"Relationship Diary" There is no ideal love, only belong to their own intimate relationship. Lin son and Jumu, because of you, I no longer rare stable life.

Every time I have sex with Jumu, it feels different.

Lin son move the body near long wood, this is their first several times, she can not think of, she sank deeper, feel good terrible ah, oneself originally is the body so sensitive person, every inch is eager to bite him. He entered her, and she heaved, feeling possessed with full. No, it was not so much that he entered, but that she accepted him, that she was the sea, and that he was the wave of the layers pushing, and they pushed each other to the other side of the sea, where there was Paradise lost, and lust like flowers blooming.

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They met, in her 38-Year-old summer. She is a doctor's wife, is a calligraphy teacher, like to write square words, she thought she also like the world to keep the rules. But did not expect, Jumu is the word of the crowd jinghong, she saw him, recognize the devil in his heart, she knew he wanted her, she is also.

Lin son know they disobey Germany, such a relationship is contrary to Changlen, she than anyone know what is called the rules, she has been living with ruler measurement of life. She stared at his sleepy eyes, feel that they love a good skew, but also good innocent, such love, can not return, not halfway, they love the more degenerate, to each other's body fell deeper. She felt she had been falling, the first time to let go, rules like hourglass, the gravitational acceleration of the fall, knocked her full of false life. (Recommended reading:"relationship Diary" "Day Yan" yarn and Kitano: You are my pain in life also want to love one time )

Things have a table, the moon has a dark side, once felt very reliable feelings, structural embrittlement, fragile. She does not want to return to the family when no life of the wife, she does not play that doctor wife's empty shell, she does not kneel to say welcome home, she will be in such crazy exceptional love of the five senses bloom, desire to blossom, the skylight bright, feel himself.

She has been living beautifully. But until this moment, she seems to know what freedom is for the first time.

Freedom is his fingertips and her sigh, is they hug, light and light in the naked body, according to all the secular dogma through clear. She grew up in her body, "If I am slutty, all women in the world are lustful." "Even, what about sensuality, who has no desire?" She had no way to be a beautiful ornament in her life, she could no longer pretend to like the meaningless things to her, such as a stable life, a trustworthy husband, a perfect family, her love is not a museum, not for people to visit.

Her body wakes up with wild love in her body. She is so fond of having sex with Jumu, can't extricate oneself.

Her mother was wrong, she did not like the body of a strange man, nor because of the skill of the relationship. 50-Year-old man, give her more is gentle revelation, each time she is more convinced that herself as a woman, is true, her love is not a specimen, her desire lifelike. Through the long wooden body, she walked to unhindered, she knew that in this life, she can only have sex with him. (Recommended reading:"The very short story" We Hug and love on a snowy night)

Said she loved long wood, rather than she loved the unprecedented self. They entered each other until they refused to separate, and she also entered herself, feeling settled.

Middle-aged love to orgasm, she often suffocated not to breathe, afraid of their own can not be happier, fear the next moment they will be away. At the happiest time, they chose to die, and the autopsy report said they were both naked and private, and that the worst time of their death was found and could not be easily separated, as they had wished.

People will say, because of the LUN, they finally go to destruction, only her own clear, she has arrived in heaven.