Women fans of the June graduation season interview, invited the past five years of new professional workers, and fresh graduates to share the status of the industry. Interview Zhang Jialing, people say she is a community godmother, but in fact she is only persistent ducks pull, the love of things to do deep!

People say that the age of Heroes, Zhang Jialing standing on the trend of the times, seemingly calmly in the community to run the position of opinion leader, but in fact, she was always tired of the duck strokes, "I love the idea of duck strokes, and you see a duck swimming up and down the surface of the water, but his feet are hard to keep fetching, To keep myself on this plane. 」

Standing on the wave of the community, I'm the duck's paddle, the one who can find the answer

To be a man standing on the wave of the community, for Jia Ling, constantly stimulate their own water is a must, "when more and more people in the community, you have to give yourself some of the difference, as I put on Youtube, I will find different from others, pull the big gap." Find your own place to squat, let your visibility open, and constantly grope for the next step. 」

Instead of caring whether others will catch up with me, I actually want to catch up to the goal.

Zhang Jialing

When you become an entrepreneur or a leader in a field. Fear of falling from the position is inevitable, but to understand where the fear comes from, the focus is not on how to fear others, but to change the mentality, "when you think in terms of opponents, what you do will make others feel afraid, and try to do." Don't let yourself stay in the same place for fear. 」

Uphold such a mentality, every year Jia Ling set a goal for themselves, this goal is not compared with others, only to constantly surpass themselves.

In 2018, Zhang Jialing will host the first cross-strait Exchange forum, looking forward to the exchange of cross-strait operations to inject fresh water into the operation of the Taiwan community, "the theme of this year's August conference is two startups and two transitions." In the past three years I participated in the Tiger sniffing network of new media marketing in-depth sharing, in fact, the content is to share the previous year's serious case. But in Taiwan at that time, even the social practices that Beijing had begun to do last year have not been followed. Therefore, I found that the social marketing development gap between the two sides has six months to a year, not necessarily they do better than us, but they have been constantly innovating. Now that Taiwanese content creators are going to the ceiling, it's hard to keep your profession going if you don't try and change. 」

I think Zhang Jialing was able to walk in front of the wave of the community, it was her extraordinary observation that led her to see the pulse of the trend, and when she perceived the speed gap between the two sides, she seized on the gap and made herself a conduit for connecting the gap, as well as her social influence.

Observation how to cultivate, Jia Ling said, "I very much believe in my intuition!" 」

And her intuition is definitely not born out of thin air, in the past, the accumulation of community knowledge and analytical evaluation of the brain, so that she can accumulate experience into self-confidence, "do the community sometimes to look at some data, but intuition is sometimes more reference value." My intuition helps me do a lot of things, but it comes from the accumulation and evaluation of many experiences.

I always do not feel that I am starting a business, I just do what I like, enjoy the process, always on the way to solve the problem.

Zhang Jialing

Prepare for battle! If you do something deep, you can tell your own story.

Find something you love and continue on your way to a problem-solving experience. This is the study of Jia Ling all the way, I invited her to invest in entrepreneurship, community marketing and other emerging industries of the new people, put forward three suggestions, let them in the face of the unknown, enough to constantly review their own, towards the goal forward.

1. How to make the things you like deep

Try to turn your love into a professional, the process must be full of effort and input, when you day after day to do the things you love, become your irreplaceable professional. Your career plan should be in the industry that you are really interested in.

2. To tell your own story

In the search for the industry you want to develop, in addition to the diligence of their own professional, marketing-era, to learn to tell their own story. Use different points of tangency to create your differences and sell yourself through the concept of brand management through packaging.

3. How to spread these stories

Finally, when you have a major, also find your differences, try to spread your story effectively, be seen by more people, hear your efforts, when your achievements are seen, and will attract more relevant industry people's attention, it may open up your cooperation with others more opportunities.

The above three points, in fact, not only to engage in community or new industry workers of the proposal, Jia Ling said, she felt that this is a kind of life attitude, where, can uphold these three principles, to create your personal value.

I asked, how did you make a trade-off between "creating personal value" and "getting socially recognized achievement"? Jia Ling listened and said it was never the reason she was eager to finish the paper, "I want to finish, just want to know the final answer, social recognition of this thing, I feel that I have been in the community to manage this piece is satisfied." My thesis topic is related to the community, but the community is always changing, and when my thesis is completed, it may be out of the question. The answer I've found may be another problem. 」

Become a community operator, Zhang Jialing still have an identity has not been to be continued, as a chief postgraduate student, the completion of the thesis is aborted every year, each time she signed a slip of the heart of a question mark, ask yourself, this paper still want to go on? "I think I want to finish my thesis more than anyone else, but there are some thresholds for completing my thesis, and the most important thing is that I don't feel I can find enough three months to get it done." Community trends change very quickly, only three months, and then come back may change color, many people have opened up the gap with themselves. 」

The government has a large school structure for up to two years. The two-year term will come to her for a variety of reasons, to apply to the school for a year. Three years in the past, paper or semi-finished products, around the professor for her anxious, less exposed to the Zhang Jialing, I first saw her head with huge anxiety. The key is not to do a research to get a degree, but how to make choices for their own life, this problem, she solved for a long time.

After talking to yourself, I found that the priority of life planning, do research is not always the first, "I found that to answer questions, in addition to research, there are many practical ways." In the process of chasing the answer, we will encounter more questions to explore. And I need to actually do more and find my answer. 」

So she is looking for their own process, always do not forget to speak for others, it is the answer to form the core of her life, so she in the community management on the road, constantly break through the creative, it is her extension of professional tentacles of the answer.

"The New Age is an age that is easy for others to see you," he said. Do not worry about no way to make their own achievements, do not care about other people's evaluation, as long as they are responsible for the good, do not worry about their own things do not have a future, there is no prospect of this thing is a double-edged edge, you may be in no way, to kill a road. 」

If life is a search for answers, endless paths, then we persist in holding faith, walking in the way of constantly looking for answers, Zhang Jialing to the dear graduates, "you really as long as the efforts, it will have results, please give yourself that hope, enrich the life, you will have some harvest in the middle." 」

"What to do, I seem to speak too much chicken soup!" "This is Zhang Jialing gentle, all the way she is the goal-oriented type of person, encountered setbacks have not cried aloud, the brain automatically than the solution, like reflex action, rather than fall into the sentimental, she chose to take the initiative, action."

The road ahead is not clear, just take the hope of the road, anyway, young people, try to fetch water is right!

PostScript |

I met with Ka Ling, starting from an apartment, to be honest, I never heard of Zhang Jialing before moving in.

Remember one day home, open the door as expected to see Jia Ling figure, like the mascot of the home, her back, let me feel at ease.

The office and SOHO people like to live in two time zones, usually I did not see her around a pile of files staring at the computer, is to see her two eyes sleepy from the bed up, peering away to stare at the computer on the road. I sat down in front of her and she floated chat, "Hey, I signed out today!" I am a graduate student who is officially expelled from school. 」

I was confused, too happy with the tone should be sentimental content, I hurriedly looked up, see her propped up smile there is anxiety trembling. Later I know this decision, she has been silently thinking for more than six months, this six months, never heard her mention.

To me, Zhang Jialing was never a social godmother, a marketing great God, she was a real person--she would cry and be anxious, will be on the sofa in large characters lethargy, Sohe hung deep black eye, it seems very frightening people, surrounded by gay friends, but also often with me teenage heart, look forward to the prince appeared; any social issue happens, always loudly at home on the reef, And then quickly typing, her chick personality and immediately on the Internet to form a group of concern, dynamic constantly updated.

After that interview, she smiled and said, "You're going to write a 6000-word essay!" 」

Also true, this interview happens to approximate 6,000 word mark, but I think "on Zhang Jialing" This topic, may be I write three years also write thesis proposition-She always walk in constant deformation, for their own belief in the value of the road.