To the graduates of a love letter, dialogue with you also like looking back to youth, just want us to outline their own shape of the road, faith in their own beliefs, always do not forget the heart of the softest original intention.

Write a letter to you, like looking back at my own youth, 22-year-old anxiety is clearly visible, like our left arm in common scar, a pin branded, so we have antibodies against the virus, while wailing side was thrown into the world, struggling to learn to thrive.

You say, this is not like graduation?

Generation of fresh people full-gush, over graduation, branded under the confusion, the classroom in the ear of finely-cut laughter, too late to hear the whispers of youth, to grow up, to find their own appearance.

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95 of graduates, like every generation must have a pronoun, can easily be identified in history, your generation is called the first generation.

Jean Maire Twenge, a professor of psychology at the University of San Diego, will connect the young groups of Gen Y generation, known as the "i generation," defined as: "Born in 1995, playing mobile phone grew up, had a IG account before high school, do not know what the world is like before the birth of the network. 」

They say I was a generation longer than the financial turmoil, with an uneasy experience, more willing to work overtime, a lack of entrepreneurial courage, a generation of I in the mobile age, and a preference for "action contacts", which showed that I had the lowest social capacity of generations in the past few generations.

The slow employment is another phenomenon of 95 graduates, facing a huge and diverse career choice, compared to the second and third, after 95 graduate job search urgency reduced, not anxious to jump into the job market.

These words for you after 95, I hope you understand, these labels and phenomena are "they say that",i generation is compared to a group of network generations, your slow career may be the ideal of not to be, the possibility of life is not a complete collection; when they say I have a passable social power, don't forget, This is the network community in power generation, you are born this material, do not want to camp the pursuit of other people's ability, forget to appreciate yourself.

We have experienced, have not known ourselves, the body is full of the time of the label, these labels are resistance is also help, let us recognize ourselves. Don't want to be so defined? Then try to tear it off, with its own ability to paste a new one. (Recommended reading: Oprah's warm Graduation speech: You were born to be yourself on this planet )

Rebuilding their own road, pain inevitable, I think the reason for the beautiful youth, because it is extremely confusing, we try to find order in the chaos, accidentally messed up, bloody look at their new appearance.

Remember graduation then, and the same friends chat, we always sigh for opening, graduated with unlimited freedom, but also bring infinite confusion. As long as the filed with the school system to go, in the scores of the fight, in the position of the contest, the digital stack up the school days, we never imagined--take off the number, you can grow what shape?

Friends A Read the Department of Journalism, university four years carrying a camera up the mountain to interview, after graduation unrestrained to test flight attendants, for him, travel around the world is a list of life, become a flight attendant, let him take into account the reality and dream; friend B graduated into a big company to do marketing assistants, friends are still sloshing around in search of direction, he stepped into the workplace , work for two years while learning, and found himself very interested in marketing, resolutely back to college, flying to the UK to read marketing; Friends C University reading procedures, Fu graduated during the period of time often shouting that they do not write the program, I do not know where to go in the future, and then met a good interview opportunity, in large companies began to write programs, while writing and learning, Eventually, you get a lot of sense of achievement in writing programs.

Most of the time, the choices we make for life, the experience of each heart experience, seemingly irrelevant, and eventually all layers of overlap, become you in the future.

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Just graduated, I have a full three months to escape into the workplace, the Department of Management graduate, but I know that I always love to write. With a non-undergraduate department, no work experience of the new resume, search the Internet media information, ask what they love, little by little piece of their "can" is the possibility of what looks like. (Recommended reading:"Women are fascinated to say work" Fresh people, is the most enjoyable adult style )

Starting from the desire to build their own shape, although in the way of being an editor, I always feel confused, but I always want to give up, trying to escape the time to ask myself: Why are you here?

I remember in the woman fan published the first article on-line, one night I found the article below a reader message, he said, "Thank you for writing warm words," a short sentence, but always in the future days to support me to continue to write down.

This reader reminds me why I wrote the original purpose, why I am here.

I am here, because I always remember the words accompany me through the low tide, warm strong strength; I am here, because I am eager to grow, only to accept the challenge, to face the shortcomings, to accumulate strength; I am here because I am finally in the process of writing, to find the value of what I want to believe-if the words can ignite a man's Glen, let him have the courage to move forward. I would like to keep writing.

Since then, whenever I encounter setbacks, I always ask myself, why do you start to go this way? What are you still working on here for?

So if I say, still confused I can give the graduates what advice, I only wish you always barbaric growth, but do not forget the heart of the softest piece.

No matter which industry you are in, decide which way to go after you graduate--continue to do research, go abroad for a vacation, start with an intern, go straight into the workplace, as long as it's the choice you make for yourself, all the attempts will not be futile.

I hope you often ask yourself, why do I stay here? What ability do I want to accumulate in this experience? Does this choice fulfill your ideal life? Can this job help you realize the value of your beliefs? Do you live in every moment with love?

I hope you will absorb as much experience as you can, and have the ambition to grow up, and in the process of practicing the ideal, never forget to let you embark on this path, and be a very savage person who is loyal to your faith.

"Barbarism and loyalty are the rules of everything." This is the street I learned in high school, I now feel that this standard is for all life, living and creative. I was not obedient, but also not cause trouble, is always according to their wishes to grow up. At first I was surrounded by the same people, I do not know how, a moment suddenly found only me. It was a strange feeling, but soon I got used to it. I never left here, go to the same supermarket every day to buy things, the same restaurant point of food to eat, but I have been singing, singing different songs to different people to listen to.

Suddenly discovered that this kind of loyal behavior is actually good savage. 」

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