How long has it been, didn't say something to your father?

he was young, he always felt that his father was tall, and he liked to lift his head and say a lot of things. The distance he felt was really only between his eyes and his eyes. But when he grew up, he might have been busy with a busy day, and had to go through many years of baptism before he could reach each other's distance.

Maybe you, your father and your father are not so comfortable about half an hour, so we deeply feel that Father's Day should be the best time to renovate a family meal. If you just want to try and look at the long-lost Satan, the next ten directions (the Book of Eyes +) give you no direct access to your father's heart!

1. Ghost

You know you love two cups of small dishes,

You can't always be with you, and also want to spoil you,

bean fora

Make every one of you happy, but not bliss.

2. Bold line

Be careful to protect yourself, even if you drink a cup of warm tea,

This cup of tea is known as the bamboo , you can't even burn your hand if you don't.

3. to give a good

I want to give Dad: a brush pen that doesn't need to be time-consuming, and a pen bag book does not have to be collated

Please send me more time and effort, and your company will never be too much for me.

4. the male

Although you are accustomed to having your taste in your home,

But you can smell a lot more,

I love you very much, you should know.

( tranquil forest essential oil candle-classic money , the West has an oriental tone, using natural materials to make the body feel calm and relaxed, and add a variety of exciting flavors to life.)

5. Give the Golden Bull

Unable to change your static, at least let me reform your watch,

I want you to move toward a better future and embrace the sparkling times that belong to you.

( The Royal Campaign Series Watch , Japan Seiko Core, super-soft and comfortable silica gel strap, multi-functional three-round six-pin meter design, waterproof 100 meters more practical!))

6. father to a long

I'm sorry your favorite daughter is always on the sky,

But you can put your favorite melody on the ear.

(bright-faced silver-black shell with a pipa-style silver hyacinth design, with more flexibility in accordance with earpiece engineering. )

7. Walking with Sound

Always plug in a bag full of change, and a walk frame with a frame in the box.

It's better to bring the change into a tree, just like you are the pillar of our forever.

(Money is used to put money on the money tree every day, hoping that the father's wealth can also be shaken up .)

8. Daddy Eye

I always cared about you in the past,

From today onwards, please zoom in on yourself.

( Magnifying glass scissors , which can solve the problem of too much distance to cut the toes.)

9. Tea canister

Dad, I love your love as much as tea.

A small one can be very strong.

( Tea Group ), enjoy a time of simple pleasures.)

10. of oligarchs

Understood your silence and concern,

There are always few words, but love is always great.

Thank you for making my life so every success , your love has always been my most beautiful thing.