Miss Movement, Miss Sports, not to please who, in order to please themselves, longing for a warm sweating body. When you re training, feel the body, practice admitting the limits, and continue to transcend. Life is like a load, the real training begins when you want to shout and stop.

Summer irritability, sweat out not to come, as sports, drilling indoor training again. In the gym, learn to be an animal, put down your brain, rely on your body memory, muscle, and always face your own energy and inability. When you can, do not be proud of lax, when not, do not want to easily shout stop.

Fitness will take about a year, often also in doubt, why suddenly like the heavy training, seriously think, maybe life, rarely like the same intuitive thing as the training-you pay, will return to you, absolutely fair.

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The essence of the re-training is simple, you understand all aspects of yourself, small to muscle profile, large to the state of mind, choose to challenge their own, the number of iterations, doubling times, extend the time limit, until they can not, so know how far they can go, and then ask yourself whether to go down. This process, though simple, is extremely repetitive and brutal.

For example, you will encounter difficulties repeatedly. It is even said that the essence of the training is to face difficulties, advanced challenges, accept pain. For example, new weights, new combinations, new speeds, shortness of breath in your pain, distorted complexion, red face, the body began to breathe, your survival instinct to tell you to escape, you want to say pause, you tell yourself so tired do, but also will think, this weight, the next time will meet, hide not open, good despair ah. (Recommended reading:"Miss Sports" exercise is not just a muscle strength, but also practice )

Re-training is a reciprocating pain, not even stop, the growth curve does not end, is probably a special M movement bar. But I also feel that the beauty of it is in the pain, the repetition of pain.

In the face of repeated pain, you have no way to escape, you have to bite the bullet, starting from the body to develop new survival skills, the old no matter, then the practice of new, and finally you will have all kinds of weapons to face pain, and the body will be a memory for you, with the Times.

After the depths of the pain, it is time to ramp up, you are proud of yourself, until the pain once again tumbled you, you know it can not be once and for all. You were angry at first, and then you found that there was nothing to be angry about, and that you were climbing different peaks all the time. This repeated process, so that you are no longer afraid of at the bottom of the rock, let you face difficulties.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Fear never disappears, but you learn that it is a part of you, can and cannot, and also is a part of you.

In the gym, everyone has the law of pain, and you should have yours. Life is like a load, real training, start when you want to shout stop.

Don't be afraid, but it's a heavy training. Don't be afraid, but life.