The first British royal gay wedding News! British queen Elizabeth cousin Ivar · Sir Mountbatten will be with partner James this summer Coyle married.

While the world is still immersed in the joy of Prince Harry and Megan's wedding in Britain, another piece of historical news was announced in Saturday (16th) that the British royal family will usher in the first gay marriage this summer. (Recommended reading:"relationship diary" Prince Harry and Megenmarker, I love you because you Are you )

British queen Elizabeth cousin Ivar · Sir Mountbatten (Lord Ivar Mountbatten) will be with his partner, James, this summer. Coyle (James Coyle) married.

In 1994, Sir Mountbatten married his ex-wife Penny (Penny), had three daughters, divorced Penny in 2011, and admitted in 2016 with a partner James J. Coyle relations, public out of the Ark.

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Royal first gay wedding: no criticism, just pure acceptance of the great love

Talking about his ex-wife and his homosexual identity, Mountbatten admits he was early aware of his sexuality, but when he proposed to his first wife Penny, he only showed that she was bisexual. "I had a happy childhood, but at the time, I could never tell my parents I was gay," he said. Because in my childhood, gay men are called male demons, freaks or perverts. It may not be a big deal for the people of this generation, but in our generation, it really is.

Although to Mountbatten himself, he sometimes still feel uncomfortable, because in the royal and aristocratic family culture in the context of growth, he felt pressure, the past to receive heterosexual sex education, still has a profound influence on him, that whether to have a wife and children to meet the social operation of the normal. (Recommended reading:"See Comrade" Big Turtle x JoJo: Two If you love each other, you can form a home )

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For Mountbatten's upcoming gay wedding, Penny and three daughters both feel blessed and happy, "This is a very modern marriage," James said, "without any advice, criticism, just accepted the great love, he cared, I care, three girls are very supportive, three years ago they also said:" Wow, you will get married? " Mountbatten says his older daughter, Ella, thinks gay marriage is no longer a big deal: "It's normal now." 」

I want to give my partner a life that's safe and I Belong

At this gay wedding, Penny will be holding the hand of Sir Mountbatten through the red carpet, the hand of her ex-husband to another to accompany his life, give the deepest blessing. Penny revealed, holding the ex-husband red carpet, "is the daughter's idea, I listened to feel very excited, deeply moved." 」

"I think Mountbatten live a more comfortable life these days," said Penny, who was her ex-husband's partner, James hit. In the past, he buried his true sexuality, pretended to be accustomed to, and even did not realize that such concealment, in fact, let him live in pain. He "came out of the closet" and became a completely different person. Everyone said, never see him so happy. I think this is James's credit, he is a very interesting person. 」

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Mountbatten said that everyone knew that he and James had plans for the wedding and were excited about us, "but they couldn't come to the wedding." Their itinerary was lined up a few months ago, but they all liked James and everyone admired him, "said Sir Mountbatten."

Sir Mountbatten said the wedding would be held at the private church in the manor and would only invite Kith to participate. Not in the tradition, the party will not have the first dance of the bridge, and there will not be two men in the middle of a suit to shuttle pigeons wedding cake.

"I want to give my partner a wedding," said Sir Mountbatten. For me, I don't need a wedding, or, I've had a wedding, and I have loved daughters. But I decided to do it because it was important to my partner. 」

" James doesn't feel like I have a sense of belonging, and I want to give it to him," he said. --Sir Mountbatten

It is not clear whether there will be Royal members present at the gay wedding. But the Queen, who used to support LGBTQ rights, said in a statement in 2017 to support LGBT rights, saying: "My Government will further address the gender pay gap and discrimination based on race, creed, gender, disability or sexuality." 」

One rumor was that when the Queen of England signed the royal consent of the 2013 same-sex couples act, she said, "Well, who would have thought, 62 years ago, when I got on the throne, that I would sign a letter of consent like this?" Isn't that great? 」

This summer, can usher in such a love wedding, not very good things?

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