This is a bachelor's diary dedicated to men. Know your anger, from your panic, don't be afraid, lovelorn, broke up, can cry, no matter.

The boy was lovelorn.

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Lovelorn first day, he drank a night of wine, go out with his brothers continue to irrigation him, said that girl also nothing good, we look at her very uncomfortable, what kind of girl, we introduce on the good. There are brothers in, afraid of what. We go to the left to drink, or you want to sing KTV, we find a few girls together out to play.

The boy put himself in the alcohol sea, tonight do not know why thousand cups not drunk, close their eyes, do not want to sleep, but good want to shed tears. But he can not cry, in front of his brother, also too embarrassing. "It's humiliating to be parted, and I still want to cry." "He is still blaming himself.

However, he always thought of the sudden breakup of the moment.

He is in fact a good panic, so unprepared, he did not have any preparation, feel himself abandoned. He is so sad, but there is no way to express his pain, he does not want to cry, can not plead, do not know how to show weakness. He has not practiced.

He has always been the strong one in the relationship, he has to take care of her, he wants to protect her, he wants to give her a good life, he always think so, he even never dared to let her know he any frustrated. He wanted to have her all the time, wanted her to be his, had a lot of moments, and he thought they were going to last forever.

To think of here, the immediate feeling is anger. Anger comes from his body, he is good habit, clenched his hands, and swung his fist, we clearly agreed, how can you go alone first? He yelled at her, did you have someone else? Is that B, you said before that he's been asking you out? He saw the disappointed expression on the girl's face, and every time she showed that expression, she finally gave up on her behalf.

He loosened his palms and watched her squat down to collect things without a word. The girl walked the last moment, do not know how to retain. He Lah that he was rejected and felt self-esteem trampled on the ground. He silently watched her leave.

She took the door, and he 呆愣 for five minutes before he realized he was really a man. (Recommended reading:"single diary" Dear Boy, I love you dare not cry )

He is not without warning, they have been very often cold war, he often confused what she was thinking, simply wear headphones to play electric, where relatively simple. He always thought that there would be a next time, still can, and later. Just buy her a present and she'll be happy.

He did not find that the girl had gone further and farther. Leaving, the girl left only a word, "I want not a hero, I want a boyfriend." She spoke very lightly, he did not understand at first, in the future he wants to spend a lot of energy to digest this sentence.

He began to think of relationships and had many happy times.

For example, he likes to hug her. In particular, the skylight light, put her little body into their arms, listen to her shallow breathing, dare not to force, afraid to wake up, the first time, he so care about one thing, she is his sweet and unspeakable secret. For example, he really likes to live with her. Like her to go home to throw a bra, plate hair, wear glasses, wanton relaxed appearance, he will take her bra cover face, said he is a salty egg Superman, just to make her laugh, she smiled really good-looking.

Source: Film Stills

They have been happy. But in this relationship, he has always wanted to be a hero, in the most difficult time, he still hold not to say, when the hero for a long time, he has forgotten that he is able to love, can also be loved. Why don't you keep talking? The reason he can't remember, may be afraid of being despised. Hey, two people in love, worried about what to do? (same field Gayon: to my Chinese ex-boyfriend: I want a democratic and independent love )

He finished tonight's 14th glass of wine, while brother Sangar, silently pay, drill back to the late night street, a person walking home.

This heartache road is very long, the wind of the night is cool, once in love, think good sad, but he actually also feel, oneself really a living person. Finally can cry like a child, shed long nose, feel really good embarrassing, and feel chest good pain, but also feel free.

It's a long road, it's all right, he'll accompany himself home.

Next time, say yes, don't be a hero, be your boyfriend.

Close your eyes and see the last sunset
Beautiful as a sad glorious sadness
Youth Binghuangmaluan We scribble and scatter
Clearly love but do not know how to do
Let love be strong don't break why life
Don't wait for people to grow up to fix the past.
I used to have you I'm so sad