Women fans of the June graduation season interview, invited the past five years of new professional workers, and fresh graduates to share the status of the industry. Exclusive interview full-time YouTuber goldfish brain, into the YouTuber circle is a mistake, in this industry to find the value you want to express, is the most important thing!

The first time to see goldfish brain, the presence of net beach activities.

Wearing a big "water" word slogan white T, behind the back of the climbing rack is also more than her height, climbing racks are not climbing backpack, but a bucket of clean drinking water, external water pipes. That activity, she when to help the participants recharge water "water female", while helping you to fill the water, while hanging sweet smile, said: "Happy to see you to clean beach!" 」

I stooped, but when I dug a cigarette butt out of the sand, she had gone a long way. I looked back, not seeing her, only to see the constantly moving climbing racks and two of hard-working legs.

Once again contact the goldfish brain, is I in the seat of hard thinking graduation season topics, the editorial department hopes through an interview in the past five years without the new career, let fresh graduates better understand the status of the industry. Just as I was deeply immersed in a YouTuber video, think dazzling, editor partner leisurely floated: "You can interview goldfish brain ah." 」

Open the Goldfish Brain YouTube channel, is still full of vitality, a girl holding the camera to herself, behind the scenes change, always unchanged is her insistence on communication environmental protection. When this is an individual's generation of media, the value you believe in, the issues you pass on, the influence you want to create, become a gesture of self expression.

And I am curious, is how the environment of foul smoke, let this goldfish struggling to shore from the water, snapped the ground, stir up a small sound, firmly to you listen carefully.

Junior suspended, life is a mistake to break into YouTuber circle

Interview that day, Jinking (goldfish brain) a white vest jeans, youth-filled dress. There is also a magazine to shoot the announcement, time is compact, we had to visit about seven o'clock in the evening, the interview window side a yellow street lamp hit her face, lined with the night, I asked her the first question.

Jinking is the art department students, a senior year, she resolutely had to suspend school, see again to get the university degree, this time suspended, who are surprised, "but I just can't endure!" You can't stay a second longer! "I watched her banging on the table, squeezing out her cracked mouth and grinning, admiring her devotion to herself," she said. Perhaps life on the road, we have flashed in the heart of "a second can not be more" mood, it is your heart in protest, you do not focus on your life, you are not happy, you gradually live not like yourself, but we have not stopped to listen carefully.

Jinking is not the same, she stopped, aware of their own heart, "I always like to draw, painting is my interest, but when the interest became academic research, each painting a picture need to explore the creation of the discussion behind, I think I am no longer a happy painting." So the junior senior that summer vacation, I feel I can not stay more than a moment, decided to suspend school. After the suspension of course also experienced a period of idleness, all day by the top of the days of confusion, I said maybe let the life occasionally let oneself play waste put a false also good, Jinking with incredible expression look at me, hurriedly shook his head, "No, play waste bad." Nothing to do the day is really painful, so after graduation or to try to think about their interests, and try to do it! 」

In the past became YouTuber this career option, never also not in the Jinking life list, "I suspended that period of time, because too boring, watching students are still busy in schoolwork, forcing themselves must have some output." I think I like to cut the film, just when I met the boss of the company now, they talked to me after a day, I think "environmental protection" is my concern. I began to have the idea of making a film. (Recommended reading: I'm an old youtuber!. Interview with the stars: "The Meaning of life, is the pursuit of happiness")

"The reason I really started filming was that when I was in the Youth Echo project, I just saw the movie" Taiwan Theatre "(another environmental YouTuber channel), which was deeply touched by the fact that they were concerned about environmental protection from the Taiwan issue. The idea of just this plan is to want the participants to exert their influence and create a little change in the world. So my first film, born under such motives, is actually very simple. "It sounds simple, but it is not easy to depart from the rules and make an unknown road for yourself." I asked Jinking, this is not expected in the development of life, she is an environmental protection YouTuber what do you expect? She laughed, revealing shallow tiger, "in fact, I did not aspire to be environmentally friendly YouTuber!" Only environmental protection just is I care about a piece, and has not limited oneself after the development. Then she paused and asked me, "Did you just have another question?"

Throughout the visit, I was always a problem followed by a barrage of questions, often make Jinking very crash, "Stop stop!" You one question, I have a really bad memory. "Then we will be crazy laugh, I think Jinking to answer:" I was a short memory, but love to film Love painting, but also like to sing goldfish brain. This sentence, she each video finally, will say the signboard self introduction.

"I mean, do you have any expectations of being a YouTuber or a change that you want to create?" "I try to converge and ask Jinking what role YouTuber play in this generation for her," she said. And what kind of YouTuber does she want to be? "I think that every era will be the product of every era, like YouTuber is the rise of our era of occupation, the replacement of traditional media to convey the message of the pipeline, so that everyone can say what they want to say, care about the concept." So for me, I don't have the great desire to change the world, I just want to be able to focus on the topic, let more people know, together to pay attention to. It would be great if it made a difference to the world. 」

Every time I met for a faith, dedicated efforts of the people, will also be sounded in the heart of the sentence: "Great." A 22-Year-old university YouTuber, smiled and said that his daily cut film, busy, but this is the happiest moment of her life.

If enough through their own films, so that more people contact with environmental protection, even if only to cause them to think about it, such a little bit of impact, perhaps a day scarred the earth will be able to recover healthily.

Can you be a net red with one machine? Make it clear that interest really can't be eaten as a meal

Online information flow is fast, how to develop the concept of self-expression of audio-visual planning, regular quantitative production of film is to become the basic skills of YouTuber.

I am curious as YouTuber such a new professional freelance worker, Jinking is how to continuously from different pointcuts, attention to the daily small but important environmental issues, "is actually a serious" life, and then find life you care about, also feel worth introducing to everyone's topic, concept, When you find something that you really want to say, then think about what kind of mass you want to pass on to the message. When you find the person you are talking to, you will be able to start the communication tone in the architecture video! 」

Looking at Jinking, I think she is the same as female fans, in the persistent belief on the road, occasionally also bumps? She believes in environmental protection, we believe in gender, it seems to be a less approachable proposition, but we insist on repeated communication, because for us, it is enough to influence others, to create changes in the core of life.

When Jinking became a YouTuber on environmental issues, I asked bluntly whether I had been feeling weak in repeating the same issues. She gave me a relieved smile, "of course, when I was constantly advocating environmental protection, many concept concepts are also mentioned," she directly took the recent collaboration film as an example, "as I recently worked with the central, they want me to give you three practical ideas to start environmental protection, but later I decided, rather than give a method, I would prefer to talk about the concept of environmental protection. "She begins by saying" no "to habitual habits, talking about how to practice environmental protection in life, and each of your choices actually sets out your philosophy. When shopping, in order to protect the environment, the plastic bags, straw, excessive packaging of food say "no".

There are really some problems in doing environmental protection, but Jinking says that for the sake of the environment, these troubles and sacrifices are something we need to do.

However, the process of communication and environmental protection, some people are interested in Jinking inspired and hands-on practice of environmental protection, most people may put environmental protection in mind, think of reminding themselves, but also in the form of environmental habits on the way. How do you communicate with people who are not interested in environmental issues and don't care about them? This is the YouTuber of the storm. (Recommended reading: Japanese writer who writes Chinese!) New Well 123: Everyone should think about where their freedom is.

How to open up the dialogue masses, let oneself express the idea, be heard by more people, Jinking said this is a nasty thing, "but I definitely will not use the negative way, standing in the opposition of the masses." I want to keep communicating with my positive attitude, he may not have done it at first, but he did hear it. Slowly, he might try to see. Or he may suddenly flash in the brain, goldfish brain said: Do not take plastic bags. He took it one less time. Haha ha! "Jinking with strange cavity strange tune imitate, I see is optimistic persistent insistence, such insistence, let her flash light, in the corner of the world faintly shiny."

Did not do YouTuber will not know YouTuber wonderful and hard place, I listen to Jinking all the way to talk, from the confusion after graduation to now she said her work, eyes have light. Perhaps life is always inscrutable, only to start, continue to walk in the road, can see you come, unique life scenery.

If you also want to try to become YouTuber, want to make a few people for their own, but the path of the hidden secret, Jinking with the experience to tell the graduates of fresh, want to become YouTuber, these three questions, you have to ask yourself first:

1. Can you stick to the fixed output?

As a YouTuber, regular fixed audio and video output is the most basic first step in building attention, not everyone can start to find their own position as a YouTuber or want to talk about special topics, but the fixed-frequency output, in addition to forming the audience regularly to watch your channel outside, can also be in the process of making each episode of film slowly find themselves want to focus on the topic, anchoring themselves.

2. Can you endure a long period of waiting?

The beginning of everything, there is a period of waiting for a strong dormant period, operating a YouTube channel is the case.

When you are still nameless YouTuber, can you insist on starting the beginner's mind of the film, waiting for a long time only dozens of people to watch the plight of the times? Each industry has its bright side, red or make achievements to the YouTuber seemingly easy way to fame, behind may have several years of self-cheer, hard to endure hardships.

Before you become the ideal YouTuber, can withstand waiting, waiting for their own growth, waiting for the idea to be seen, waiting for the accumulation of life process, let you step by step growth?

3. Want to know if you want to take this as an interest or a principal

In the past, people used to say that interest could not be eaten as food. When you want to make up your mind to do one thing well, just treat it as an interest, maybe it's not enough to support your life, not enough for you to eat.

Many people are curious about the source of YouTuber's income? Jinking also not taboo to say, "In my own case, in fact, basically my source of income for three large chunks, business matching, physical activities and lectures." But before you can receive these collaborations, it is important to be aware of whether you see yourself as an interest or a career, apart from the fact that you have to endure the waiting period. 」

Before trying to become a YouTuber, ask yourself: Am I interested in running a YouTube channel as a sideline in my career? Or do you want to devote yourself to this career and look at it with a full-time attitude? After clarifying their own ideas, can be based on interest and occupation of the different, adjusted on the operation of the road on the time and effort to make their own thinking of life planning.

When you watch the environment deteriorate, why not try to change it a little bit?

When the people around to seek stability, nine to five income, her work is full of excitement and variable, fresh but not steady income, when the big environment continues to deteriorate, she still day after day, patiently communicate environmental protection. Faced with the uncertainty of life, the slow progress of the status quo, I think that there must be insufficient, that what is to support Jinking to today's momentum?

She wanted to think about it, from the fans to talk back to their original intention, "I think, to do a YouTuber is to want to shoot things, can be heard by the public." And the reason I keep filming is that most of it comes from fans ' feedback. The last time I was at a physical event, a guy was excited to talk to me, and he said that because of my film, he was also starting to focus on environmental protection and trying to make videos to let more people know. Jinking also said that after the boy will be his own cut film to her to see, so hands-on interactive communication, from her fans of the treasure, as well as to make the film themselves get moved.

"I am very happy, my own pay can really affect a person." This is also back to my original intention! Do YouTuber I only hope that the things I do, can cause people to watch some thinking, to produce a little action. A little accumulation is enough to create change. (Recommended reading: A love letter to graduates: May you be so loyal to your faith, not to forget your heart's softness )

Just like start talking about environmental protection, she said, she didn't aspire to be an environmental YouTuber, just when you watched the environment deteriorate, why not try to change a bit? "Even if the implementation of environmental protection is very troublesome, but I just want to environment, less a little bit of a bastard!" 」

What you believe, fearless to let yourself become that person, I think this can be Jinking life portrayal. Interview to the end, I asked her to enter the society of the graduates a blessing, she said in a word in full gas: "Do it!" I used to be afraid of the East afraid of the West, afraid to do something bad do not dare to try, but when you hesitate, many people have begun to do, maybe they will fail, but as long as they continue, they can learn from failure, and then grow. So the most important thing is to start doing it! 」

Remember, when your heart is protesting, when you find that you have to talk about the issue, when you are willing to persist to believe a value, do not think too long, to face the real self, do the right!

Visit the process of Jinking, I always feel she has a share of belief in reckless stupidity peculiar, she believes that as long as you continue to do, be worthy of the heart to do, reckless to do, each little push, will eventually produce some changes. The end of the interview, send Jinking left, the door iron ban LA, I can't see her upper body, only revealing a pair of constantly walk far legs.

I watched Jinking leave, and think of the first time I watched her scene. I look back, see her face, I saw a girl without fear of the ground toward the end of the distance, persistent belief, with diligent feet, has been running down.