Women fans of the June graduation season interview, invited the past five years of new professional workers, and fresh graduates to share the status of the industry. Exclusive interview Zhang Jialing, each person has the inherent battle position, "self marketing" is the principal, understand oneself than chasing success more important!

2013 from the people as assistant, 5 o'clock in the morning work at midnight 12 to go home to continue to do, learn news logic, learn to behave; 2014 as this weekly small series, this is her community enlightenment, from the blunt issue began to explore, cultivate network sense and community sensitivity; joining the Kovinge team in 2014, Taiwan's political people's emergence, After there is commonly known as "wan June" professional community team backing; 2015 to catch the election boom, when legislators candidates everywhere to seek community talent, she is not generous, complete the "network of political communication marketing lazy bag" snapped the Internet, 24 hours to trigger the spread of the virus, broken 844 times to share.

The long beginning, Zhang Jialing's experience is not finished.

2016 to open the precedent of public fund-raising, alone to Beijing to bring back the cross-strait community marketing exchanges; 2017, the formation of the "big tail nerve" to China's top new media to learn; 2018 held "New Media combat plus+ China marketing Business Evolution ", invited five new media industry representatives in China, and Taiwan media to exchange the latest marketing insights.

People say she is a social godmother, she is only worried about the fall of the waves, people look at her beautiful name, but did not see the famous before, she began to squat can-do from the assistant. As a pointer character of the community management, Zhang Jialing a series of achievements through the experience and title, let us to simplify, how she is a person?

I would say: she is the person who find the answer in the time.

The 318 student movement broke out and I started to find my place to fight

What do you mean, she's the one who found the answer? Let's start with the 318 student movement in 2014.

"Journalism came from a place where I wanted to be someone who was standing on the front lines for someone else, but it needed a clear tongue and a lot of charisma, and I found myself unsuitable." After the 318 student movement broke out, I might not be able to stand on the front line of the battle, but I still want to do something. "Zhang Jialing High School, often make some BBS board production to earn pocket money, when the assistant reporter also accumulated news knowledge and the ability to excavate content value." Her personal value, it was a bit of a structure in the past, "since I can't stand on the front line, but I can do what I can on the web, have the knowledge of journalism and cartography, I still find my place to fight, and everyone has a place that is good and fit." 」

Since then, Zhang Jialing understand that life in addition to find their own good at the battle position, have a certain influence, can speak for others, in order to stand out for the issue of shouting, only when someone put you as one thing! "Also after the 318 student movement, I began to consciously in my own community to express a variety of views, to make myself a voice volume of people, you must accumulate a lot of depth, and not afraid to learn to express their views." "(Recommended reading: a sleepless night in Taiwan indignation: counter-trade black box on-site direct strike )

It is not enough to say that love Taiwan, you must fight in the position you are good at!

Zhang Jialing

As a half of the media, I think that half of Zhang Jialing's sensitivity to the community comes from her chicken-eyed personality, the other half of her built-in value core-people-oriented thinking model.

When it comes to fighting position, in 2016, the gay parade can also see Zhang Jialing the figure, "Comrade Parade is also, I was just back in Tainan home to help, father operating 20 years old touring car company, know that they are not the seat of the vehicle miss this piece of material, just met the Comrade Big Parade, I want to combine two things that I am concerned about and help with the strength I can do. 」

So that year comrade Zhang Jialing persuaded the family to run the touring car, sponsored by the demonstrators north-south connection, after the parade, the return of the drivers were holding a card, "I did not expect to receive the card, the drivers said that those who participated in the procession to write together, there is a piece of content I am very impressed, He wrote: "Thank you for carrying us to the last mile of marriage equality." I think this is a positive cycle of love. "(Recommended reading:" Same-sex marriage interpretation of the Constitution) to the Chancellor: the same marriage can not wait, we have no next 10 years.

Zhang Jialing self-deprecating, "I am kind of, encounter things will think of my own thing." But society still needs this kind of person! "Like the recent marriage Pingquan, she was in the group, taking a place for herself, trying to punch her fist," in a lot of social movements, from 318 to Pingquan, those who stayed on the scene were, in fact, mostly like me, as " "People, but for me, because of their presence, the issues have been seen, and their efforts I even feel more important than the people who speak in the media." 」

It seems difficult to push marriage Pingquan, but as long as everyone finds his own battle position and tries to make a sound, it accumulates the public opinion, which is enough to create a change.

The interview is sunny when there is rain, outside the window lined with green leaves, there are occasional light and light floating between us, when Jia Ling said everyone has their own battle position, I understand what she has been very fond of that sentence is what means: "In this era, you are gold can shine." 」

Yes, when you have love, with the dedication of value and social care, the chicken rise and fight, you will be like gold, shining a unique light.

It's just a "social small story"? Your attitude determines your depth.

From the cumulative influence began, gradually into the community operation of the unknown sea, I asked Jia Ling, to use a simple word to describe the Community small series, what would you say? She is really straightforward, "is the operating face book Ah!" Everyone asked me what the Community business is, in fact, the community can talk about the content of many, I do not bother to explain, ha ha! "I do not give up to continue to ask, hard to give a definition?" She used thumb and forefinger compared to a tick, the position just good embedded into the chin, holding the head, said, "Ah ... social small series is a constant search for new ways of communication people." I think a lot of tasks, small and big, to see their attitude. 」

"For me, I don't just want to be a" running a project "small series, I hope to be able to break through on the basis of community management, when I consciously think so, will not limit themselves, only put themselves in the social small part of the position of thinking. I began to watch the community run with a bigger bureau. I hope this job is 50 or 60 years old and I can go on with it. 」

In the "community management" is not yet a principal option, Zhang Jialing while groping one side on the road, I am curious to ask, no predecessors opened the road, she is not afraid? "I was very impressed when I was studying at the institute, and the teacher asked us to use our existing industry to imagine what we would have done in the next decade." Many of today's professions, such as YouTuber, new media freelance workers or community operators, were never thought of. "(Recommended reading:22 years old when youtuber! Interview Goldfish Brain: Learn from failure, then grow fast

Like to witness the changes of the Times, Zhang Jialing back to think of this experience only to feel magical, their past think of the career, now incredibly become her career center of gravity.

When this is an age of metamorphosis, what needs to go to the framework of their own imagination, no one has opened up the road, you stick to go, it became an intriguing path, "So I think, in the workplace today, rather than the pursuit of the 40 or 50-year-old title, do know what you want to do is more important." In recent years, the term "slash youth" is fiery red, the future occupation will be more yuan, many cross-border cooperation, it is difficult to define a career simply.

"Use your name to define what you do." Whatever your age, know what you like to do, it may not be enough for your livelihood, and it will continue to do so. Life can not only work no interest ah. "It's fascinating to be in a position where you're very much in love, and to turn your liking into a professional," he said. Charming Zhang Jialing, we can see it in "Community operation".

Community management has slowly become a professional type, I ask Ka ling to share the source of income and potential development of this career, so that those who want to put into the community run some clues one by one broken. But she said, now share, it won't work for ten years, but everyone should know what they want to accumulate in the job, "If you want to enter the community to run this industry, you can start by helping others to do the community, but not another one of the instructions to complete your task." It's about how you can use your company's resources to add ideas, play different community ideas, and build the strength you want from them. 」

It sounds hard to understand, Jia Ling cited an example.

"If you go to shrimp work, you should think, how do I use shrimp resources, do a small series of recognition." And not just like a robot copy posted on the completion of the work of the boss. A piece of text, you can achieve the goal of the premise, think of three kinds of creative play, this is also a kind of proposal. "When you really plan your life goals, consciously accumulate your value at work and create the task that is different from what you do."

Zhang Jialing once said, "self-marketing" is our generation of the day, when the occupation and title became a quick product, can let you survive, not be eliminated by the times only your strength and attitude to work.