The 29th annual Golden Melody Award is like a dream. Woman fan Editor to organize the wonderful acceptance speech, bring you aftertaste that belongs to all musicians, belong to the music industry dream.

The 29th session of the Golden Melody Award ended like a dream. One belongs to all musicians, belongs to the music industry dream. Like host Xiaojingteng said, the Chinese music scene like a forest, this forest, there are new winners, there are veteran reelection, unchanged is, everyone in order to redefine the music belonging to this era of efforts.

Women fans are excerpts of tonight's highlights and relive the voices of this era.

Best Composer & Best song: Lu Guangzhong Fish

Thank you for the affirmation of the review, my heart jump very quickly, and so many respectable to the music with the finalists, thank you for giving me this opportunity. The most romantic thing on the way to writing songs is that you like it just as much as I like, thank you.

Best Newcomer: Eggplant Egg

Life is going to happen good things bad, we have to cherish good things, in order to face all kinds of difficulties, thank my members, we can stand here, positive optimism, Thanksgiving cherish blessing!

Best Taiwanese male singer--萧煌

Finally thank everyone in my life because of your encouragement and support, give me a lot of courage to let me continue on the road of life, I want to use my life to continue to write good songs, get this trophy, life, I salute you a cup.

Best Album design--Liu Junyu Kid

For today's award, I still have to thank my family and friends, thank you for all the nights we've been rushing through, and for all the details we've been arguing about, for each and every one of our partners for this album, and for all the finalists, I never imagined I would stand on this stage.

Hope that we work together to make Taiwan, this country, the music environment is getting better.

Best Music video--Luojing behind

The opportunity to win this year's work is to help us get an opportunity to note another era.

In this era, we have experienced a very painful, let people difficult to shed separation and farewell, whether we really learned the lesson, whether really introspection, years later can be proven. What we think about is, do we really learn to cherish? Or do we feel no sense of farewell?

This is not my personal award, all the people who feel the pain of farewell, we are the common winners, we work together.

Best Mandarin Female Singer Award & Best Mandarin Album: Xu Jiaying Psychology

I really feel a little weird right now, I was in the stage, I used to feel that holding hands and other awards are very fake, but I just did not consciously want to lead a good sister and sister Mei Hand, who won the award are very good feeling. I feel I can be in it, how lucky, how happy.

In the heart of this album, I really am very happy to do. My colleagues also keep me, even if I want to escape, the more I go to the heart, I found how important music to me, how I can not easily compromise, can not easily give up. Get this prize, all insist is right, I will continue to work hard.

Best Mandarin Male Singer & best Annual album: Eason Chan C ' mon in

The most important thing I should do is to be very attentive and loyal to everyone on the stage.

Golden Melody Host: Xiaojingteng

If you ask me what the Mandarin music is, I'll say, he's like a forest. One day, like a little white rabbit, I broke into the forest.

Thank you for the 29th session of the Golden Melody Award, perhaps, as Chen Shanni said in his speech,

"The network community and the electric business platform are changing the behavior patterns of the entire generation, and since when do you feel like you can't be changed?" This question will bring pop music to the farther future. And we have to constantly redefine pop music. 」

Thank you for the beautiful melody of the night.