy, and openness of being a child again. "Children are always open to the world and have an open heart." "Few kids don't want to see themselves making others happy," he says. 」

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Li Daiyi, the film critic, thinks that it is possible to see from two how the child world molded Anderson's works: First, "storytelling" is the most important activity in children's world and the structure of Anderson's film narration. Second, the importance of "objects" in the world of children is even more than people, which shows why Anderson's work attaches importance to composition: Because in his world, objects are as important as people (symmetrical composition is composed of objects).

But unlike the fairy tale, in his comedy, there is also the real world heavy and absurd, you can also in the delicate setting, see his reflection.

For example, the location of the story of the Dog Island, Megasaki, it is difficult not to associate Nagasaki (Nagasaki) in the Homophonic, the first chapter of the young protagonist from the sky caused by the crash of the mushroom cloud, but also reminiscent of Nagasaki and Hiroshima was thrown bombs.

"Dog Island" story is also buried in the "pluralism and inclusiveness" (Diversity & Inclusion,d&i) core ideas, in recent years, D&i's discussion in the industry expansion, Anderson does not hide the film is inspired by the political environment. In an interview with TimeOut, he said, "since we started making this film six years ago, we think what happened around us is also related to the story." We look for material that can be put in history, and as the story progresses, we find inspiration in the headlines. 」

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I think Anderson is more like a big, focused kid, he was open, curious and attentive to the world, lived an incomprehensible youth, and knew that he could not grow out of himself by the gender framework of the adult world, he could just be himself, keep the child's eyes and soft imagination, as he grew, Develop superb film skills and strong executive power.

"When you are a 11, 12-year-olds, the world in which books are built can easily take you away, and you will begin to believe that these illusions may also be reality, and that it becomes your whole world, like staying under the water, which makes the whole world look different. 」

His films are like a filter, a new viewing angle, take us to a more humorous and lovely point of view, see the world's lovely and hateful place, see the mainstream world exclusion of different races and even species, see not be accepted by the social order of the freaks, see in the mainstream rigid and stereotyped views, there is a colorful world.

His films are dedicated to all the adults who are always in their hearts, dedicated to your innocence and to those who are still soft when they know the sophistication.

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