After a long period of time to explore the process of self sexual orientation, Amandla Stenberg in an interview openly talk about the psychological process of homosexual identity: "Years of repressed pain has finally been released, a free life is waiting for me." 」

In the Hunger game play "Small Yun" child actor Amandla Stenberg, last week in the "Wonderland" interview openly said that he was gay, and in understanding their sexual orientation, feel calm and free.

Amandla Stenberg in the 2012 "Hunger Game" free airing, the audience began to notice her, but she was very gifted children, four years old began to work, the "Hunger game" after a number of movies, albums, music videos have their figure, and then there are music output, In recent years, Time magazine has Amandla Stenberg as one of the most influential teenagers.

2016 Amandla Stenberg acceptance of the "Teenvogue" in an interview, had a bisexual identity, and said that the way to find self-identity, may stumble, may also deny their true appearance, reluctantly shape into another shape, " But we can not suppress ourselves, we should pass joy, love and real tears, boldly become ourselves. It is difficult and fragile, but it is a process we must follow, yes, I am still learning, I am still growing. 」

This confession released, Amandla Stenberg bisexual Black Women's identity, become a lot of LGBTQ + people brave to do their own model, 2018 she more elaborate on their own experience of gender identity, when she finally understand that she is not bisexual, but by the homosexual attraction of homosexuality, She undid the long denial and the denial of herself, and truly embraced herself. (Extended reading: Bisexual Girl's confession: There are more than one man and one woman and one wife )

Photo source |Amandla Stenberg Instagram

Photo source |Amandla Stenberg Instagram

"Yes, I'm gay," "amandla Stenberg in an interview withWonderlandMagazine," I think socialization has somehow stopped me from understanding and living my true self. " When I realized that I was gay-not bisexual, not trans-sex, but gay--I was deeply comforted by the romantic love of women. 」

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Pan sexual Love


Universal love and bisexual, are not single sexual love of sexual orientation. Literally, the difference is that bisexual is still considered by some to be a two-dollar gender concept, while the universal love emphasizes the spectral nature of the object of love, or there is no gender condition on the object, but in practice, there are only vague differences between the two concepts of pan sex and bisexual love. Many people also define bisexual and identify themselves as bisexual, using an interpretation akin to the literal definition of sexual love.

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In the process of accepting that he is gay, Amandla Stenberg also steps himself out of the traditional social-heterosexual framework. She can finally embrace her growing life experience and begin to understand why she wants to kiss her best friend and be ashamed of herself. Why is there a contradiction in the first time you see a male sex device? "I am thankful that homosexuality provides me with the ability to experience and understand love and sex, and let me understand life in an infinitely expanding way." 」

"It is difficult to eliminate the inner heterosexual frame and the process of internal phobia, but one of the greatest blessings is to learn the emotional pattern of the traditional heterosexual rule and to understand the magic of love more profoundly." This is a force that reveals the actual existence of a subtle, ethereal love behind socialization. Once I was able to get rid of these parameters, I found myself experiencing a more boundless, deeper love, without patriarchal rule. My sexuality is not an accessory to my past experiences with men, but a part of who I was born to love. 」

Photo source |Amandla Stenberg Instagram

Amandla Stenberg encourages all people to face their feelings, and when you accept the true self, you can live free, "Girl!" I am full of peace and quiet feeling, because I have been trying or feel uncomfortable things have finally made sense to me, like the opening of the floodgates, years of repressed pain and disgrace was released, I found a life can live freely, is waiting for me. 」

In the end, she also said in the interview that if more black lesbian women had appeared in the past, allowing the public to see more of their real life experiences, Amandla Stenberg might have come to a conclusion about their sexuality earlier. "There are more black lesbian women now represented, and through the life experience of others, it is a great help to understand their sexuality and to see themselves as complete individuals." "This is why she openly from bisexual to cognitive as a homosexual process, through her experience, eager to let more people feel confused about sexual orientation, the contradictions of the masses, gradually explore their true appearance."